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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Health thread. by johnnyBgood! on 8 May 2013 8:48pm
I had a collapsed lung and broken ribs due to an industrial accident when I was 28. I was so clever, that when I was signed off work for a month, I flew to Greece. Not one of my most enlightened decisions.
Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 16 June 2013 7:55am
I have a sore throat and a bit of a cough. It probably relates to the ingress of dust and/or toxic fumes from when I cleaned the driveway on Friday. I feel a bit better today but I should after all the paracetamol, aspirin and Strepsils I have taken! Just noticed the previous post - it may be that too.
Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 19 June 2013 12:06pm
I'm poorly. I'm so poorly that after seeing the doc yesterday I decided to take 5 medicines before going to bed last night. I'm so much better this morning that after I got up I decided I only needed 3.
Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 21 June 2013 11:57pm
I'm nearly fully recovered from my ailment - just a bit of a cough to get rid of and some strength to get back.
Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 12 December 2013 10:36pm
I have ankle trouble and after reading about LT's similar problem in the Sports Thread I thought I'd have a moan about it. I injured it at rugby (watching not playing) about 4 weeks ago and last night at badminton it went again. My wife's walking stick is keeping me upright when I have to move and 4 days rest should see some improvement (I go back to work on Tuesdays). Sitting here keeps my weight off it so you may find a few old topics appear at random over the next few days. I'm seeing the doc on 27th Dec and will get checked for a cracked bone or ligament damage.
Re: Health thread. by suzulu on 13 December 2013 2:41pm
How did you injure your ankle just watching rugby, Ken? :)

Hope it gets better soon.
Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 14 December 2013 6:55am
I sometimes use a small American football to exercise with and for some reason I decided to take it with me to the Kirkcaldy Ladies game v Oban Lorne one Sunday. It was a cold day and the match went well with Kirkcaldy winning until in the second half one of the Oban ladies got a serious knee injury and was down for about 20 minutes before the ambulance took her away. During this time I thought to keep warm I would move to the free area behind the posts and throw and catch the ball. On one of the throws I went over on my right ankle and hurt it. It didn't seem too serious at the time because I was wearing old army boots and this protected the ankle a bit. I played on more gently watching the recovery of the injured player.
At a later game I asked about the injured player and she had been looked at at a local hospital then sent to recover properly at a hospital nearer home. She had a knee injury, something to do with the ligaments and if Oban are visiting again or I go to another ladies game I'll try to find out how she's doing.
Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 14 December 2013 12:15pm
I saw the doc. yesterday and it is not broken. There is/has been ligament damage at the outer ankle and similar in the region of the fourth metatarsal bone. That's my best guess at the source of the pain from what the doctor said.
Re: Health thread. by Lounge Trekker on 14 December 2013 8:22pm
Early in my recovery from that ankle injury, I found a good product to help accelerate recovery. Topical ibuprofen, an anti inflammatory paste that I found very effective.

When the ankle felt hot, or if the swelling was detectable, I would use ice, but applying topical ibuprofen doesn't require sitting with my leg elevated.

Another great product is an ice sleeve. Mine is Torex brand. It is a gel-pack that allows you to slip the injured foot through and have the whole joint chilled by ice around it. They are available in a range of sizes to allow you to use one on different joints.

I hope to avoid re-injury to my lower legs by putting a bit more into strengthening them. It's easy to work the calves but I needed something to work the anterior tibialis, beside the shin bone and by exerting to the side, the tibial-metatarsal ligament that was stretched in this latest injury. I found a rubber tube with handles on each end, fastened it to the floor, insert my toes in one of the handles, and flex by pulling my toes toward me. I mounted it in front of my TV chair so I will do the exersise more often.
Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 15 December 2013 7:26am
I'm a bit more mobile this morning but I'll keep taking the pills for a while yet and no badminton for a few weeks.
Further improvement on the 16th after removing the strapping and a hot Radox bath last night. There is slight swelling on the top of my foot and the tenderness at my ankle is less. I'll put the strapping on again today just to make sure it has support while getting better.
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