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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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michael palin by sidsal on 1 November 2008 6:42pm
However much I enjoy his various interests and travels I'm afraid I put him in the same category as Jonathon Ross and Russell Grant insofar as he partook in the making of the film Life of Brian which offended me and many other Christian believers. He and his kind would'nt dare to do a similar film about the prophet Mohammed.
In case I am considered some sort of fanatic I am an 82 year old war veteran and I am not averse to the odd swearword or risque joke. However people like Michael Palin have the ability to cause offence if they choose and indeed he has chosen to do so. In my book he joins so many other well known personalities who turn out to have "feet of clay".
Re: michael palin by mrsthing on 1 November 2008 9:00pm
I'm also a Christian, but I didn't find the movie offensive at all. I took is as being from an "outside looking in" point of view--they're not Christians. But they knew more about Christianity than Islam because they had it taught to them in school every day from the time they were small boys. They're entitled to their opinions and entitled to express them as they see fit. They might have made a film about a man mistaken for the prophet Muhammed if they'd known more about Islam.

They make it very clear several times that Brian is not Jesus, nor is he intended to symbolize Jesus. If you've seen the movie, you know that Jesus is a minor character in it who is portrayed very straightforwardly. I don't think Ken Colley (the actor playing Jesus) is in the final crucifixion scene. If he is, I've never seen him.

Python reserves their sarcasm for people who are too easily led. They want to believe Brian is the Messiah, so they take everything he says as a blessing and every act as a miracle, even though it's clear to an objective observer that Brian is an ordinary man. They even take an unintentional act--the loss of a shoe--as a sign, and immediately start to argue about what the sign means, and break off into factions. Isn't that what a lot of Christians do? We argue over what scriptures might mean, and separate into groups who all believe the same thing. I've been a church-going Christian all my life, and that's been my experience.

The final crucifixion scene isn't meant to mock Christ's crucifixion. I haven't seen the actor portraying Jesus in that final scene. The Romans crucified people for lots of different reasons. Brian's been caught and sentenced to crucifixion for his involvement with the terrorist group, the People's Front of Judea. Python is just saying, "We're all going to die, life is meaningless anyway, so you might as well grin and bear it." I don't agree that life is meaningless, but it's not my movie, either.

I think it's great that they call Christians to account for their behavior. What kind of example do we set if we can't live in peace and harmony any better than any other group of people?
Re: michael palin by johnnythemonkey on 1 November 2008 9:54pm
I agree with sidsal.
Crucify Palin !

What made you seek out Michael's site, sidsal ?
Russell Grant......LOL.....you should've been a war casualty you 'old' phoney.
Re: michael palin by tucsonmike on 1 November 2008 10:43pm
You all have to figure it out for yourselves!;-)
Re: michael palin by mrsthing on 2 November 2008 12:51am

Re: michael palin by bIG bLOGGER on 2 November 2008 2:04pm
I too have always hated RUSSELL GRANT!..Calls himself a 'comedian',the fat,men-fancying disgusting old prancing poofter??? Really,that guy is too much,and so offensive with his vainglorious but totally misleading snippets of astrological bunkum(junk)..hell,I'd better stop quick before I offend someone. LOL
by the way,sidsal,what's the TITLE of your book? I DO hope you didn't say anything disrespectful in it about Michael Palin,because he is our HERO and we all love him to bits. ..Do you want the 5-minute argument,or are you paying for the full half-hour?
Re: michael palin by mrsthing on 2 November 2008 7:52pm
I think I already gave him the half hour free of charge. ;-)
Re: michael palin by bathsheba on 2 November 2008 10:17pm
ok ok ... lets not argue ...i know sidsal is JOHN CLEESE!! Hes such a little trouble maker!

Ruthyy woothyyyyy.
(special thanks to Steve in Canada for this most original and entertaining post!
Re: michael palin by bathsheba on 2 November 2008 10:20pm
ps... its Russell Brand .. not Russell Grant...the latter is an astrologer not a comedian, mind you some would say they arnt dissimilar!

Ruthyyy woothyy
(I typed this without any help from Steve in canada )
Re: michael palin by brookfield on 2 November 2008 11:08pm
Ruthyy woothyyyy is a very clever woman...and no she didn't help me type this
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