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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Egypt. by perfectbitch on 11 February 2011 6:05pm
He's gone. Lets hope they get true democracy - whatever that is!

Re: Egypt. by sighthound on 11 February 2011 8:33pm
This morning I woke up to a reporter in Cairo saying that a huge crowd was moving toward the Presidential Palace where a line of tanks had been lined up all week. As the crowd approached, all the gun turrets turned away from the crowd and soldiers with flags emerged from the tanks to celebrate with the crowd, What great way to start a day!

Bravo to the Egyptian people for creating a non-violent revolution! Now lets just pray that they can hold onto it.

Re: Egypt. by Loretto on 12 February 2011 4:16pm
Algeria is next according to Reuters.

The transition in Egypt was remarkable. Power to the people! But I do think it was violent. Not as violent as it could have been, but there was violence.

According to US News, Mubarack has accumulated a wealth greater than Bill Gates'. Isn't that sad? His people, the vast majority, lived below the poverty line. What makes it even sadder is that it seems to be common practice.

During the 85 billion Euro bailout EMF bailout for Ireland it was made public that Brian Cowen, the then Prime Minister of Ireland (Taoiseach) was being paid almost the same salary as the President of the United States. Seriously! In a country the size of Ireland.

I am not anti-Irish, I AM Irish, and it just illustrates that Politicians think they ARE WORTH their weight in gold. So this type of political crookedness doesn't happen only in Arab nations.

If you are that well taken care of for being your nation's leader; given a house, cooks cleaners, drivers and on and on.....then what more do you need? As Gordon Geko from Wallstreet says,

"Greed, for want of a better word, is good."


"It's all about the bucks kid, everything else is just conversation."
Re: Egypt. by sighthound on 13 February 2011 9:49pm
Yes, Loretto, there was violence but almost all of it came from Mubarack's side.

I listened to his disgusting speech the day before. It was obviously designed to get the people in the square riled up. I'm sure that the plan was to get the crowd to turn into a violent mob which would make the military step in which would give Mubarack a way to stay in control.

But the crowd didn't take the bait! They stayed disciplined which kept the military on their side. It was totally amazing. I expected to wake up to scenes of carnage in Cairo but found, instead, evidence that the human race is indeed evolving to a better state. The intelligence of the Egyptian populace is wonderful! (BTW, I don't think the same thing would happen here now in the U.S. as the teabagger idiots would would come out shooting under similar circumstances.)

However, I am no Pollyanna here. It is going to be incredibly difficult to establish a new government in Egypt that will not be beholden to all the old corruption. I wish them well and pray (even though I'm an agnostic) that they can bring it off. It's going to be interesting....
Re: Egypt. by Lounge Trekker on 14 February 2011 4:13am
It isn't over yet. How will 'the people' organize themselves in a way that they'll get something resembling 'democracy'? If the former leadership is captured and tried, or at least relieved of the wealth attained at the cost of the nation, then the people will be 'free'. If the former leadership still has $70 billion they can still do a lot of damage to the political dreams of the population.

Are these people really doing without? If that is true, food will be the path the population will follow.

I'm afraid the real revolution is still going on.
Re: Egypt. by Sonny Syde on 14 February 2011 8:59am
It's a funny old world when a military takeover is celebrated as a victory for 'freedom'.
Re: Egypt. by Loretto on 14 February 2011 5:09pm
There are at least five more Arab nations that could possibly follow in Egypt's footsteps, Bahrain, Jordan, Algeria are the first to come to mind. Saudi Arabia it was announced this morning on the NBC news has twenty five percent of the world's oil fields. I hate to say it, but US powers that be are quaking in their boots that Saudi Arabia might be in on these ripple effect revolutions, sad but we all know it is the oil that makes allies.
Re: Egypt. by Loretto on 14 February 2011 5:21pm
Here we go......

RAMALLAH, West Bank The Palestinian prime minister dissolved his Cabinet on Monday, in what appeared to be a new gesture inspired by unrest rocking the Arab world. (Huff Post)
Re: Egypt. by TERRY S on 14 February 2011 10:35pm
Funny, Loretto. Bill Neely said much the same thing in his blog, comparing it to when the Berlin wall fell, the whole of communism went with it. He has a valid point. See below(A revolution of the mind) :

Re: Egypt. by Loretto on 15 February 2011 1:15pm
In a rush now Terry S, but I will read it later, thanks for telling me about it though.
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