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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: michael palin by bIG bLOGGER on 3 November 2008 3:50pm
bathsheba: yeah,I DO know the difference between Russell Brand and Russell Grant; I was just exploiting sidsal's mistake,because it seemed he couldn't tell the difference,(whoever sidsal is).He also spelt JonathAn Ross's name wrong,but if he's really an 82-year old war veteran we should make allowances and not go putting any unpleasant messages on his answerphone.

bathsheba:I like your 'title',it's a bit 'Old Testament',no? (Bathsheba,the ill-gotten wife of King David: see-Samuel II). Did you know that in the role of the chatelaine that Julie Christie played in Hardy's "Far From The Madding Crowd"(film),she was called "Bathsheba Everdine"? She is the strong-willed mistress of the sheep farm,who raises eyebrows,breaks men's hearts and makes one or two bad decisions..It IS a rather unusual name,isn't it? And I note you like "Ruthy" as well,because you named yourself thrice in your e-mailer.Well Done! --peterpeterpeter.
Re: michael palin by geordiegirl on 3 November 2008 4:14pm
about sidsal: beware a troll here, I think
Re: michael palin by peripatetically on 3 November 2008 5:24pm
Exactly my thoughts, Linda.
Re: michael palin by Spursfan on 3 November 2008 7:38pm
Re: michael palin by bathsheba on 3 November 2008 10:41pm
bloggers a blagger.
Re: michael palin by mrsthing on 4 November 2008 12:48am
Kind of mild for a troll, I thought. Then again, I'm the idiot who took him/her seriously.
Re: michael palin by bIG bLOGGER on 4 November 2008 3:31pm
A blagger??--No,a bLOGGER,surely!(bathsheba,no offense meant)
So...we have 5 palinites here who all suspect a troll (including johnnythemonkey,who alerted our suspicions by calling him "an old phoney")...mmmmm;....well.....sidsal...ARE you a troll?? Or,are you John Cheese in disguise? If you ARE,then you've led us all up the old garden path,you mischievous person;..if your're NOT,then myself and 5 palinites all owe you an apology:..are you willing to defend yourself?? As far as I know, Michael Palin does not have feet of clay,nor has he received any complaints about his comedy. If you are REALLY an "82 year-old war veteran",you would be too young to have served in WW1,but I suppose you could have served in WW2 or some other war we got involved in. I think we need to hear your side of the story,so we can be sure you are a genuine person.

Re: michael palin by johnnythemonkey on 4 November 2008 4:01pm
Trolls should be made more welcome I reckon. They may brighten up an otherwise dull site. What are the Yanks going to talk about after the election is over and they have to wait about six months for the next one to begin ?
I think there are far too many old and old thinking people here, at least a troll like bb varies the content of the crap facts she copies from Wikipedia or The Times, depending on who she's trying to ingratiate or impress.
Me ? I'm thinking of starting my own site. Membership will be a privilege not a right. I will provide the intellect, the humour and the humanity...the selected membership will be allowed to post their admiration of me.

All funny trolls welcome.
Re: michael palin by bIG bLOGGER on 4 November 2008 4:12pm
johnnythemonkey:you are WAY too funny for me,I've just split my sides laughing too hard at your last posting,which was hilarity in the extreme: I can't wait to be selected to join your new site. LOL
Re: michael palin by johnnythemonkey on 4 November 2008 4:47pm
If I can make you laugh so easily bb, you may be just the kind of sychophant I'm looking for.
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