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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Drinking ! by kazzzz on 14 June 2012 3:10pm
I'm often considered odd because I rarely drink. Here, if you pop in to see a friend and ate offered a drink it's assumed it's alcohol, most.people have a fridgeful. I'll have a social drink or two but I'd rather a coffee.
More than one of my friends are alcoholics, alcohol is so normalised here. I was married to an alcoholic too and I see drinking ad pretty unpleasant generally.
So I'm with you Terry, I've been left out of a lot of things coz I don't drink. Let them get on with it, there's nothing wrong with not wanting to drink.
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 14 June 2012 3:23pm
Margaret is a very moderate drinker and rarely goes to pubs. When she goes to the odd night out, she can have 2 gin and tonics then switch to soft drinks.
She had a meal and a drink with a woman that we had met through my younger girls athletic club several months ago. I picked Meg up from the place they had their night and expected to drive this other woman home. This woman decided to stay in the bar and Meg was amazed by how much she had drank and said that her company was not for her.
Re: Drinking ! by Wheelrim on 14 June 2012 6:23pm
We knocked it on the head because we basically got bored with it, We feel that its easier to stop once, completley rather than just `one or two` a week, we are not so good at having just `one or two` as by definition alcohol is a distorter of actions and as such we would have `one or two` and then the alcohol would tell us, "go on, just one or two more.." then its downhill from there. The thing about booze or fags, or drugs for that matter is that you physically HAVE to think about it, put your hand in your pocket, take out money, hand it over for purchase of the product, then open it, drink/smoke/inject it etc. so therefore there is ample opportunity for one to have second thoughts. too logical?
Re: Drinking ! by ev on 14 June 2012 11:09pm
I found this list of famous teetotallers:
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 15 June 2012 4:29am
John, I hope this doesn't sound like the pot calling the kettle black but you just perfectly described problem drinking.
My wife for instance, can have one, two, more if she chooses, or none at all. I on the other hand, can have one or two but it sets up a compulsion that I might resist for a day or a month and then I'm back where I started.

In AA, alcohol is described as " cunning, baffling and powerful." Be very careful John.
Re: Drinking ! by Ken Dunn on 15 June 2012 6:54am
I learned a long time ago that too much alcohol is not good for you in more ways than one. Now I enjoy a light beer or glass of red wine rarely.
Re: Drinking ! by ev on 18 June 2012 11:38pm
Alcoholics and drug addicts crave the company of other addicts, because they feel less judged amongst those people. In fact, feelings of being heavily judged are what drives many people to drug and alcohol abuse in the first place.

Your best bet, Johnny, is stop socialising with other alcoholics and start/practise socialising with non-drinkers.
Re: Drinking ! by Lounge Trekker on 19 June 2012 12:19am
When I was tormented by the alcoholic demon and felt a thirst, I would do something else that also made me feel good. I played sports. It worked then, but at our age, one would need more sedentary activities. You are lucky to have Meg. Perhaps you could invite Meg to participate in a mutually enjoyable activity instead of having a drink.

In time, this will be the finest thing in your life. Quality time with the woman you love, and the chance of seeing Jacob and your daugthers. It is all before you...just relax and enjoy it.
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 19 June 2012 1:08am
Ev, you are right about alcoholics seeking each other's company. AA advises to 'keep sober company' and stay out of 'wet places'.
It's main advice is not to lift the first drink though !
Re: Drinking ! by Wheelrim on 19 June 2012 11:14am
The bottom line is..... The only real person who can help with the cessation of anything is the person who looks back at them when they look into the mirror, and its only IF that person wants it more than the alternative of keeping it going.
Good luck to anyone giving it their BEST shot.
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