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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Wimbledon Cover-UP by sighthound on 25 April 2009 8:25pm
Thanks. The Cliff R. part of this thread had me very confused.

When I lived in Arizona, the gallery I worked at had a Southern annex at the Diamondbacks Stadium in Phoenix. The arena had a retractable roof which was amazing to watch move into place. Open air events in Phoenix are great in the winter but, in the summer when it gets to 120'F (49'C), an enclosed space with air-conditioning is absolutely necessary. I shudder to think what it costs in money and energy to air-condition the Diamondbacks Stadium. (It always struck me as incredibly stupid to put a major city where Phoenix is, a basically uninhabitable place without expensive - in so many senses - modern technology.)
Re: Wimbledon Cover-UP by kazzzz on 26 April 2009 1:04am
Oh Cliff's ace!! (see what l did there?)
Re: Wimbledon Cover-UP by Ken Dunn on 26 April 2009 6:45am
If it rains during the whole of the 2 weeks of preliminary rounds when most of the courts at Wimbledon are used then there will be one heck of a players queue at the Centre Court.
They'll need to book Cliff for a concert for the players on Centre Court if that happens.
Re: Wimbledon Cover-UP by bIG bLOGGER on 26 April 2009 1:53pm
Well,no one actually 'hates' Cliff,I don't think,and IF he is a 'national treasure' --perhaps we should have a national 'Be-Nice-To-Cliff Day'?

I have always found him to be well-spoken and a good sport,as well as a good tennis player. The deprecation,as geordiegirl rightly says,is mostly whipped up by the media; they see that Cliff espouses his Christian faith and lives a clean life (and no scandal has ever been proved against him) and so they are suspicious of someone like that as if he's a 'goody-goody' (we Brits don't like those types) or as if he's just-too-good-to-be-true,and so on. So Cliff can't win,but it doesn't bother him too much and he DOES support several charities and Good Causes with his time and money so everyone can judge him as they will.
Re: Wimbledon Cover-UP by Blairhoyle on 26 April 2009 3:21pm
I read the other day that a 5 year season ticket cost £13,000
Re: Wimbledon Cover-UP by kazzzz on 27 April 2009 4:58am
13 grand to see Tim Henman, eh? LOL!
Re: Wimbledon Cover-UP by bIG bLOGGER on 28 April 2009 4:30pm
A few straight facts about Wimbledon's new Centre Court roof:

*The new roof weighs 3,000 tons.

*The maximum time it takes to close it into position is 10 minutes.There needs to be a further 20 minutes for the air-management-system to create suitable conditions for tennis to be played.

*The full cost has not been revealed,said Tim Phillips,chairman of the All England Lawn Tennis Club in London SW19.

*It is 16 metres above the playing court.

*Each span of the moving cantilevered trusses is 77 metres long.

*The roof is a folding concertina design of Tenara, which is a fabric regarded as very strong,highly flexible and 40% translucent. That means it is not transparent for the players or spectators,but it will let in natural light.

*When the roof is deployed,the area covered is 5,200 square metres.

* Conditioned Air can be fed into the arena at the rate of 143,000 litres a second.

*The new capacity of the Centre Court will be 15,000 spectators. The days of umbrellas will be a thing of the past.

*Floodlights have been installed,and any match which has been called will be played to its conclusion,which brings the prospect of night (or late evening) play a step closer.

*How does it work? Tim Phillips said that if rain clouds approach menacingly,then the Club referee will decide if the roof is to be closed.If the Word is yes,then news of the decision will be quickly passed to someone to push the button,which sets in train the closing of the roof. He added that that person will be someone known as 'the button pusher'.
(...HAHAHA!..well,I'd never have guessed THAT!)

Re: Wimbledon Cover-UP by Lounge Trekker on 6 May 2009 5:16am
Dallas Stadium blow-down. I guess one guy got cut in two.

Hurrified Trekker
Re: Wimbledon Cover-UP by Ken Dunn on 17 May 2009 5:20pm
They are giving the new roof game tests today and the Agassi/Graf v Henman/Clijsters mixed doubles set was very entertaining. Cliff (Richard) was there and I'm sure he would have sung if asked but they asked Catherine Jenkins instead. She was an excellent choice for the between match entertainment.
Re: Wimbledon Cover-UP by bIG bLOGGER on 18 May 2009 5:15pm
Ken Dunn: Thanks for your update,Ken.
Yes,Cliff wanted to sing--he said his singing would raise the roof,but the referee decided the roof should stay in place because it was raining. :)

Further to my post of April 28th,one newspaper(THE MAIL ON SUNDAY) has come out and said the cost of installing the new Centre Court roof was £20 million pounds. However,THE TIMES reckons that all the recent renovations (including an increased seat capacity) would have costed in the region of £80 million pounds.
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