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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by tucsonmike on 9 January 2011 3:53am
Johnny is funny, but could be rather insulting. No other way to put it.
Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by bIG bLOGGER on 10 January 2011 5:48pm
I am responding to Geraldine's (sighthound's)emotional comment as above.
Personally I do not see any evidence of interest in this site or in the activities of Mr Palin diminishing.

The Palin site Webmaster is (in my opinion) perfectly in order to issue a member with a written warning that they are in breach of the Terms and Conditions,and then cancel that member's membership if that warning is not heeded and their behaviour amended.

That is not an "in-justice":-- it is simply logical and reasonable procedure.

I joined Palin's Travels after the chatroom had already closed down, so I was never involved in any of the negative stuff that Geraldine recalls happening before that time.

I believe that it is incumbent upon every bona-fide member of Palin's Travels to know and adhere to the user Terms and Conditions; and that is irregardless of whether they consider themselves to be a special case or not.
Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by Ken Dunn on 10 January 2011 8:46pm
Perfectly put, bb.
Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by kazzzz on 11 January 2011 3:41am
I think that when Michael does a new project people become interested in the site. Hopefully these new people can be made welcome and encouraged and the site will have a bit of a reprisal.
I love our site here, have made lifelong friends here and would hate to see it die. I live in hope that we can have our chatroom back.
Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by sighthound on 11 January 2011 6:50am
"Sighthound, in the days of trolls we dealt with them ourselves fairly successfully"

Sorry, Ken, you may have dealt with trolls successfully for yourself (and I'd like to know how you define that) but having my mailbox flooded with disgusting pornographic mail that a troll (Morse - remember him in all his many incarnations?) set me up for is not my idea of what constitutes dealing with trolls.
Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by sighthound on 11 January 2011 7:14am
Hello Blogger,

"Personally, I do not see any evidence of interest in this site, or in the activities of Mr Palin diminishing"

Sorry, you are very wrong there. The number of posts here has dramatically decreased. And, much more importantly, the topics being discussed have become very limited (and, excuse me for mentioning it, rather tepid.)

Confession time here - I am housebound as a caretaker of an elderly relative and my computer is what provides me with almost all of my social interaction. Palinstravels has been my wonderful link to the world where I cannot travel to anymore right now.

I have met so many wonderful people here with so many fascinating takes on the world that I would not have known about without this site so logging in here has always allowed me to travel in my mind and plan journeys for when I can travel in the flesh again.

I thank you profoundly, Michael Palin, for providing a place where people from all over the world can meet and figure out what we have in common and how we are different. I have learned so much from this site. Unfortunately, many of the people who have the world view that can contribute so much to this site have now been alienated (or banned) and are no longer contributing to "Blathering On".

Don't know what to say right now. This has been such a wonderful place....

Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by kazzzz on 11 January 2011 8:09am
You're right Geraldine. this place has helped a LOT of us through some very hard times personally. I have been through horrendous problems these past several years and popping in here and having as laugh has always felt like 'coming home'.
Geraldine so sorry to hear of your current circumstances. I think that this thread could maybe start a turning point on the site. There has been a lot of negativity of late. Many of us have been here for years and have formed close friendships and bonds and as you say, learnt so much.

Maybe it can still be wonderful here.

Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by ev on 11 January 2011 12:54pm
I think JTM had a good innings - you'll find there are very few forums that'll tolerate that style of discourse.

In person I'm sure he's not such a bad bloke, though.
Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by bIG bLOGGER on 11 January 2011 4:48pm
Yes I would also go along with that,ev.
Re: Injustice for JohnnytheMonkey by Lounge Trekker on 13 January 2011 7:36pm
I hope I was in no way responsible for anything anyone would consider offensive in any way. I try to avoid contention causing me to only read a few threads. This survival strategy makes me a boring person, I think.

If we are kind and supportive of one another, a person can be forgiven for making slightly inappropriate remarks once in a while. Yes, I consider John a person who has remarkable wit, and yes, I'll miss that aspect of his character.

I try not to even see offensive behavour and usually don't notice it.

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