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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Court tomorrow by kazzzz on 8 December 2009 11:11pm
Well it's sort of over.
When we went in our representative advised us to adjourn , as the member sitting there was the worst one apparently. We decided to go ahead and just get it over with and we had marginal success, received about 1/3 of what we were claiming for and the return of our bond. The landlord didn't turn up, the property manager did though, and was very pally with the member (it was basically a boy's club, he let Ray and the property manager speak but if I tried or the rep from the tenant's union, a woman, we were just cut off there and then). The Australian male strikes again.
We were happy with what we got, it would have been better with another member but we decided to not prolong it any further.
The bad news is that they're counter claiming, trying to now blame us for various items in the property that have deteriorated, including the collapse of the concrete drive. We can defend this, we have photographs from before we moved in showing deterioration already, but basically we have to go back to court for a 4th time. I'm pretty drained by the whole thing, tired today. It's very arduous.
Apparently the landlord didn't show up coz she was in the family courts with her ex partner fighting over custody of their kids. Nice, eh? I believe they have a child younger than my Ava. What a mess!
We now have to try and get the money out of them, which will prob have to be done by the sherriff coz they have a long history of non payment. We shall see! At least yesterday is over with.
Re: Court tomorrow by peripatetically on 8 December 2009 11:19pm
I'm glad this leg of the mess is behind you, karen. Try to breathe a sigh of relief and get a good night's rest. You and Jason deserve it.
Re: Court tomorrow by kazzzz on 8 December 2009 11:20pm
Thanx Pats! and Missy looking forward to our catchup for your bday and Christmas. Oh didya see Pierre is back online? ;)
Re: Court tomorrow by Spursfan on 9 December 2009 8:44am
I'm glad you have it sort of over with, Kazzzz but reading it made me really angry! The rep should have been allowed to speak, more than Ray was really. Make sure you are represented again when you go for the 4th time.

We took our oil supplier to court a couple of years ago. Basically when this 'executive' estate was built in 1969 - and my parents and I moved in then - all the houses were connected to one oil tank in the village (in fact it could say "I'm the only oiltank in the village" haha). Over the years, people dwindled off the tank and had their own tanks, until we were the last on it. We were being charged about 70p a litre when other people were buying their's for about 30p a litre!

Anyway to cut a long story short the oil company supplying the main oil tank didn't fill it on this occasion which affected our boiler etc so we took them through the small claims court for negligence. We had to have a new boiler (which our son, a qualified heating engineer though he works as a contracts manager now, fitted for us.) and also we had our own oil tank fitted in the back garden.

The Judge said I should do the taking as I was 'eloquent' and so I put the case as best I could. The defendant was, in our opinion, quite rude to the judge, saying things like 'why?' in an offhand way when he asked him something. Yes I know judges are normal people and all that but when you are in their court you treat them with respect!! We were just thinking 'carry on mate!!'.

We won!

Re: Court tomorrow by kazzzz on 9 December 2009 10:57am
Well the thing that's really pissing me off is that you go in and swear on the bible and tell the truth and they go in and just bloody lie. At one point the property manager (who's on their side) handed the judge a letter saying that the gardening wasn't done for 9 months ( it was a term of the lease that they did it) coz I abused the gardeners who refused to come back. The letter looked like it had been cobbled together on a pc 5 mins beforehand.
I pointed out to the judge that in fact, one of the gardeners sent was in fact a family friend (coincidentally) and we had a good chat about the fact that his partner was expecting a baby. The judge just laughed and handed the letter back to the red faced property manager.
Re: Court tomorrow by johnnythemonkey on 9 December 2009 11:44am
" coz I abused the gardeners who refused to come back."

LOL Kazzz, excuse me for laughing but I have a sick mind. :)
Re: Court tomorrow by kazzzz on 9 December 2009 12:15pm
So I see. Now get OUT OF HERE AND DON'T COME BACK!!!!!
Re: Court tomorrow by suzulu on 9 December 2009 1:33pm
At least most of it is over. What an ordeal!
Re: Court tomorrow by tucsonmike on 9 December 2009 8:17pm
At least it is over.
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