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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Claim to fame? by Loretto on 26 February 2010 1:23pm
Terry S, Missy M, and Kazz, you each have met so many celebrities that in the US you would qualify for celebrity status and your own reality show. Vampires do very well in the US. Paris Hilton being a good example. *claws at the ready*
Re: Claim to fame? by peripatetically on 26 February 2010 2:09pm
Well, lets see.

I met Michael, of course, and Basil Pao.

I received a lovely handwritten personal letter from Sir David Attenborough.

I met and was photographed with Philip Bretherton and hugged his significant other, Sherry (photos taken as well.

I have met many local TV and radio personalitiies:
-met a radio announcer when I was in a talent show
-a TV host for public TV at a Bat Mitzvah
-a TV host for a children's zoo program
- host for the a TV talent show on which I appeared several times a year
-a radio host for whom I announced a safety message to drivers and school children

Many major league sports personalities over the years:
-very famous Brooks Robinson on several occasions.. But, like I say, I've met many many many more famous ones probably only USA people would recognize.

The most famous professional football players I've met were:
Johnny Unitas and Raymond Berry. Johnny U. sold me my first car back in the late 1060's and Mr. Berry gave his testimony at my church. I have spoken to both and got their autographs. I also met Gino Marchetti and Jim Parker.

Of course, I met Bert (Phyll) in person several times and have spoken to Tony and Kaz via telephone. Kaz--- also heard her on the computer !

I ran into Wes Unseld at my local grocery store back in the 1970's-- a really famous professional basketball player. He signed my grocery list! HAHAHAHAH And I often saw him at the traffic light in our neighborhood and waved to him.

I saw Edward Everett Horton in NY as we passed on the street.

I have seen some US Presidents throw out the 1st baseball at the ballpark (in my very young years) but never MET them. Doesn't count, really.

That's all that comes to mind right now.

Re: Claim to fame? by peripatetically on 26 February 2010 2:27pm
I just re-read the original post of this thread. Famous relatives?? Yes----

My gr. gr. gr. grandfather's FIRST cousin was Robert E. Lee, Southern general of the American Civil War and great 're-unitor' of the country after the war, also president of Washington and lee College in Virginia. My grandmother spoke of him like he was still alive! HAHAHAHA . If related to him, then it stands to reason his other famous and illustrious relatives and ancestors are related to me as well.

My father's 1st cousin was one of Eisenhower's right hand men, instrumental in the planning of the Normandy Invasion and D-Day. He eventually attained the highest rank in the U.S. Army that one can attain below 5-star General. After the war, he became V.P. of Baltimore Gas and Electric company and was involved greatly in many civic matters. He also has an armory named after him.

Re: Claim to fame? by mrsteabag on 26 February 2010 4:31pm
I received a kiss from Harry Chapin--one of his last concerts before his death in a car crash.
I also was in line behind Larry Lujack, who was a popular DJ in these parts.
Re: Claim to fame? by Spursfan on 26 February 2010 4:33pm
Ok - a second attempt hahaha! This time I shall keep copying it as I go!


JIMMY GREAVES(Spurs and England) - my childhood hero (and he looked quite pleased when I told him about 5 years ago!!). Had a big hug from him - but was so nervous I was shaking!!

Had a wonderful handwritten letter from JOE KINNEAR when I was about 14. He played for Spurs and had broken his leg, so I sent him a letter to the hospital. The letter was my pride and joy for ages but sadly it is now lost.

(This is embarrassing). When I was 17 Spurs had a new young player also 17 (STEVE PERRYMAN). On his 18th birthday (can you feel the heat of my blushes yet?!!) I rang Spurs and asked to be put through to Steve Perryman. The woman asked if I was a relative, and I said yes. She said ok then and put me through. Next thing, on the other end of the line a man says 'Steve Perryman' (!!!!) and what do I do? PUT THE FLIPPIN' PHONE DOWN!!! What a divvy!!

STEVE BULL - Wolves & England and our son's hero. He (our son) has met him several times, but we met him at a store in Wolverhampton where he was signing books (written, we found out later, by a friend of our son!). It was the tailend of the session and so there were only us 2 there. He was really nice.

Probably about 40 years ago, GEOFF HURST opened a sports shop in The Ancient High House in Stafford. My friend and I went and met him, getting his autograph.

When Stafford Rangers (I was a regular at the time) had new floodlights in 1969 0r 1970, GORDON BANKS switched them on (he lives fairly locally). At half time a few kids went up to hima nd asked for his autograph, as did me and my friend. Unfortunately, by the time it was my turn the second half had started and so I didn't get his autograph (nor my friend) but instead GB said to us 'better get back now as it is starting'!

I have met various other football players; TOMMY SMITH from Kiverpool, the Morton team (who were playing Wolves in a cup and were lovely); Stafford Rangers (at aged 16 we used to hang out with the manager - not in THAT way!!) and others, just waiting outside the ground.

MATT JERVIS and MICHAEL KIGHTLEY (Wolves). They came into the Wolves shop to sign autographs when we took our Turkish friend to have a look.

Think thats it for footie.


LESLIE CROWTHER - when I was about 16 I went with a boyfriend to see a show with LC in. Afterwards we went to the stage door and LC came out. Boyfriend said 'kiss her', so he did - full on the lips! We talked for ages (I was embarrassed as hell but he was really nice) and then the boyfriend said 'kiss her again' so he DID - full on the lips AGAIN!! I have to say here that I was not a particular fan or anything, I liked him and thought he was funny but that was it.

