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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Au revoir by peripatetically on 22 July 2009 2:21pm
Thanks, Johnny. I was VERY angry and annoyed!!!!!!!!
Re: Au revoir by Spursfan on 22 July 2009 2:54pm
Yes, guessing nationalities IS fun, snd it is done to perfection by the lads with shops/stalls in Turkey!

For some reason they always (or at least the ones we dont know) think I am either Irish or Australian!! Especially when I had my natural hair colour which is/was a dark blonde.

The funniest 'mis-identity' was just after the Kennnedy chap died in his plane and I just happened to be wearing a Kennedy Space Centre t-shirt. I overheard a Turkish guy saying in Turkish that I must be part of the Kennedy family (and he wasn't joking by the way!)!!

But the WEIRDEST case was when we were talking to an Irish chap and his wife who were from Dublin (he told us he did sessions with U2 (before he knew I liked them) so I was concentrating hard on not blurting out something silly like 'tell Bono I love him!!'). Suddenly he started talking about the architecture in Greece and kept saying 'of course you'll know all about that'. I couldn't understand why as at the time we had only had a day trip to Samos and this guy didn't know that anyway. In the end my husband said what do you mean, and he said 'y'know, with your wife being Greek' !!!! Now I can understand the husband being mistaken for Turkish (as his Dad came from India) but me? Greek? HAHAHA!

Re: Au revoir by peripatetically on 22 July 2009 5:48pm
Well, I was thinking more along the lines of "educated guesses'! HAHAHAHAHAHA Annie the Greek, any statues made of you in a flowing toga?
Re: Au revoir by Amaia on 22 July 2009 6:33pm
Ah, Anne, you cannot believe the number of people (in Ireland, England, Germany, Austria and probably soon Norway) who mistook me for Spanish, telling me "hola", with a great smile...

But I guess I do look Spanish. Couldn't reqlly figure out if it worked in Spain! ;)

And, yes, Johnny, La madeleine is a nice area... you have many great buildings over there... and loooots of shops! :D
Re: Au revoir by Spursfan on 22 July 2009 8:04pm
I haven't seen any YET Pats, but I will keep looking....

Re: Au revoir by kazzzz on 23 July 2009 2:37am
When I'm in the UK people think I'm Australian, when I'm here a lot of people think I'm from the UK. Odd!
Re: Au revoir by Miss-M on 23 July 2009 11:09am
Johnny, I've heard those bally froggies can be quite rude. I'm sure you'll fit right in. Have a great trip! ;)
Re: Au revoir by peripatetically on 23 July 2009 12:28pm
Re: Au revoir by johnnythemonkey on 12 August 2009 2:24am
Paris ? Load of shite. Give you an example. Right, we went to this Louvre place and Meg thought she'd pick up a nice set of blinds on the cheap for my girl's flat. What was there ? A load of old tat. Should be in a museum, the bloody lot of it.
Re: Au revoir by bIG bLOGGER on 12 August 2009 3:54pm
I am still wondering why it was that the day after your visit to the Louvre,the Parisian journal "LE QUOTIDIEN DE PARIS" reported that the painting titled MONA LISA,which was painted by some Italian geezer called Leonardo in the 1500's,had gone missing??

My theory is that you only went to Paris in order to give yourself and your accomplice Meg alibis for the Graff jewel heist in New Bond Street,London,which took place in the middle of last week.
The Met Police and CID are looking for 2 men who got away with £40 million pounds in jewels and are considered armed and very dangerous.

...Mind you,the MONA LISA is worth a lot more than that!
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