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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Call centres. by peripatetically on 3 March 2009 1:51pm
I have no contacts on my phone. I only call my mom, Larry's mom or occasionally home and I know the numbers. Takes no time at all to punch a mere 10 numbers. Only use it for emergencies or sometimes courtesy calls. Maybe he's the same.
Re: Call centres. by mrsthing on 3 March 2009 6:45pm
I just recently figured out how to use the internet from my phone. I needed directions to some place (I was lost), and used my phone to access MapQuest. The directions weren't great, but I eventually found the place I was looking for.

I've got 42 contacts on my phone, mostly family, doctors, the vet, the auto mechanic, and a few others. Nobody ever calls me except my husband and daughter, unless it's a doctor returning my call.

My phone used to belong to someone called Cindy. She must have been very popular, because I kept getting calls for her for 3 YEARS after I got the phone! Finally I got a call from Cindy herself apologizing for it. She said she'd notified all her friends and family, but they'd neglected to change their records on their own phones. But I still got calls from telemarketers for about a year after that.
Re: Call centres. by Ken Dunn on 3 March 2009 8:04pm
I don't have a mobile phone because I think they are a nuisance to use, it might go off while I am driving and cause me to crash and I prefer to climb safe on the hills rather than knowing that if I break my leg I can call the emergency services on it!
Re: Call centres. by TERRY S on 4 March 2009 12:07am
Very sensible, Ken. Here in Britain, it's illegal to use a cell phone whilst driving anyway. Though not one driver takes notice. My boyfriend and are fed up of other stupid, irresponsible - and illegal - drivers holding us up and putting us in danger because they have a phone superglued to their ear!
Re: Call centres. by Spursfan on 4 March 2009 9:29am
I agree, Terry.

However, I don't know how I managed without a mobile phone before. I have two; one for the UK and one for Turkey, and so does the husband.

I don't tend to call people very often on the UK one - I text more than anything so I am on a special rate for people who text a lot.

Having said that, I don't text excessively.

And yes - I practice safe text.

Re: Call centres. by kazzzz on 4 March 2009 9:36am
Back to the call centres, I had a call from an Indian call centre last night, some woman told me I'd won a mobile phone with $1000 of calls, I asked her she wanted to talk to and she said "I want to talk to you." I asked if she knew who I was and she said no.
Re: Call centres. by johnnythemonkey on 4 March 2009 1:54pm
Back to mobiles. Ken, I would'nt be without one as my car once broke down on one of the quiet country roads that I drive to work. I did'nt have a phone and although I'm a member of the RAC, I was stranded. I knocked on someone's door and the woman was kind enough to let me use her phone but understandably she appeared to be uncomfortable with a stranger at her door.I've always made sure that I have a mobile with me when I drive since then........I only have about a dozen contacts.....some of them disguised.
Re: Call centres. by mrsthing on 4 March 2009 7:28pm
Around my part of the US, people won't even come to the door to tell you to eff off, no matter what the reason. They're *really* paranoid. I don't know if it's that way all over the US, but it is here. I tried to help a young man who'd been in an accident once--his daddy's Caddy was on its side by the road, two girls were hugging and crying, and he was dazed and frightened. I went to four different homes: three wouldn't even come to the door; the one that did wouldn't let us use her phone. I hollered at the door, "Could you please call the police for us, then? We've got a serious accident with probable injuries!" (A lie, but they definitely needed help.) They must have done it, because the police showed up about 10 minutes later.

I *never* make calls from my car or answer the phone in the car unless I first pull over and stop. That phone is there for *my* convenience--I can always call the person back when I get where I'm going if there's no place to pull over.
Re: Call centres. by kazzzz on 5 March 2009 12:11am
I have to admit, despite telling everyone that I hate my mobile and that it's an invasion of privacy, I really use it a lot. I use it to stay in contact with my wayward daughter a LOT! Jess always rings me at lunchtime, Dad texts me ( it took me AGES to teach him how to send a text message haha) as do most of my friends.
You don't have to wait in for calls from utilities and services either. They can contact you on the run.
Plus I use the camera a lot.
The other day I got lost trying to find Kathryn and used the map function for the first time.
It's a pretty handy little item.
Re: Call centres. by johnnythemonkey on 5 March 2009 2:17am
Map function ? Ooh fancy ! My phone is ancient and basic but it's smaller than the most modern ones. My daughters phones can make you a cuppa of a morning.
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