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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Sick of being sick by Kristine on 18 May 2003 3:15am
No, Canadian's are. ;)

Favourite food: I've always been fond of cake... any kind of cake... I just love cake!

Favourite colour: Red- It's such a passionate colour.

John or Paul?: John. The Glasses, The Eyes, And the brains! Talk about Sexy! *whistles*

Favourite Hitch movie: Aww man, there just so good! I can't choose...

Why do you spell british?: Because you want to use the english lanuage correctly.
Re: Sick of being sick by irishmanufan on 18 May 2003 3:25am
what's your favourite word? flockynockynahilaphilipication it is a real word as i heard it win a word quiz on the tv once although i doubt i have spelt it right .
What's your favourite food? to many to list ( thats why i am as rotund as i am !)let me see chocolate buiscuits . moms roast pork dinner . chineese and indain meals . cheese , olives , peanuts .
What's your favourite colour? the red of manchester united
Who is better looking, John Lennon or Paul McCartney? john
What is your favourite Hitch.... movie? hanve'nt seen any hitch films sorry .

as to the accent debate you should hear the true Dublin accent it would make you cringe sometimes . most people tell me i have am american accent i think it is the irish emglish mix personally :0)
notquiteenglish i think it is the people in power in america that are making people sick right now not the people of america themselves . i don't think americans are any less loveable then people from other countries . i am irish my dad is english and my uncle lives in new york so i know quite a few irish english and american people . some of them are lovely and some of them are not so lovely !!!!!!!!!
i thnk you might spell things the english way becaue you are used to reading about english things like palin and python !!!!!!!!
well thats my 2 cents worth . i am off to bed . sorry for the rably post . i am knackered .
night all
Re: Sick of being sick by notquitenglish on 18 May 2003 6:02am
Yes, well, they seem to have made me sick enough....

and yeah, the English are adorable.
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Harrison (I am sorry, I am incapable of adding "Ringo Starr" to this list)
Graham Chapman
Terry Jones (Welsh, whatever)
John Cleese
Eric Idle
Douglas Adams
Terry Pratchett
Rod Stewart
(erm, have run out of brain capacity)
Mr. Michael Bloody Wonderful Palin.
Re: Sick of being sick by MissFruitcake on 18 May 2003 7:34am
What's your favourite word? Ethereal
What's your favourite food? Chocolate!!! (cheap chocolate that you can eat lots of)
What's your favourite colour? Purple, blue
Who is better looking, John Lennon or Paul McCartney? George :) But if I have to choose.... John..... I think....
What's your favourite Hitch movie? The Lady Vanishes
I am American. So why do I spell things the British way? hehe I agree with Kristine - or maybe you are British/Canadian/Australian/British colony at heart. Why do Americans spell differently anyway? Why is it 'zee' and not 'zed'?
Re: Sick of being sick by ilse on 18 May 2003 11:02am
american english is probably spelled differently than british (australian, canadian, indian, etc, etc, etc...) english because the language was not yet standardized when america became independent. all the other countries that were colonies became part of the commonwealth and got their independence much later, right? or maybe americans are just so lazy we have to omit those 'u' s, like in colour/color.....or maybe whoever standardized the language in america was dyslexic(just to be clear, i'm not trying to make fun of dyslexic people) and replaced some 's' s with 'z' s and reversed some 'r' s and 'e' s, as in centre/center..........okay, now i'm just rambling. well this is 'blathering on' :)
Re: Sick of being sick by Llieno on 18 May 2003 4:18pm
It's quite funny in a way, the American language is built upon how the Brits used to speak 300 years ago.
It's the British that have changed, not the Americans. Both 18th centuary Yorkers and 21st centuary New Yorkers would spell colour 'color'
Re: Sick of being sick by pandk2 on 18 May 2003 4:38pm
OK...here goes...
Fave word...aquamarine.
Fave food.....CADBURYS CREME EGGS!!!!!
Fave colour...Blue
Fave Beatle....John...he's cuter that Paul
Fave Hitch.......Not really into Hitch.... to be honest!
I an Orstraylian..but I have one English grandparent and two scottish ones....and one thats Orstraylian but was probably an english convict anyway...ooh I'm all confused..I'm having an identity crisis!!!

Re: Sick of being sick by notquitenglish on 18 May 2003 8:24pm
That is definately the most interesting way I've ever seen "Australian" spelled.
Re: Sick of being sick by sleepydumpling on 19 May 2003 7:42am
notquitenglish - that's pretty much how a lot of us pronounce Australian!!

(Particularly those of us from rural areas who can't lose their accents no matter how hard they try!)

Cheers mate!
Re: Sick of being sick by canaveralgumby on 20 May 2003 6:42am
fav word: solution (as in solving problems, not "7% Solution"!)

fav food: shrimp

fav color: pale blue, silver

better looking: George

fav Hitchc*o*c*k movie: Psycho

Why you spell things the British way:
If you, like me, have gone through the American public school system, then you, like me, have learned more about grammar, vocabulary, world civilizations and art history by watching Python than you ever learned in school! (Okay, that's an exaggeration...)

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