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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Good dog!! by TERRY S on 15 September 2010 2:20am
I have a dog story, too. One day my dog escaped, and was missing for ages. So, I went to look for him and saw a little old lady with him. She had put a lead on him. I went to get him back from her and she said it was her dog! I had to wrestle the lead out of her hand, take it off my dog and tell her neighbour to take her home. The neighbour had to explain to her that her dog died ages ago and it was MY dog. Apparently, she was losing the plot because she was old and kept forgetting her dog had died. According to the neighbour, Butch wasn't the first dog she had tried to take away. I felt a bit sorry for her in a way.
Re: Good dog!! by Spursfan on 15 September 2010 9:41am
Omigod! *Panics in case a little old lady nabs Tosun* :D

What a sad story, Terry. For a start, imagine if you hadn't happened to see her with your dog! And it must be awful to lose track of reality too, really frightening in lucid moments.

I'm glad you got your dog back though!

Re: Good dog!! by suzulu on 15 September 2010 11:00am
Oh, that's sad.
Re: Good dog!! by TERRY S on 16 September 2010 12:27am
I try not to think about the fact I may not have seen her. It's too scary.
Re: Good dog!! by TERRY S on 16 September 2010 12:44am

Sorry Anne. You still want to try convincing us that Staffies are harmless? Not while things like this are happening.

Re: Good dog!! by johnnythemonkey on 16 September 2010 12:55am
Shame on you Terry. What is a Staffie supposed to do when there are no children around? I believe that horse meat is very tasty.
Re: Good dog!! by Spursfan on 16 September 2010 9:34am
In all (or perhaps I should say 'most') of these case of dogs - not just Staffies - attacking children/animals/what have you, it is the owners that are to blame.

I can almost bet on it that, in the case you have provided a link to, the owner is male and is as aggressive as his dog - which incidentally according to the article is "believed to be a Staffordshire bull terrier CROSS". An important point I think. Not making excuses but I'd love to know which breed of dog the dog's parent was bred with (accidentally or on purpose)!

I'm sure that dog owners/lovers on here will agree with me that as owners we can shape a dog pretty much into how we want them to be. Perhaps that's a bit of an exaggeration but here's what I mean.

Since he has been with us (aged 5 weeks and 5 days) Tosun has lived pretty much in a bubble of love (as we call it). And he came from a reputable breeder and had the love of his mother and siblings before that. He has never been treated cruelly, has plenty of walks, treats and is regularly fed.

He is very rarely what I would call naughty - in fact we were only saying the other day that we could easily count them on the fingers of one hand, maybe once or twice (for example the clasp on his lead came away once and he was off chasing round a neighbours garden (they were luckily fine with it)) but on those few occasions he is told off soundly but not beaten or anything disgusting like that. He actually HATES it and realises he has done wrong and is straight away trying to stop us being cross with him.

When I have been away from him for a while (even just 10 minutes!!) the utter joy and excitement on his face and waggly body (not just tail!) when he spots me again is wonderful to behold! Even passers-by have remarked on it. And it is the same if Zak is away from him.

I'm not saying he isn't mischievous - he loves playing and in some ways is still a pup at 5 years old (Staffies stay puppies until they are at least a year, by the way)!!

We have treated him with respect, kindness and most of all love and in return he gives us 100% love and loyalty. He is SUCH good company too - lying by your side in bed or on your lap watching TV or just nearby when you're working.

Even the trainer at the Kennel Club training school he attended said she could see from his eyes that he was not an aggressive dog.

If a dog - any dog from a chihuahua to a great dane - is badly treated and worst of all trained to be aggressive, they know nothing else and therefore assume that behaviour is the norm. (I know that if a dog is just treated badly it is not necessarily aggressive by the way).

In a sense Staffies are their own worst enemy in that they adore people so much that they will go out of their way to please them. This is not just me saying this, I have read it many times. So if some thug trains their dog to fight another staffie and is delighted (not really the word I want but I can't think of one) that it wins, the dog wants to do it again because it pleases its owner.

We like to think of ourselves as responsible owners. We pick up his mess and dispose of it correctly when on walks (wish all dog owners did!!), and keep on a lead at all times unless it is a place where you are allowed to let your dog off a lead. We often see owners with their dogs off lead even on busy streets, which we think is a bad idea because no matter how well your dog is trained there could be a time when he/she is distracted and truns into the road endangering not only themselves but possibly causing an accident.

Whenever we are in town with Tosun there is nearly always someone who comes up to up to us wanting to give him a fuss. I mean, a different person each time. Often with their children who ask first if they can fuss him (we say yes, but if the weather is wet we always warn people he likes (like all staffies) to put his feet on your legs when he's fussing you and obviously would get muddy feet on their clothes!!). People are always remarking on how gorgeous he is (and I can't deny that fact!).

It does sadden me that staffies - who must be the world's most loving dog (their nickname is the nanny dog because they are so good with children) - are tarred with this reputation of being aggressive.

As I have said before - would I sleep with an aaggressive dog snuggled up to me at night?!! I think not!! And yet that is where Tosun spends the night - taking up most of the bed I have to say!! - between the two of us, and that's where he has been for the past, going on for, 6 years except when we are in Turkey. And the friends who look after him while we are away have him sleeping on their bed too!

Re: Good dog!! by suzulu on 16 September 2010 9:41am
Yes, well, I hate to say this Anne because I love all dogs but last year one of my cousin's young bullocks was attacked by two Staffies in its field (it could have been three, I can't remember). They got him by his ears, the ears got infected although they were treated and he lost both of them. I blame the owners in this case. I suppose it was the pack instinct but that could be any breed of dog. It was in the local paper.

It was strange to see this poor animal without any ears!
Re: Good dog!! by suzulu on 16 September 2010 9:45am
Anne, I didn't see your latest post as I was busy typing mine but you got there before me!
Re: Good dog!! by Spursfan on 16 September 2010 10:03am
Staffies were basically bred to bring down bulls and I guess the instinct is still there. They were trained to grab them by the nose and literally pull them down - hence the great strength of the staffie.

I hate to admit this, but, as someone who is afraid of cows and needless to say bulls as well, when I walk Tosun on my own (rare these days) I think to myself 'at least I've got Tosun if these cows suddenly junp over the hedge or something'. Sounds daft I know bmell fear but it does help - animals can smell fear (or so they say) and if I am thinking about Tosun I'm not so afraid (I think?). I try not to make eye contact with them either - but anyway that's a whole different story.

I also blame the owners, and like you say, it just HAPPENED to be staffies this time but could easily have been another breed.

We have had people with their dogs off the lead go for Tosun (on the lead) when he has been just walking along, but who is the aggressor? According to these people, Tosun!! An example of this - we were walking along the canal towpath once and had a welsh collie type dog, off the lead, come bounding snarling and growling towards us going for Tosun (on the lead). Of course Tosun retaliated when this dog started biting him and yet the owner, started swearing at US saying we shouldn't bring such a dangerous dog out in public!! Erm, excuse me - didn't YOUR dog attack ours??
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