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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 1 July 2015 10:56pm
Since I wrote my last post I have seen a doctor about my symptoms and the advice was to take paracetamol more regularly and use a prescribed throat spray for the sore throat. rest was also advised and I'll be able to do that from Friday (the day after tomorrow). The cure is in hand! By the way, well done the NHS in Scotland for dealing with my ailment so quickly.
Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 7 July 2015 10:27pm
My cold cleared up in a few days but I've knackered the Achilles tendon at my left foot. Painkillers and limping for a week or two. I think I'll lie out in the sunshine tomorrow, if there is any, and knowing my luck I'll probably get sunburnt.
Re: Health thread. by Lounge Trekker on 16 October 2015 6:41pm
After 6 1/2 hours of tennis over three three days in the chilly fall air, I was suffering. I took 500 mg Ibuprofen and 500 mg of acetominophen. I woke feeling pretty good. I'm cutting back on the booze so the harmful effects will be lower. Periodically, I'll feel a back issue in the night. I take a generic Robaxacet muscle relaxant for that, which always works. I try to warm up and warm down meticulously.

I start my warm up by eating a handful of coffee beans - great help in boosting energy and enthusiasm while easing sore muscles. When the weather is cool, I warm up with a sauna, ten minutes on the rowing machine, then another ten of stretches. I ride my bicycle to the courts. After tennis I stop at the gym and do some leg work, muscle balancing and stretching. The gym work pays off. I do it after tennis so I can preserve some of the rest time between court times.
Re: Health thread. by sighthound on 16 October 2015 11:38pm
OMG, where did this thread come from? OK, I'll chime in with my tale of woe. Been in and out of the hospital recently with a pulmonary embolism which nearly killed me so I'm now on blood thinners which means I can't take aspirin or Aleve anymore which I used to use to deal with all my aches and pains. Getting old is hell dammit!
Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 23 October 2015 6:55am
Hi sighthound. I had to check back that I started this topic/thread and since I did I have found it quite useful for two reasons. The first is that when you are not feeling well and post something here palinites are very sympathetic and their responses make you feel better. Secondly, useful advice is sometimes given for ailments which, when used, can help them to get better.
I hope your pulmonary embolism disappears eventually and you'll be able to ease back on (off?) the medication.
Re: Health thread. by suzulu on 24 October 2015 1:51am
Sorry to hear about your pulmonary embolism, Sighthound. Hope you are on the mend now.
Re: Health thread. by Lounge Trekker on 25 October 2015 6:22am
Yeesh, Geraldine, I'm sorry I missed that about your pulmonary embolism. That is a serious situation.
Re: Health thread. by Cockney Nomad on 2 November 2015 9:33am
Hi Sighthound - Just wondering how you are and hoping you are now much better. Being diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism must have been such a shock and while being admitted to hospital is not desirable, at least you received the treatment necessary there and were prescribed medication to take when discharged home. Please let us know how you are now.
Re: Health thread. by Spursfan2 on 2 November 2015 10:08pm
My husband Zak has been in hospital since Thursday night with a very bad case of cellulitis.

He has been ill since Tuesday morning, and we thought he had the flu - the redness of cellulitis didn't show itself until late Thursday. In fact it hadn't shown itself when he eventually let me call a doctor out to him on Thursday morning, and so the doctor, thinking it was a viral problem, didn't prescribe him with anything, but suggested if he got any worse, that he should call the NHS line, 111.

We did so that night, and he was taken into hospital at his own request. The tell-tale cellulitis signs came out soon afterwards.

He has been very ill with it, but is well on the mend now. When he was at home he just could not get comfortable and had to move position every 5 mins or less. He was put on a drip yesterday as he has a kidney infection, but today he was told that the infection is improving. He hoped to come home today but the consultant said this morning he had to stay in AT LEAST another day, as he wants the swelling to go down on his leg.

The pain in his leg has been so bad he has had morphine.

I have missed him terribly over the past 4 days he has been in hospital [the first 2 days he was in a single room and we had to don aprons and gloves before we went in) but I am SO pleased he said to the paramedics (who also thought it was flu, his heart trace, BP, and pulse were all within normal parameters, and his blood sugar was excellent (he's diabetic)) that he thought he should go to hospital.

Hoping he comes home tomorrow.
Re: Health thread. by Ken Dunn on 3 November 2015 3:53am
Best wishes for Zak and you too SF2.
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