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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: A social experiment: eating on $1 a day by geordiegirl on 15 March 2009 4:22pm
Interesting topic. Do you have Farmers Markets anywhere near, Judy?

Pete - yes, I admire the Kingsolvers for what they did but a small cynical voice whispers 'Book Royalties'.

Still, they did it.

NQR is a brilliant idea. Supermarkets are too locked in to 'perfect appearance' of fruit & veg. When i used to sell jam (at bazaars) from organically-grown fruit I used to get quite angry questions 'why is your sloe gin different colours, 'um, well, the sloes were'
Re: A social experiment: eating on $1 a day by Lounge Trekker on 15 March 2009 6:26pm
Barbara Kingsolver writes well. She made me feel it was their life, and that many things will carry over into their remaining years. Heh heh, it would take more than book royalties to convince me to carry a household through a lengthy lifestyle change like this!

Re: A social experiment: eating on $1 a day by mrsteabag on 16 March 2009 1:07am
What, Kazzz? You have Aldi in Australia? We have them in my area. Not worth it to me--so much of the food is prepackaged and loaded with additives that I can't eat (mild wheat allergy, can get away with it every few meals; allergies to food additives that make me look like Mrs. Creosote). We have a store called Woodman's that's a wee drive, but on a route where I can get lots of errands done. Their prices are better than Aldi in many cases.
Re: A social experiment: eating on $1 a day by kazzzz on 16 March 2009 2:04am
We do yes! We got Aldi here a couple of years ago and they're building more all the thime they're very popular.
So many people have wheat allergies these days, it must be really difficult for you, wheat is in so many foods.
Re: A social experiment: eating on $1 a day by Spursfan on 16 March 2009 10:14am
I love the thought of a supermarket called Not Quite Right !! Hahahahaha!

We also have Aldi here, and a company called Lidl which is Swedish or something I think. We don't use Aldi but we get fruit juice and one or two other things from Lidl.

As with everything else, you have to watch what you buy but they (Lidl) have branded goods at cheaper prices. Also they have a lot of foreign brands of course. They also sell mainly non-food products which change each week; for example there are a lot of motorcycle accessories this week, and one week it was all horsey stuff.

They do a leaflet that shows you what's coming up the following week.

Oh and there's also a shop in Stafford called Home Bargain or something similar. They sell loads of things, from chocolate to cosmetics, toys to trays, shampoo to sheets. It isn't a supermarket as they don't sell food (only confectionary and crisps). I call it Scutty's, because the implication is that it is a bit, well, scutty. They are doing well - they moved from a small'ish shop where you walked round in single file to a shop three times the size - but (and here comes the 'Hyacinth' in me!) I always look round to see if anyone I know is watchng me go in ! If there was anyone I know, I wouldn't go in!

Re: A social experiment: eating on $1 a day by kazzzz on 16 March 2009 10:51am
I know, funny name or what? We're used to it now but when they first opened everyone had a good laugh at the name. I've never had a faulty item from there and the selection is ace.
What does scutty mean?
Re: A social experiment: eating on $1 a day by mrsthing on 16 March 2009 12:09pm
We have a Farmer's Market here in Guilford, but it's only on Saturdays in June, July, and August. Just last September, they've been open the first Saturday of the month in a small building that doesn't have enough room for all of the vendors, and nobody has vegetables this time of year, anyway. We have the BEST bread lady EVER, though!

When Barbara Kingsolver wrote "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle", locavores were almost unheard of. The whole idea that store food wasn't as nutritious because it wasn't as fresh was still pretty new. I'm glad someone with a recognizable name published a book about her experiences. Another friend of mine, who no one has ever heard of, wrote a book about the importance of fresh food and local farms. It's called, "The Earth Knows My Name" by Patty Klindienst. It's really, really good--all about gardening, all types of gardens, and what she learned from interviewing all different kinds of gardners, from a 13-year-old boy in the inner city marvelling over a pea blossom, to an elderly Japanese man who was being force out of his farm by a big corporation, to a couple of women who started a community garden in their town. I really liked the book.
Re: A social experiment: eating on $1 a day by kazzzz on 16 March 2009 1:03pm
Ohh we have those too but they're very expensive, this is a premium wine growing/tourist area and they basically cater for affluent tourists. A jar of jam at one of the markets can be $15 or so. Which, to my mind, is not the point at all for a farmer's market promoting local produce.
Re: A social experiment: eating on $1 a day by peripatetically on 16 March 2009 1:28pm
We have outlets all over the USA that sell top brands at discount. Sometimes things aren't perfect there so it's always best to try them on and check for imperfections. But for the most part, if you hit them just right, you can find some great bargains.
(I've personally gotten some very very very nice things for a song on a few occasions, but I usually can't find a thing I really want or need. I still take a look if the time allows (We hit many outlets on our way to and from the beach (2 1/2 hours from home).
Re: A social experiment: eating on $1 a day by Spursfan on 16 March 2009 1:38pm
Scutty means, well, cuffy hahaha!

A bit rubbish and scruffy I suppose. Cheap?

The Urban Dictionary has 3 definitions:

1. a dirty person that usually lives on a council estate. but not everyone who lives on a council estate is scutty, its not that they are poor it is the lack of washing and how they talk and how they treat others that we all hate.
"although he is poor we dont call him scutty because he washes and is nice.
we call her scutty because she doesnt wash and is horrible."

2. A derogatory term for a female of the underclass. Implies lack of hygiene and that the girl is an 'easy lay'.
"Urgh, what a scutty bint".

3. dirty, dusty - used to describe places

"Her house is well scutty"

I have just looked up 'cuffy' in the Urban Dictionary which says:

A term originating in 80s Staffordshire, UK that refers to a person that appears or acts like a poor person. It can also be used to refer to an item that looks cheap or poor quality.

"That new kid smells and he's got hand-me-down Quicksave trainers. He's well cuffy."

"That yellow C&A ski jacket is the cuffiest thing I've ever seen!"


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