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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Happy to travel? by tucsonmike on 18 June 2009 1:56pm
Good luck to your Dad. I love to travel, but I am getting out of the habit of traveling, cause of economics. My big thing lately has become Africa. My parents think I have blown a gasket.

There are still places I will not travel. I wont go to Russia, for example. Ditto for the Arab world, with maybe the exception of Egypt.

It has become expensive enough, and with all due respect to Mr. P, now I consider bus trips into Mexico a luxury.

Re: Happy to travel? by Amaia on 18 June 2009 3:17pm
Sure, traveling's a bit harder now... But I guess it's easier for us Europeans to travel than for you Americans... After all, all I have to do is take a plane for two hours, and bam! I'm in France/Ireland/Portugal/UK/Germany/Belgium/Austria/Italy... etc. (take off the country you don't want to go to)
I think Mr P. might have thought in European terms, more than in US ones...!

And I'd love to go to Russia, discover Moscow and St Petersburg... Easier now I have a friend there.
Is there a particular reason for which you won't go to Russia, mike?
(i deeply apologize for the poor construction of the previous sentence)(can someone tell me how to make it right?).

(plus, Mr P.'s travels are sponsored by the BBC... :D Under those conditions, people would call me Phileas Fogg !) (though I really hope I'm not as boring) (as P.F, not M.P)
Re: Happy to travel? by peripatetically on 18 June 2009 6:21pm
Is there any particular reason why you won't travel to Russia, Mike?
Re: Happy to travel? by Amaia on 18 June 2009 8:18pm
Re: Happy to travel? by peripatetically on 18 June 2009 10:56pm
Glad to help!
Re: Happy to travel? by tucsonmike on 19 June 2009 4:19am
Why I will not go to Russia.

I have to admit, there is a certain degree of prejudice there I cannot seem to shake.
My mother's family fled from there. My adopted Polish uncles taught me about the danger of the Russian Bear.
I do not wish Russians any harm. I would rather the United States dealt as little with them as possible. To me, this is very much a case of Rudyard Kipling. "Oh East is East and West is West."
Re: Happy to travel? by kazzzz on 19 June 2009 9:07am
I flew right over Russia, from east to west, across the tundra (8 hours in all) and it was the most spectacular landscape I have ever seen in my life. I have some amazing photos. If I hadn't known, the view didn't look like earth at all, it was just amazing. When I crossed the Urals everything suddenly became very 'European' looking. It was an incredible experience. I sat glued to the window of the plane for the whole 8 hours.
Re: Happy to travel? by peripatetically on 19 June 2009 2:45pm
If I had the chance, I'd go, I think. I'd be very happy to get home again though. Very glad! Places like that are so interesting, but I'd feel weird knowing Russia's history of oppression. I'd go mostly for the scenery and arts.
Re: Happy to travel? by kazzzz on 20 June 2009 1:12am
Well really if you used a history of opression as a benchmark for travel destinations you would hardly be able to go anywhere.
Re: Happy to travel? by pandab on 20 June 2009 5:39am
Amaia - I lived for 2 years in Rota, Spain back in the 1980s. I was stationed at the US Naval base.

While I would love to go back to Spain as a tourist, I wouldn't want to live there again.

Part of it was the high crime in the area at the time I lived there. The town was right next to the military base, and Americans were prime targets for break-ins and attacks. I stopped wearing jewelry, not even a watch or a pair of earings. Kids would drive by on scooters and rip earings out of your ears. Literally. I had 2 friends who got their ear lobes ripped like that. Another friend got his arm slashed badly when a kid zipped by on a scooter, cut down his arm and snatched his watch off. Forget carrying a purse. You might as well wear a sign that said "Please rob me."

I lived in 2 apartments there and got broken into in both places. Getting robbed was bad enough, but the gangs that worked Rota liked to trash the place, too. I lost almost everything in the first break-in. They even slashed my sofa. After the second break-in, I gave up on living in town and moved back into the barracks on base. I hated it, but it beat wondering what I was coming home to every night.

As far places where I wouldn't travel ... I can't see myself going anywhere in the Middle East. Even Egypt would give me second and third thoughts, though I would love to go there. Too much violence. Plus, I just cannot get past how women are treated in a lot of Arab countries. I would like to go Israel (specifically Jerusalem), but I don't think it will happen. Again, too violent.

I try not to let politics get in my way too much. Most of the places where the political situation REALLY lights my fire are places most people wouldn't want to go to anyway. North Korea springs to mind. Or Sudan.

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