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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: 100 day challenge by johnnyBgood! on 29 April 2012 12:20pm
ev, your 100 day challenge has inspired me to try to give up alcohol yet again.
In AA, each 24 hours is regarded as an achievement and 90 days is regarded as a milestone when you can look back and decide if you want your old life back.

I once managed 13 months of sobriety but haven't managed 90 days for quite a few years.

I'm going to give it my best shot. You guys will know if I fail by the nature of my posts. I'm gentle and rather boring when I'm sober.
Re: 100 day challenge by johnnyBgood! on 29 April 2012 12:28pm
Btw, it's easy for me to say that when I'm 'normalised' with vodka at 12:30pm !

I will survive !!
Re: 100 day challenge by Loretto on 29 April 2012 12:44pm
Best of luck John.
Re: 100 day challenge by johnnyBgood! on 29 April 2012 2:01pm
Thank you Lonnie. It might be a new challenge for me to say this to my online friends and try to live up to it.
Re: 100 day challenge by Loretto on 29 April 2012 2:31pm
Why don't you try keeping a written diary to record you days and moods and then look for triggers that might lead you to slip? By recognising those triggers you might be able to develop a diversion until the sensation to take a drink passes.

When I quit smoking someone told me that a "need" or "urge" lasts 9 seconds. When the urge to light up a cig hit me, I made a cup of coffee instead of lighting up a cig. It worked. Then that same person told me that it takes 21 days to break a habit and create a new one.

That 9 second rule and the 21 Days to break a habit just stuck in my head. It really helped. I know alcohol and tobacco are two different addictions, but who knows, it might work for you.

Now I'm smoke free and caffeinated to the brim!.......just kidding.

100 days from now will be August 5th or something like that. I really wish you every chance of sobriety on this one.
Re: 100 day challenge by johnnyBgood! on 29 April 2012 4:15pm
Meg's birthday is 6th August. She'll be 95. :)

Loretto, I appreciate your input. I've tried every avenue you can think of. Psychologists, numpty counsellors, AA, medication.

I'm a lifelong depressive that just gets so pissed off with life, that I choose to be anaesthetised.

Well done for giving up nicotine Lonnie, it's more addictive than alcohol. Mark Twain was right.
Re: 100 day challenge by ev on 29 April 2012 11:08pm
Day 7 just passed, and feeling a bit healthier already. So far gone without drinking coffee or adding extra sugar to anything. Still getting wicked cravings for junk food. Been doing a bit of fitness, nothing too extreme, each day as well (today was 7 push-ups, 7 sit-ups and 7 squats).

For me this whole thing is about self control rather than aesthetics. One of my mates just had to stop drinking alcohol because his liver is now in bad condition, and he's still only in his 30's.

I find it useful to think of it in terms of improvement and feeling better/healthier, rather than 'giving something up'.

Getting out in the nature and breathing deep and slowly, soaking up the fresh air really helps a lot to calm down. The other day I saw a deer, some squirrels and a few different kinds of birds that I've never seen before.
Re: 100 day challenge by Loretto on 30 April 2012 3:26pm
Well done ev. So now you are on day 8 and I am on day 7. I have had dull headaches for the last four days, but I think I just need to drink more water. Red meat all of a sudden tastes fantastic, I never was a big red meat eater.

I also discovered that skin and hair products can contain gluten, so I searched at Whole Foods and found ones that didn't.

I am keeping a blog about the whole thing also. I have had more followers about this challenge on my blog than anything elese i have written about!!! Unbelievable really.

Thanks for inspiring us with this idea to do a 100 day challenge ev. Goodluck to all who are giving it a try.
Re: 100 day challenge by ev on 30 April 2012 3:59pm
Day 13: Yesterday morning I went for an extended walk over hill and dale for about 5 hours in the sun, in order to enjoy the springtime that many people seem to be missing by staying cooped up inside.

The most impressive part was when I came across a small valley full of meadows and orchards and just a single barn with a few cows in it. All the fields were bright green and yellow, and the orchard trees rich springtime white. At one spot it was so intense that the whole air smelled like honey. Just amazing. Not a soul around, only the fields, forests and the sound of birds and insects.

Each day of the 100 day challenge I've been going for a walk, where possible along a different path or to a different place. I think it really pays off if you can get out in the nature a bit each day, even if only for a short walk. It's guaranteed that you'll experience something new each time, as the senses wake up.

Re: 100 day challenge by ev on 6 May 2012 10:58am
Day 14: Two weeks now without any coffee, no added sugar, and a huge (90-95%) reduction in caffeine, alcohol, junk food, meat and dairy products.
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