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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Health thread. by Lounge Trekker on 12 January 2014 7:18pm
I'm going to a hot yoga class this afternoon. I hope it helps me pick up the pace and still be comfortable.

I bought an infrared sauna for my home, to help get me started most cold and wet mornings and it has been great. I was able to do outside work until the end of November and I expect it to lengthen my tennis season by allowing me to play in colder weather.

So when I was told about the hot sauna and it's convenient schedule I decided to jump in. Each class is 90 minutes of stretching and relaxing with expert guidance.

I'll let you know how it is.

EDIT : January 14, 2014.

After two classes, I am all in with the hot yoga. First time in yoga class. I need to work on my balance and flexibility, love to sweat, and respond well to coaching, so I love it!

It is not for everybody, but we could all benefit from it, I'm sure. Yoga is a time tested approach to fitness and goes very well with the well-being I get from being warm.

I start the day with eating fairly light and drinking 1-2 litres of room temerature water. I drink another litre during the class, although the pace we follow moving from pose to pose forces me to drink in small swallows. Unlike every other sport, a warm-up is unecessary; I start to sweat just rolling out my mat.

If you haven't done yoga, read up on it before trying this. Make sure a sauna is comfortable for you, drink a lot of water, bring a water bottle and be ready to push yourself while sweating up a froth. I would hurt myself doing what I can do in hot yoga and there is the big benefit to me; I can stretch and flex more than I can at room temperature.
Re: Health thread. by Loretto on 15 January 2014 12:00am
Hey Pete! Happy New Year to you. I just heard from a friend last Wednesday that she bought one also and loves the infrared sauna. Would love to know the brand you got and if you are happy with the health benefits. Also, just be careful with Bickram Yoga. I did it for two years and caught a lot of colds in that environment. Hand sanitizer!
Re: Health thread. by Lounge Trekker on 15 January 2014 4:57am
Hi Loretto! I hope all is well with yourself all your loved ones, and that you found the holidays refreshing and re-invigorating.

The sauna I bought is a 2 year old EuroSport 2 man. It is 46"x43x73. It was used and I paid $700, had to drive an extra hour return to pick it up, dismantle it, and re-assemble it. It was great for a week then blew up. A terminal on the input/control card melted. So another $175 to replace it with an upgraded part, now I really love it because of the improved performance.

It is warm enough to enter, 100 degrees, in just 10 minutes. I put a thermometer in it and will let you know the actual temperature next I use it. I crank the heat: the control thermostat reads 130F and can be accessed from without and within. It is 1600 watts so it should cost me $.16 an hour in power, about $5/mo. I can watch my TV, work on my computer, hear my stereo perfectly from inside it. I might meditate, but usually read.

Health benefits? I get a good sweat in the 40 - 50 minutes I use it, but it isn't as nice as a 'real' thermal sauna that has been on all day, like at the rec centre. I sweat so much, regularly, with or without it at home, that I have no way of knowing what health benefit it gives me.

I think I am part reptile...I just need to be warm before I can do anything this time of year. It helps me get my chores done. I was using it every morning until I started hot yoga at Bikram.

Good health caution, thanks. Historically, I get sick after wearing myself out and not getting enough sleep. I must keep that in mind while I try to increase my attendance to once a day. Today was my second 90 minute class after a day between classes and I felt good enough to hit 200+ balls at the range afterwards. I think having hot yoga in my health toolbox will improve my life.
Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 16 January 2014 2:49am
I've been thinking about gentler activities to keep healthy but haven't got further than as I'm still enjoying badminton.
Re: Health thread. by Lounge Trekker on 16 January 2014 6:12am
If you get a chance to try hot yoga, Ken, you really should. Ninety minutes is a big bite of time, but the physical and consciousness benefits will allow you to do more of the strenuous activites you enjoy.

It will extend my body's serviceable life, of that I'm sure. I'm using it to 'pick up the pace', with less pain and discomfort.
Re: Health thread. by Lounge Trekker on 28 January 2014 5:30pm
Providing I get to a class today, I've done hot yoga 8 of 16 days. Yoga every day isn't the problem. Living the rest of my life is, after what is like a serious athletic endeavour for 60-90 minutes per class.

I participated in the 45 minute noon class today. Of course I feel well and that I did well in the studio...I had two days in a row to lay around, eat and drink! Yes, Ken, yoga is a gentler exersise than racquet sports, but it is still an intense athletic endeavour.

Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 29 January 2014 6:47am
You sound very fit LT. If I was a bit fitter perhaps I wouldn't have this back pain. I try to exercise it but it hurts and I try to rest it but it hurts when I move. I need a compromise to get it better gently.
Re: Health thread. by Lounge Trekker on 29 January 2014 6:20pm
Considering all the injuries and having been kicked around a bit...yeah, I have reasonable fitness. And your back pain might be fatigue or lack of flexibility. You need to keep it mobile, every day. Do simple stretching before you even stand in the morning.

You might try yoga, Ken. It is a discipline that works on spinal flexibility, balance and breathing. Attending a class with an instructor is recommended (by me), so you can start with the simplest pose and gradually progress to more challenging movement.

Failing the attending of a course, get a book and do the first few posture exersises. Give it a chance to help you by keeping with it for as long as you can.
Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 30 January 2014 7:47am
Yes, LT. I've found a Body Balance class in the local sports centre and it seems to be gentler activities under instruction. I need to remember to have a look into it on Monday. I'm thinking about going to the back class in the hospital before that. They did wonders for my back pain a couple of years ago but it took a few weeks.
I went to the hospital this afternoon to enquire about the back class but they only take out-patients with a referral from a GP. My back has now eased significantly with rest (although this cure is not always recommended these days) over the past day or so, so I hope to be fit for my usual activities in a couple of days.
Re: Health thread. by Lounge Trekker on 2 February 2014 5:56am
Once I'm through my first month of intensive (every second day or so) training, a few stretches I've learned in yoga will be added to my daily stretching routine. The simplest stretch eases discomfort in my back. That reason alone has made this exercise worthwhile.

I intend to skate a bit, play some ice hockey, using hot yoga every week or two to help keep my flexibility.
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