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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Mrs. Thing's Not So Excellent Adventure by mrsteabag on 17 May 2009 3:06am
{{Judy, Pat}}, OMG!! I hadn't been here in a couple of days...Thank God you're both on the other side of the ordeals. Mr. Teabag ended up in the hospital with exhaustion one vacation; very scary. My mom was 51, had been complaining of chest pains for days (this was 1972), doctor told her it was just stess and gave her a shot of something to take the edge off and she died of a heart attack in the parking lot. I'm grateful that they've started realizing that heart disease in women manifests differently and that they've stopped blowing it off as stress. Judy, thank you for getting your beautiful self in for treatment.
Re: Mrs. Thing's Not So Excellent Adventure by peripatetically on 17 May 2009 10:28am
Oh, Fran..... what a sad sad thing to happen to your mom and your family. It's true about heart disease in women. its the lading cause of death now. Your Mom was much tom young to die . I'm awfully sorry to hear about that. I'm glad your husband recovered. Exhaustion isn't anything to think any less of. It can really take it's toll on a person too.

Spending time in a hospital wasn't exactly how I wanted to "get away from it all", but when you must, you must.
Re: Mrs. Thing's Not So Excellent Adventure by geordiegirl on 17 May 2009 3:39pm
How ghastly awful for you, Patty & Judy. How well you coped, Patty - you must be pretty exhausted & still feeling stressed yourself now.

Beta-blockers: I've been taking them for 20 years now. No problems with them (they made me dizzy climbing steps for a short while, but the medication was changed.) Larry might actually find it calms him a lot: my father lived on them for years & it certainly did that to him (good thing) and as for me - well, getting older & all that- but I certainly don't react to things as furiously as I might have once done & I think beta-blockers have done that.

Judy - I'm hoping the tests will show good things. In a way (I had the treadmill thing last year) it's reassuring to find some things CAN be ruled out.

Statins for the cholesterol? Being diabetic, i have them. Anyway, keep on TAKING CARE.
Re: Mrs. Thing's Not So Excellent Adventure by peripatetically on 17 May 2009 11:08pm
Thanks, Linda. I am still stressed to a certain point. Until Larry can get behind the wheel again, life won't feel normal and I'll be tired and sore. I have all sorts of neck, spine, hip and shoulder problems due to arthritis, fibromyelasia, cervical neck surgery in two spots and 3 places along the spine that are compromised for many many reasons--- one being a serious bicycle accident in 1994. Others being occupational tasks, travel (Days before bags had wheels) and chores around the house. And when I was younger, I took a few very very bad spills body surfing in the ocean and one bad fall skiing in Aspen and a really bad tumble from a sled onto an icy street going downhill fast, landing on the top of my head and twisting my neck under the weight and momentum of my body. Yes indeed, I was an active lass! Did everything with gusto! lol. So, driving pulls on my shoulders, clavicles and neck, making me miserable in no time flat. Even with the medication I take... grrr.

We're just glad things were caught at the right time and place, and that we made it through.

Seems like several of us here are taking beta- blockers and/or maybe ace inhibitors. They don't make me slower though. Larry's been taking it easier since his incident, but when he must get the motor running, he doesn't hold back. His job is very stressful and he's on his feet for 13 hours per day with little chance to sit down, except for possibly 15 minutes to eat lunch (and even that is often interrupted and shortened). He has no choice but to keep going. He has patients that need him and a certain number assigned to him within his shift time period. And, if anything slows me down, it's pain.
Re: Mrs. Thing's Not So Excellent Adventure by mrsthing on 18 May 2009 1:48am
That's so sad about your mom, Mrs. Teabag. Male doctors frequently didn't take women's health complaints seriously in those days--I was told for years that my intense, 3-day bouts of cramps every month were "all in my head", or that I was faking it to get attention!

Here's hoping all will go well with Larry, Patty. When will you know when he can drive again? Sounds like you've got a lot of chronic pain to deal with.
Re: Mrs. Thing's Not So Excellent Adventure by kazzzz on 18 May 2009 2:11am
It's very sad Mrs T, what a dreadful thing to happen and just a horrible shock.

I just have to wonder about doctors sometimes, we put our lives in their hands. We have recently changed our family GP (we all go to him) after he misdiagnosed Mum's cancer (in that he missed it altogether and we talked her into seeing someone else who diagnosed it, all was ok after treatment), also got it all wrong when she had a shoulder injury (which needed surgery, he miosdiagnosed my Dad's back( another doctor worked it out and he had a major op, one of the first of these sort to be performed in this country), he also told me after lots of tests, that I could definately never have any more kids. This was before Ava was born. These are HUGE issues. He's also messed up other minor stuff with my kids.
Thanks to the diligence of other doctors we got all our various issues dealt with, it's pretty scarey though. This doctor was good when he was younger, I think he just got past it. Not too good for the patients though. He was really offended when we all changed doctors.
Re: Mrs. Thing's Not So Excellent Adventure by peripatetically on 18 May 2009 2:38pm
Some doctors don't keep up with things and it shows., Kaz, I'm so glad all of you have had your health issues resolved. But the problems your family faced should've been caught after some investigation. Most patients know when something is really wrong. Glad everyone realized a new docotr was in order.
Re: Mrs. Thing's Not So Excellent Adventure by peripatetically on 18 May 2009 2:43pm
Judy, the doctor originally told him 3 months. He has an appt. July 13th, the exact date -3 months to the day. However, he knows that's a long time and very inconvenient. He told Larry he'd see him around the hospital and maybe he'd let him drive in two months. We have one behind us already.
Re: Mrs. Thing's Not So Excellent Adventure by mrsthing on 18 May 2009 3:45pm
So much of allopathic medicine is still theory. There are huge egos involved; they diss one another's research; they dismiss certain kinds of patients or people they just don't like, they can't make a definitive diagnosis, so they fake it and throw drugs at a patient so they can rule things out one by one, etc., etc.

Makes alternative medicine pretty attractive.
Re: Mrs. Thing's Not So Excellent Adventure by johnnythemonkey on 18 May 2009 4:09pm
Sorry to hear about you all having these problems. Anyway, enough about you, I sneezed twice yesterday and I had indigestion for an hour last Tuesday.
On top of all that, my cat ( McGill the Wondercat ) has been off his food. I worry that he may never eat again and I may lose him because that's what happened to my uncle's neighbour's window cleaner's cat. It got lost. :)
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