BOB TODD Same era as LC above, and same boyfriend! He was appearing in a stage show with Sid James and the boyfriend and I went to the stage door. BT came out and we asked if Sid James was available. Bless him, he went to check for us, and came back saying that SJ was preparing for the show (was he drunk I wonder?) but he got us SJ's autograph. We didn't think to ask for his (BT) and he was self-effacing enough not to offer it to us. Wish we had though :(


TONY ROBINSON (who was absolutely lovely)

EMPEROR ROSKO - radio one dj. I was obsessed with him in my mid teens and so when I heard he was compering a Tamla Motown show in Hanley (with Stevie Wonder who was brill) I had to go. Held hands with him for what seemed ages and he signed my Rosko Ranger card.

THE FOUNDATIONS - actually this was accidental. They were appearing at the Tamla Motown gig and as I went tearing around the building to the stage door they were coming the other way and I ran smack into them! They loved it and thought I was running after them!! Sorry guys!

CAROL DRINKWATER - the husband and I were both on the local Festival Committee and one year CD came to read poetry, with a clasical music accompaniment. Afterwards we talked to her and I asked her for her autograph. At the time she was in All Creatures Great and Small (I loved the books and the TV progs) but she impressed me mostly because she asked if I had an 'e' at the end of my name !!

BARBARA WINDSOR - who said how gorgeous our son was. He was about 5 at the time.

SUSAN MAUGHN - got chatting to her walking along a prom.

ROD HULL - Our son and daughter (aged around 8 and 10 I guess) helped him unload his car ready for a gig.

PRINCESS ALEXANDRA (ok not show business!!) - who opened a new Community Education Centre when I was still working for Youth and Community Education.

MEDICINE HEAD (ok you probably haven't heard of them unless you were about in say 1970). A local Stafford group who hit the charts, Peter Hope-Evans who played jews harp and harmonoinca, and John Fiddler who sang, played guitar and drum (yes, all at once). We used to go to a lot of their gigs and they would say hello. I recently had an email from John Fiddler who now lives in the States.

CHRIS TARRANT (twice) - who came to various events on the Festival

When I was Festival Secretary I had to invite the local MPs to the main Carnival Day, and in the late 1980's our MP was JOHN HEDDLE, Con. Despite this(!) he was lovely and used to run to me with his arms wide open (as if we were Heathcliffe and Cathy) to give me an enormous hug each time we met. I was devastated when he committed suicide in 1989.


Husband met PRINCESS ANNE (to do with his youth work) and THE QUEEN (to do with day job)

Father was with EARL MOUTBATTEN in Burma during war, and often had to take messages from and to him.

My daughter's ex sister in law (first husband's brother's sister)'s best friend at school was NEIL MORRISSEY (who was brought up in Stafford).

A work colleague was (and still is) married to MARK ARCHER, one of Altern-8. This was a very successful Stafford rave group. I met him a couple of times when he came to collect Karen.

HAWKWIND, a progressive rock band from the early 70s, used to regularly visit my husband;s flat in London. Sadly this was before I moved in. Though I did once sit in front of members of the band at the Roundhouse - the husband told me not to ask for their autograph (not cool). We wuz cool in them days.

One day in the 1970s, my husband a a friend were in a local pub and they got chatting to a bloke. After a while he said he had to go, and Mick, our friend said, you don't have to go, have another drink on us! He said, no, I've got to go, and went up on the stage. Turned out he was BOB CAROLGEES (AND SPIT THE DOG)!! This was at the height of his fame on Tiswas too! Before his act, no-one except the husband and Mick took any notice of him, but afterwards everyone was clammering round! He walked back over to husband and friend.

Bored now, as I am sure you all are!! Oh, one more!!

I'm married to JOHNNY DEPP!! Oh...no sorry, that's just a fantasy one!!

Re: Claim to fame? by johnnythemonkey on 26 February 2010 4:50pm
Re: Claim to fame? by Spursfan on 26 February 2010 7:11pm

Re: Claim to fame? by Spursfan on 26 February 2010 8:41pm
*junmps up and down*

I forgot a couple!!

When I was 7 or so, we were on holiday and went to see a show starring HARRY WORTH and BILLY DAINTY. Probably none of you have heard of them but they were very famous in the 1960s.

The Twist was the latest dance fad and I thought myslef quite an expert. Anyway they had a bit in the show where Harry and Billy were doing a twist routine with the chorus girls and they invited people up on stage. They asked my Dad, but he said I should go so I did! It was great; being shy I stood at the edge of the stage to start with but Harry Worth pushed me gently into the middle. The dancers stood behind and said when to go down etc, and at the end Billy Dainty gave me a great big stick of rock. I said I'd never eat it but a few months later, I did of course!! (I LOVE peppermint rock!!).

When our granddaughter was about 10 (I think) I took her to a pantomime in Stafford which starred JACKIE WOODBURNE (Susan in Neighbours) The husband took our grandson to another pantomime - but I wanted to see that one!!. Just by chance as we were going up the stairs to our seats, we spotted 'Susan' coming in, so we went back down and Sophie got her autograph. Sophie said 'I think you're a great actress', and she thanked her and was lovely. ANDREW BIBBY(who played Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours) was also in the pantomime.

He had also been in the Stafford pantomime the year before, and we had taken our grandson and granddaughter to see it. Our grandson ended up on stage with 'Lance' who commented on his Wolves shirt.


Re: Claim to fame? by peripatetically on 26 February 2010 10:52pm
I don't recognize any of those people except the royal ones, Anne. Probably close to the same with you regarding my list. Although, I do have quite a few world renowned people on the list.
Re: Claim to fame? by johnnythemonkey on 27 February 2010 12:11am
Patty, you have gone back over five generations to find a cousin of Robert E. Lee. If you go back another few generations, you could find a link to almost anyone.
Adolf Hitler ?
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