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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Drinking ! by TERRY S on 12 June 2012 4:04pm
I wish you both well, Mate! I've been teetotal all my life. Never regretted it. I don't have many friends because they think I embarrass them when I go out with them and I won't drink. No-one even invite me anymore. I just decided I'd rather be alone. Don't let anyone pressure you and don't let stupid people get to you. You have my complete support on this.
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 12 June 2012 8:03pm
It saddens me that you feel that way Terry, or have allowed others to make you feel so. It was pointed out to me years ago by a counsellor that huge groups of the population choose not to drink for a variety of reasons and just get on with the life they choose.

Re: Drinking ! by Wheelrim on 12 June 2012 8:57pm
JBG, I might have come over unsympathetic but I dont mean to be, I am not perfect (almost so, but not quite) but I have always been an advocate of the thought that the one who knows whats best is the person you see when you look in the mirror, we all know whats good and bad and what is right and wrong, yes, some people are pushed along the `wrong` path and some are led, some go for it themselves on the grounds of experimentation. For whatever reasons they still KNOW whats good/bad, right and wrong, some are weak, some are strong, and can, after `experimenting`, say to themselves "it was ok, wasn`t all that` and get back on track. I have never smoked, too bloody mean to pay for them, and I KNOW they are bad for you, everyone does, alcohol is ok, in moderation, drugs are not, I have a family member who HAS developed quite a bad mental health problem through Cannabis taking. its all sad.
Terry, your missive is quite thought provoking, DONT let `what others think` affect your life at all. Life is too short. REAL friends would not give a toss wether you drink or not. You contradict yourself Terry when giving others advice mate. As said, your life, live it as you see fit.
Re: Drinking ! by Spursfan2 on 13 June 2012 9:34am
Terry - you shouldn't let it bother you.

My husband and I don't drink - well only occasionally. We both love Baileys and he is partial to a malt whisky, but if I tell you that our bar at home currently has 7 x 1 litre botttles of Baileys and 6 different malt whiskys, unopened, plus various other spirits you will see that we don't imbibe very often!!

We do go out to pubs with friends or by ourselves, often for meals, and usually either have diet coke or another soft drink.

We don't have a problem with it and neither do our friends.

I can't drink anyway because of medication (both alcohol and this drug can affect the liver, and as the drug has already affected my liver alcohol is a no no!) but I didn't drink a lot before. Well I CAN remember a couple of occasions.....!!

Be yourself - if your friends don't like it they are not true friends.
Re: Drinking ! by Loretto on 13 June 2012 1:26pm
Agreed Anne, Wheelrim and John. True friends take you as you are. Who cares whether a person drinks water, beer, coffee or whiskey, so long as it doesn't alter how they live their life.

Terry, women who drink a lot and smoke a lot, talk a lot of crap and look like crap anyway.
Re: Drinking ! by TERRY S on 13 June 2012 3:31pm
Thanks, Folks!
Re: Drinking ! by ev on 13 June 2012 4:01pm
I was just describing what I've seen when people end up on the street / in the park.

That's not looking down my nose at anybody. That's saying 'It's terrible to see people end up like that'.

You have a very serious alcohol addiction, John. That's not judging you, that's what you've told us. And you've told us how it's damaging your life. So you're going to have to stop drinking.
Re: Drinking ! by Wheelrim on 13 June 2012 7:34pm
Ev, JBG Knows this, he is not as thick as he looks......... but its never as easy as that. My (ours, the missus and me) have just got bored with it. thats why we are giving it a miss.
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 13 June 2012 8:06pm
@ Ev, I realise the solution to my life is in my hands only. Without being arrogant, I've been gifted with intelligence, had a poor but good upbringing and have a house that's been paid for through my own efforts. I live on a private income that can't be taken from me. Others aren't in such a fortunate position.

I've been to thousands of AA meetings and have met people from many walks of life, including my one-time GP who has lost almost everything.

I have met a few, but not many people, who have recovered from the sad position that you described.

Few people would guess that I'm alcoholic unless I admitted it to them. I did admit it to a husband and wife that I met in a pub/restaurant yesterday and the wife dismissed the idea. She was fooled by my appearance and ability to be intelligent and polite.
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 13 June 2012 8:12pm
Before you go there, I know that I seem neither intelligent nor polite here........but I'm still (almost)a good-looking devil, who could charm the birds from the trees.

People rarely get to see the 'real me'.
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