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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: For those of us who can't make it to DC... by Lounge Trekker on 13 January 2009 6:33pm
So the networks assume everyone watches them all day so all the opposing views offset each other? What if a guy only watches a small amount of TV with no predictable schedule and only gets a smattering of what these guys are feeding us, he could be way off track about some very real things. Until a few weeks ago, I actually thought Obama was Islamic! Would he have been elected if that were true? Should I watch television more, or less?

Misled Trekker
Re: For those of us who can't make it to DC... by geordiegirl on 13 January 2009 8:56pm
Now it's actually in TV listings for us in GB, it DOES seem that much nearer. I've put a great big ( blue) ring round the programme listing & will finish library-cataloguing early that day, come home & sit there on sofa watching, with a big box of tissues and a blue cocktail. We get 2 showings here! -
live, then a repeat on another channel. Great.

Square-Eyed Trekker: watch a round-up later, from another country - likely to be more unbiassed - can you get BBC coverage, for example, in BC?
Re: For those of us who can't make it to DC... by sighthound on 14 January 2009 2:07am
Lots of people still think Obama is a Muslim, Pete, but when that rumor was decisively proven to be untrue, the same guy who started that rumor started another that Obama was really born in Africa (or Indonesia - he's not consistent with his lies) making Obama not entitled to be President (totally ignoring the fact that, even if it were true, his mother was a U.S. citizen which makes him a U.S. citizen.) This is being brought up repeatedly before the Supreme Court by people who are suing to stop Obama from taking Office. The Supreme Court has just dismissed all the suits without hearing them but I really wish at least one Justices would have the guts to lambast the people who are bringing these suits; they are either idiots or treasonous. I expect a lot more dirty tricks like this during the whole Obama Administration.
Re: For those of us who can't make it to DC... by Lounge Trekker on 14 January 2009 2:24am
Yeah! Maybe I'll do that too. I'll see if my white is ready to become *a sparkling white wine beverage* Then I can toast Barrack Obama into office too! Just what I need...another good reason to drink Champagne in the morning.

We only get an Ottawa-sanitized version of the news. We do get a BBC broadcast a few days later. I'll hafta watch some of this one I think...then watch the highlights to see what I missed.

Thanks for clarifying that Muslim issue.

ADD Trekker
Re: For those of us who can't make it to DC... by MMMmmm... on 14 January 2009 3:59am
I'm Soooooooo excited!!!!!!! Soooooo Excited!!!!!!!! Oh god, it's almost too good to be true!!!!!!! Intelligent people running our country again!!!!!!! I listened to Hillary's whole confirmation hearing today - she easily and naturally aced it. She and Bill have been so wrongly, virtually crucified - they are one of our best national brain trusts. I love them. Always have. I saw Bill Clinton speak here once - he was the most brilliant person I have ever witnessed. I don't usually say such things about people. It takes a lot of brain power. I love Obama too though - I'm crazy about him. I want to enclose him in a protective shield. There's so much hope and intelligence again - and we need it so badly. I don't have plans - but my happiness will be bouncing off all the walls around me. Irrepressible.
Re: For those of us who can't make it to DC... by johnnythemonkey on 14 January 2009 6:35am
Is there any end to this ?
Re: For those of us who can't make it to DC... by mrsthing on 14 January 2009 1:38pm
Pete, it's amazing enough that Americans elected a black man president. You didn't think we'd really elect a Muslim, did you? After everything Americans blame the Muslims for, from 9/11 to steep gas prices? No, the Muslim lie was concocted to keep people from voting for him. Too bad he's made such a show of being a Christian. But a lot of people believed it, anyway. And a lot of people believe the nonsense about him not being born in the US. (Sorry, Hawaii WAS part of the US in 1961!) Apparently, he didn't surrender his birth certificate fast enough to suit some people, and they thought it was because he was getting it doctored up to look like a genuine US BC.

What I find incredible is that any American would believe that the Republicans would let him get away with something that blatantly illegal. Maybe it's because THEY'VE been getting away with so much blatantly illegal stuff that they think everyone behaves that way.

Six more days.....

No Johnny, there will be no end to this--not anytime soon, anyway. It's a pretty big deal. I was surprised that Americans elected Obama, but it gave me hope for my country after years of despair. For a lot of us in the US, Obama's inauguration is a HUGE deal!
Re: For those of us who can't make it to DC... by elina on 18 January 2009 6:27pm
I'm surprised how huge thing it is here as well. Not that I mind, it's wonderful to live in a time like this.
Re: For those of us who can't make it to DC... by mrsthing on 18 January 2009 8:42pm
It's not usually this big a deal. Some of it is media hype, but a lot of it enthusiasm that we haven't felt in this country for a long time. Obama is classy, attractive, and a gifted speaker.

I think people have set their expectations too high, though, and that they'll be disappointed when they wake up on January 21 to find that the global economic crisis is NOT over and all our military are NOT home from Iraq and Afghanistan and there's NO peace in the Middle East. They think he's going to change everything right away, but he's not single-handedly going to make anything better. Progress is going to be slow, and it's going to take a lot of teamwork.

Still, it's very exciting. On Tuesday, I will be drinking to his and his family's health and safety, and making a "good riddance" toast to George W. Bush.
Re: For those of us who can't make it to DC... by peripatetically on 19 January 2009 12:11am
Yeah, the media hype is stirring things up by leaps and bounds. And the horrific costs that are entailed for everything going on could be put to very good use elsewhere, in my opinion. I know it's wonderful and history in the making, but we are in a terrible economic crisis with thousands and thousands without work, companies folding and so on. Millions of dollars more are being spent for the inauguration festivities than any other time that I can ever recall. I'm sure there will be many who think any amount isn't too much.
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