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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 11 February 2014 11:04am
I'm still struggling with this back pain. I had excruciating spasms last Thursday and diazepam eased those but I am in constant pain and looking into any ways to ease the pain further to get it to go away completely. Yoga looks like a good remedy and gentle movements which don't hurt are being tried. All the pills have me not thinking straight but I am managing. There are a lot of suggestions on the internet but knowing which to use for the best is the problem.
Something gentler than badminton is a must when I'm well enough for something more strenuous.
Re: Health thread. by suzulu on 12 February 2014 12:48am
Have you tried acupuncture?
Re: Health thread. by Lounge Trekker on 24 February 2014 9:04pm
Hi Ken

I would suggest you make back health your top priority, maybe for the rest of your life. Start each day with gentle stretching. Thomas Hannah has some excellent info: https://www.google.ca/#q=thomas+hanna+somatics+exercises+for+the+back

These are the poses we do at Bikram Hot Yoga: http://www.bikramyogaposesguide.com/

I also do some exersises gleaned from Pilades, and Tai Chi.

The 'Bikram' pose where you stand feet together, have your palms together over your head and reach for the ceiling, then gently lean left then right is a good warm up. Crunches, leg raises, cat-cow (where you are hands and knees and on exhalation arch your back, then alternate with a back sag also on exhalation) are all excellent exersises. Another is to kneel, then touch the floor with your hands together, reach as far in front as you can, extending the stretch upon exhalation.

I hope some of this makes sense to you, Ken. Main thing is to always warm up your back before doing anything physical. Sitting too much is not going to help your back. If back pain is excruciating, lie on your back and lace your legs upon a chair or bed with your knees bent at right angles.

Good luck with it. Don't give up, keep using your back.

Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 2 March 2014 8:52pm
Thanks for the advice LT. I have some very good back exercises that I am now able to do again and I am really feeling the benefit of them. A couple of them are similar to ones you describe above. After 5 weeks of relative inactivity a 2 mile walk today has made me feel as though I have climbed a big hill. At least I felt good after it and the back is completely better.
Re: Health thread. by Lounge Trekker on 4 March 2014 1:27am
Atta boy, Ken. Keep it moving. This growing old sucks, but like I tell the kids...I still recommend it!
Re: Health thread. by Lounge Trekker on 28 March 2014 10:49pm
I officially survived another winter yesterday. I hit tennis balls over the net first time this year. Third time on the wall with service practice. Good to really use the new equipment...old legs, but new racquet. I played close to 100 hours of doubles last year and hope to extend that this summer.
Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 15 April 2014 10:30pm
I went to a Pilates class earlier this evening after a Body Balance class last week strained my hip. I just did what I could (and that wasn't much compared to what was on offer) but I came away with no additional injuries or strains.
Re: Health thread. by Lounge Trekker on 16 April 2014 6:45am
Atta boy, Ken. Everything you do adds to your personal health toolbox. I spent the last two days riding in cars, I was the designated drinker.

I visited my Dad who just had a knee replaced...and my Mom and sisters. I thought a handful of Oxys would make anyone fun to be with...wrong again.
Re: Health thread. by Lounge Trekker on 20 June 2014 7:10pm
Rain is healthy for a 50+ guy who tends to overdo it. I played five sets of the best tennis of my life Tuesday...after 10+ days of lounging and I still feel it. The courts may still dry out if the sun gets a chance, before our 3 pm time, so I may still get active today.

I still have transplanting to do. I can pot up in the garage, but there are a few I want to put out, and seeds to sow.
Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 5 April 2015 9:30am
My brother died on 28th March 2015 and we were over in Ireland twice in the past 2 weeks, firstly to see him seriously ill in hospital and again for his funeral on Wednesday. He had been ill with prostate cancer for about 5 years and at the end it had spread throughout his body. We missed the service at his funeral because the ferry was delayed for 2h15m but we met up with old friends, relatives and good people at the tea afterwards. He was buried in our home village of Ballywalter and Richard Parkes, the pipe major of Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band, played a very touching lament at his graveside. He was 65. It was Saturday before I felt sort of normal again after a difficult 2 weeks and I'm going out into the garden this morning to do some spring weeding and tidying with a break at 11 o'clock planned.
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