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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Sir Fred Goodwin:--should Gordon Brown shred the "Sir"? by bIG bLOGGER on 26 January 2009 3:06pm
spursfan:HaaaaaaHaaaaaa!!(one of the 'colonies' being Australia..)

Apparently the QUEEN is the one who knights you,(I'm always a bit uneasy about where she is putting that long sword,I mean,if she missed,she could take an ear off!)--but the P.M. can put your name forward for a knighthood.
Re: Sir Fred Goodwin:--should Gordon Brown shred the "Sir"? by bIG bLOGGER on 26 January 2009 3:12pm
kazzzz:Do you forgive us British Colonialists?? January 26th is celebrated over where you are as Foundation Day or Australia Day,and is a public holiday and commemorates the sending from Britain of the First Fleet in 1788.
Re: Sir Fred Goodwin:--should Gordon Brown shred the "Sir"? by Spursfan on 26 January 2009 4:35pm
b-b - er yes, that's why I put it!!
Re: Sir Fred Goodwin:--should Gordon Brown shred the "Sir"? by geordiegirl on 27 January 2009 3:17pm
I think you should forgive US, Kazzzz. But if it's a public holiday I hope you all enjoy it!

(No, I don't suppose the long arm of MI 5 is watching you in Australia for your joke phone call, oh wait a minute, didn't you have trouble with getting your broadband back? That'll be them bigging you)

Anne, LOL! I caught the tail end of some dreadful TV prog about the Wales sprogs. Harry is apparently in the habit of signing off phone calls to Gran with 'god save you. bye.' !
Re: Sir Fred Goodwin:--should Gordon Brown shred the "Sir"? by bIG bLOGGER on 27 January 2009 5:33pm
Sir Fred Goodwin's career continues its precipitous decline.
It was announced on Monday,he has been axed from his position as Chairman of Prince Charles's charity,The Princes Trust.
Secondly,the Lothian and Borders police have launched an inquiry into his handling of the RBS rights issue.
Thirdly,he will have to appear before the tough Commons Treasury Select Committee of MP's to answer questions.He has also been voted "the world's worst banker".

However,it may be one-sided to single out Sir Fred,alone,as if he were the only one who has done the damage.
THE GUARDIAN(Saturday 24 January,2009) had a marvellous article titled "Sir Fred,just say sorry",in which their reporter Simon Hattenstone decided he would try to elicit an apology from Sir Fred,so he travelled all the way up to Scotland to meet him,but despite calling on several addresses, sadly the man was nowhere to be found.Maybe he had gone to ground.

Simon's article also pointed the accusatory finger at Andy Hornby,who was similarly asked to stand down last October as Chief Executive of Halifax/Bank Of Scotland,when the Government rescued HBOS with a £17 billion bail-out. Yet,astonishingly,Mr Hornby was allowed to stay on as a consultant--at a fee of £60,000 per month.

Then there is Adam Applegarth,former Northern Rock boss who by his own (and Chairman,Sir Matt Ridley's)ineptness managed to bring the bank to the brink of bankruptcy.He resigned to spend more time playing his favourite sport,cricket.He keeps his nice mansion in Northumberland,and took a £760,000 payoff from Northern Rock and has a £2.2million pension pot. Also he had an affair with an employee,who managed to buy 5 homes using loans from the bank despite her being on a salary of only £30,000 a year. Both Applegarth and this employee deny any wrongdoing and neither has offered any apology.

There are several other key names in the frame:we could be here for some time detailing all their financial misdemeanours.
The present mess is a collective cock-up by politicians,chief executives of banks,financial regulators,credit rating agencies,and greedy business bosses.
Re: Sir Fred Goodwin:--should Gordon Brown shred the "Sir"? by bIG bLOGGER on 2 March 2009 3:23pm
RBS has announced it will end its sponsorship of the F1 Williams Racing Team. (Can't say I am surprised). The Bank has announced it will have to prune and cut 20,000 RBS jobs over the next 2 years,to trim costs.

