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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Sick of Politics. by Lounge Trekker on 9 September 2011 5:18am
I don't claim to know much about 'politics' or psychology, but I do know this: I haven't turned on my TV or even seen one on for a few months and I'm a happier man not seeing all the TV attempts to influence what I should want.

The television industry and the advertising that has built it, have the potential do great harm to our civilization. Some would say it already has.

Who will win the next election? Who will have the best television strategies? Sick of politics? Stop watching TV and you'll feel a lot better.
Re: Sick of Politics. by tucsonmike on 9 September 2011 5:56pm
Pete, you have a point. If someone were to come around asking for your vote whatwould you tell them?
Re: Sick of Politics. by sighthound on 9 September 2011 11:11pm
Pete, I really, really want to do what you are doing (and I'm probably old enough now that I could justify getting out of the fight) but Canadian politics does not affect the world as much as U.S. politics does nor does it affect so many people so I cannot just stand by and let the monied interests continue to buy politians (both Republican and Democrat) who will then support their perverted agenda to keep the rich getting richer and damn the poor. I don't know what I can do except to keep telling people that what they are hearing on Fox News is total propaganda and to try to get the truth out.

We will have NO meaningful change here until we can get real campaign finance reform and that will not happen while we have an ultra-conservative-packed Supreme Court. Losing the McCain-Feingold law was a horrible blow, so much so that McCain has lost the will to fight. (I used to support McCain and even voted for him for Senator when I lived in Arizona. He has become a sad shadow of that fighting Senator I voted for.)

Thank God for Stephen Colbert taking on our "new" campaign financing laws! His SuperPAC takes on the big guys about their hidden financing of campaigns. Please donate to keep the discussion alive: http://www.colbertsuperpac.com/ And you can see your name on TV in the crawl at the bottoms of the screen. <G>

Yes, Pete, I wish I could turn off the telly. Part of me (that half-Canadian part?) just wants to move to B.C. and give up the fight. At least I'd have healthcare.
Re: Sick of Politics. by Lounge Trekker on 10 September 2011 4:35am
I didn't say I have my head in the sand, I do pay a little attention. I look for information, I don't have some (insert applicable term here_____; corporation, interest group, political party, religious extremists, government) spoon-feeding their version of the present realities to me.

But the reality is...I will have no effect, zero, nada, ziltch on the end result. I will cast my vote, but worrying about 'issues' will only hurt me and keep the Canadian medical system in business. I intend to try and outlive alla you guys!
Re: Sick of Politics. by tucsonmike on 10 September 2011 1:08pm
So you intend to outlive us, eh Pete? We shall see lol.

Re: Sick of Politics. by Loretto on 10 September 2011 1:52pm
So in this race the "first" person to cross the "line" doesn't win? Right? Just want to be sure because I am a very competitive person and what's the prize by the way?
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