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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Anything in common by Samoan Sam on 30 October 2002 1:30am
Just wondering about the types of people likely to visit this website and if we share anything else in common (and I dont mean arms, legs either!!). Besides travel I enjoy Tolkien books- which are also about many journeys and adventures. I also enjoy escapism films like Brazil. .... oh well just wondering!
Re: Anything in common by Dianne on 30 October 2002 6:35am
I enjoy all kinds of books. A lot of them are set in the past or about well-known people in history. Biographies/Autobiographies, romantic novels for pure escapism, and mystery thrillers. I like reading all other kinds of books too, I don’t look at a book and think to myself, “I won’t be interested in reading anything on that subject!” because once I start reading it I can be proved wrong. As they say, the proof is in eating the pudding or in this case reading the books. However, my favourites and the ones I always head for in bookstores are listed above. I love to read! Films? Comedy, romance, mystery/thrillers, films about the paranormal . . . . musicals from the past . . . all kinds. I’m a true romantic and consider ‘Gone With The Wind’ my favourite. If you want to look at all this in a way of travel, most of them are based in other countries apart from my own. :-) I was never interested in reading books about travelling to other countries until ‘Around The Word In 80 Days’.
Re: Anything in common by Daf on 30 October 2002 3:24pm
FOOTBALL! I love football! Belgian football, even! Like my lovely football-club VK Mireille! (Http://www.vkmireille.be)
Re: Anything in common by paloma on 31 October 2002 10:22am
I do like Brazil, and I also love to read...My favourite books are "Jude, the obscure" and "A dance to the music of time" (both by British writers...My mother says I'm "too" british, and taking into account the fact that I'm Spanish, that sounds a bit ironic, hehe)
By the way, has any of you read the novel Michael wrote several years ago??

Re: Anything in common by ellenpc on 31 October 2002 12:15pm
Yep, Do you mean "Hemmingways Chair?"...I thought it was a brilliant, gentle comedy with a slightly anarchic spin (just up my alley!) His social commentary on the privatisation and dehuminising of an essential service ( the Post Office) I totally agree with. Wherever possible I patronise our local shops where you can still have a conversation with the shopkeeper who generally takes a pride in their shop and stock knowledge. Very few of the shops in the big malls are owner operated and the staff often have no idea what they're selling, or could care! I'd like my two daughters to still be able to experience this more personal communication when they're shopping, rather than wander around a mall and speak to no-one. ( sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now :-} )

I'd highly reccommend the book :-}

Re: Anything in common by paloma on 31 October 2002 5:32pm
Thanks for the review, Ellen ;-)
I'll buy the book, of course (hope it's still available somewhere)
And you don't have to get off your soapbox...it was a nice speech indeed!! :)
Re: Anything in common by Palinsick on 31 October 2002 7:29pm
I love reading, and enjoyed "Hemmingway's Chair". Martin was a bit like Michael in some ways, was n't he?

I'm hopeless at socializing, unlike you guys. I hope to meet Michael at a book signing tomorrow.
Re: Anything in common by SueJL on 1 November 2002 1:54am
Loved Hemingways Chair myself,have read it three times now and yes i thought Martin was a bit like Michael.I like rugby and archaeology, im a vegetarian,i love to read but dont like romances or thrillers.I like biographys(is that spelt right?)and John Wyndham books.
Re: Anything in common by Blackmore on 1 November 2002 11:33am
Close....Biographies ;-)

I also enjoy a Biography. Two favs 'The CogwheelBrain' and 'The Keys of Egypt'

Re: Anything in common by Haba-Haba on 1 November 2002 12:22pm
Hello, everybody!:) You know, I live in Russia, but nevertheless, I hope, we have something in common: namely Michael Palin, and (at least, for me) other members of brilliant "Monty Python". All of you are much luckier than I am, just because you can easily buy all the books and films mentioned on this site. And here in Moscow I managed to find only videotapes with "Flying Circus" and "The Saint Grail". But I continue searching!:) Please, if possible, say some words about "The Big Red Book" and also I have a quiestion, if there is a sort of a diary by Michael P. published? Thank you in advance!:)
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