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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Health thread. by Spursfan2 on 3 November 2015 7:40am
Thank you Ken.
Re: Health thread. by Cockney Nomad on 5 November 2015 1:24pm
Spursfan2 - Do hope your husband is now home and feeling much better. Such a worry for you all and so fortunate he was taken to hospital for immediate treatment. Hope he continues to recover well and quickly.
Re: Health thread. by Spursfan2 on 6 November 2015 10:16pm
Thank you, he came home last night - still not right but getting there.
Re: Health thread. by sighthound on 9 November 2015 2:11am
Hi Spursfan,

I so hope that Zak continues to improve. I've never known anything about cellulitis before. Please let us know how he is doing and, even though I'm pretty much an atheist, I'm praying for him.

Cockney Nomad, thanks for inquiring about my health. I'm still here. This episode left me much worse for the wear but, dammit, I just want to sing that Sondheim song "I'm still here".

Re: Health thread. by Lounge Trekker on 10 November 2015 12:49am
I hope you are well, G. I missed your original posting on having a pulmonary embolism. I hope you have a complete recovery.
Re: Health thread. by Spursfan2 on 26 November 2015 9:27am
Zak's leg is still painful but we were able to go on holiday to Turkey 2 days after he came out of hospital !!

To begin with his leg was very swollen and tender, but after a few days it was more or less the same size as the other one, and the dark red colour (all round his lower leg but mainly at the back) was subsiding a little, though it is still a little pink even now.

What really made me feel as if I had been knocked over by a 10-ton truck is that the doctor discharging him told Zak that in fact he had suffered an AKI (acute kidney injury) - i.e. kidney failure and that it could have gone either way !!!!!!!!!! Apparently his organs had started shutting down. [Shouldn't they have told his next-of-kin this, if not the patient himself??]

The cause of this was a build-up of medication over 17 years or so for diabetes, etc. They immediately took him off the offending drugs, put him on a saline drip (which he was on for 4.5 days), and told him to drink lots of water to flush out his kidneys. He had a blood test a couple of days ago and has to request a GP (phone) call tomorrow to get the results; if they are ok he will be put back on the meds, but he will be monitored more closely with regular blood tests.

It has really scared me - worse case scenario I could have lost him (after 44 years!). In the meantime he has put a long letter of complaints to the hospital; not about the actual treatment but about the lack of care. Staff would see/hear that patients had pressed their call buttons but would ignore them or even turn them off without asking why they'd been pressed !! Zak was in a 4-bed bay with 2 elderly patients (one who died) and a lad in his early 20s. The other elderly man (i.e. not the man who died) - immobile, fed through his nose and incontinent - would call for a nurse and Zak would press his own button for him as the staff always left the elderly man's call button out of reach. These are just a couple of examples - there were excellent nurses as well of course and Zak's medical treatment was first class; at the end of the day as far as I am concerned they saved him!

Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 3 April 2016 4:29am
Loyzparm and Zogparm are a couple of sick computers. I'll be avoiding this website for a while. They might even be in the same computer.
Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 5 April 2016 8:21pm
L & Z were so sick the webmaster has put them down.
Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 16 November 2016 9:03pm
I've had tennis elbow for 3 weeks and have been playing badminton with the other arm since it started. Tonight I won my first game (in 3 played) for the first time with the 'wrong' arm. Hooray!
Re: Health thread. by Lounge Trekker on 22 January 2017 7:09am
An off-arm win is impressive indeed, Ken! I'm 16 games into my hockey season, starting near the end of October. Minor injuries, a 3 week bout with the flu and 2 days skiing contributed to missing a dozen or more games.

We play three times a week in the morning and enthusiasm is excellent for a drop-in program. Last week we had a pro run a few practices for us - that was so much fun. I had a skate issue that forced me to wear someone else' skates and I sure looked bad. Oh well, I bought a new pair and I can fly again!

I'll ski a day with an old friend in a week, and I'll get some more in when the weather looks good.
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