The matter of "Sir" Fred Goodwin's pension (pot) has blown up into a massive media NEWS story over the past 7 days,with PM Gordon Brown condemning the size of it,and then Harriet Harman saying because RBS is already 70 per-cent nationalised and therefore it is government money which will be used to fund it,the government will act swiftly to claw back at least half his pension pot,(which would equal £8 million pounds)-and now today Gordon Brown saying that Miss Harman spoke too soon because it may not be possible to do that because it was agreed and signed off by Labour Treasury Minister Lord Myners.

Because Fred retired early,and because of his age,he will get a pension of £693,000 per year for life,which is a staggering amount,(compare an average nurse's pension which would be in the region of £4,500 per year)plus he has his Edinburgh mansion and his prestigious gleaming Bentley. One wag said he must be "laughing all the way from the bank!"
So-- no wonder there is an almighty fuss about it.
Re: Sir Fred Goodwin:--should Gordon Brown shred the "Sir"? by bIG bLOGGER on 2 March 2009 4:23pm
At the weekend,columnists filed a host of stuff on Sir Fred Goodwin,such as Carole Malone's piece in THE NEWS OF THE WORLD:"A rich idiot is STILL an idiot..."

Adam Sherwin,writing in THE TIMES,had a sideline kind of different slant on it.This concerns champion racing driver and great friend of Fred Goodwin and another knight of the realm, Sir Jackie Stewart and former Deputy PM, John Prescott. (see: next post,below)

There were also 2 marvellous letters to the press ( to: The Guardian and Times,respectively) stating their writers viewpoints that Fred Goodwin definitely deserves to lose his "SIR".
Re: Sir Fred Goodwin:--should Gordon Brown shred the "Sir"? by bIG bLOGGER on 3 March 2009 5:29pm
The former Deputy-PM, John "2 Jags" Prescott, is furious that motor racing legend Jackie Stewart has not given up his £4million "ambassadorial" role with the almost-ruined Royal Bank Of Scotland (RBS).
(Affectionately known as..) "Prezza" says that if Sir Jackie doesn't act soon,he will release embarrassing details of motor sport's cosying up to the Blair government.
"I know that Sir Jackie never had a problem lobbying government for Formula 1",he writes on his blog. "In fact,as he lived next door to Chequers (the country home of the PM),he was always bending Tony's ear for a bypass to Silverstone. I should know--I was Transport Secretary at the time!!"
The £100 million pound bypass was completed in 2002,but in 2003 the British Grand Prix moved to Donington.
Prezza,who is launching an online petition about this matter,continues his rant: "I personally think we should pitstop Jackie's contract and give Sir Jackie a (sic) Knightmare.."

...hope that Prezza keeps his Jag within the speed limit and doesn't go ramming all the other cars off the road!! LOL
Re: Sir Fred Goodwin:--should Gordon Brown shred the "Sir"? by johnnythemonkey on 4 March 2009 2:52pm
The very least that Goodwin should do is accept the age reduction in his pension that the rest of us would have to. I'm a year older than him and if I retired now, there would be about a 40% reduction in my pension which would give me a mere fraction of his. Greedy arrogant so and so.
Re: Sir Fred Goodwin:--should Gordon Brown shred the "Sir"? by geordiegirl on 4 March 2009 4:24pm
Great posts, bB. Government says that the legal costs of getting him forcibly to reduce his pension are a big consideration - well i understand that but I do think heels are being dragged a little here.

The mills of Government grind exceeding slow, but I think something will happen on this.

Morally, quite indefensible, of course. Remember Cedric Somebody who had a fat-cat salary for British gas(or another privatised utility), when they were underperforming like mad?I always remember a group of protesters getting great publicity with Cedric the Pig feeding at a trough live on TV and saying 'Go on, Cedric, pile in' or similar. Need something like that in this case.
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