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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 29 June 2012 9:09am
I haven't had a drink for five days. That may mean little to most of you but it's a mini-miracle to me. I basically spent the first 48 hours in bed and now that the hard bit is done, I'm in a position to make choices.

I'm about to go have a shower etc and go to an AA meeting.

Oh, and without any concious effort, I've more than halved my smoking !
Re: Drinking ! by ev on 29 June 2012 11:37am
Keep up the good work, mate.

Something that you might like to keep in mind is, that when someone makes some kind of positive accomplishment, it automatically tends to inspire and encourage friends, family and acquaintances. So you're not only doing yourself good, but also the people who know you, if that makes sense..
Re: Drinking ! by Wheelrim on 29 June 2012 2:52pm
Stick with it JBG, its NOT for me to preach, you are a grown up.

We have just had 3 weeks without alcohol, now I am SURE it is NOT the same for you mate, for us its a bit of a breeze, we have just had my brother an his missus out, THEY drink for Britain, he is a cider monster and then some, also, the both like their Vino-Collapso, and, they polish off a dozen (yes) between them over two days, thats on top of other stuff. Anyway, whilst they were knocking it back with us, it occurred to us, as we were drinking our non-alcoholic beer, that they saw no need to slow down, therefore, by 6pm, they are pissed-up, unintelligable, and ready for bed, we of course were sober. and, glad of it. Yes, I miss a beer, but funnily enough we have just this minute returned from the beach (sorry) and were looking forward to a beer... yes, its non-alcoholic, but by god it tastes awesome today mate. Please stick with it John. I KNOW you will feel all the better for it, as the song goes, `one day at a time` it IS harder at first in mixed company, but sit back, watch what you WOULD have been like after they have had a few and think `Done That, Been There` looks iffy now to us. good luck. (spend what you save on a holiday......?)
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 5 July 2012 12:59am
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 5 July 2012 2:13am
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 11 July 2012 5:35am
I fear that my health is quite bad but I don't fear enough to do anything about it. Meg tells me I haven't eaten anything for 4 days (despite her best efforts) and I know I'm consuming increasing amounts of vodka. I buy it in small quantities, as each purchase is always going to be the last but I know I must be drinking a litre a day. I almost never act or appear to be drunk (or sober) and can always talk Margaret round to buying me that one last drink.

My right leg is massively swollen due to cellulitis and my foot is a mess. When I seen the doctor about it about a year ago, I was given meds and warned that if the swelling moved above my ankle that I should seek medical attention. I've lost the love of my girls, so I don't really give a fcuk about me. I'm in no pain, just a bit of burning sensation in my leg. It would be amazing if I felt physical pain !

I still have three lagers and almost a half bottle of vodka and Meg will buy me more in about 5 or 6 hours.

I know I'm a whinging pathetic bastard my friends but I'm a truthful one.
Re: Drinking ! by Wheelrim on 11 July 2012 10:45am
This time last year we were in the UK, I recieved a call on the phone, it was The wifes sister calling from Spain, she had just had a call from the Police in Manchester saying they had found her husband dead in his house, he was on a litre of Vodka (at least) a day, we had the task of going to the house straight away to clean it up as Pam was flying in the following day. It was a shit-heap and very sad, there were over 60 empty litre bottles in bedroom and he left debts for her (us) to sort out, autopsy came back as `fatty liver`. funnily enough he was booked into AA for the following week. As said, very sad, wespecially as I knew Harry when he was still a member of the SAS.
I wont be impressed to hear you say you can`t do anything about it John, but at least you are honest enough to admit you wont.
You may well end up like Harry, you know that the chances are good as the body is not designed for excessive vodka intake. its that that will do you in mate, the beer will not, the voddie will. good luck.
Its the family that always suffer. try again to control it, if Meg loves you mate she WILL support, and join you, its no good trying to quit smoking or drinking when the partner continues.
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 11 July 2012 11:09am
I just logged on to delete my self pitying last post but was too late when you've already replied John.

I'm sorry to hear about Harry, he must've been some guy to have been a member of the SAS. I try to convince myself that I won't end up like that but if Meg left me, I probably would. She realises that and still has enough love left for me to stay and prevent me ending up like that.

I've had great fortune with my health but bloody arrogance tells me that I'm invincible. My sensible side knows that I'm not. My liver count has always returned to normal quickly in the past but I'm getting older and really kicking the arse out of things.

It's my daughter's 26th birthday today but I won't see or hear from her. Maybe I'll give her the pressie of getting sober today. I've only drank two pub sized measures of vodka since my last post but no doubt I will drink what's left.

Thanks for your feedback John. English cops are too soft. ;)
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 11 July 2012 11:23am
John, you are wrong about lager versus vodka. Alcohol is alcohol and an ex-colleague, George, died from alcoholism about 4 years ago. He was almost skeletal in his last few years despite his enormous intake of lager. He never touched spirits.
He was a really nice man and remained good at his job till near the end. The long hours and shifts that we worked seemed to create alcoholics but the management turned a blind eye to men like George or myself as long as we didn't turn up smelling of booze and we did our jobs well. The numerous alcoholics I worked with were regarded as some of the best at their jobs. I trained many of the young guys who went on to become successful in the company.
Re: Drinking ! by Spursfan2 on 11 July 2012 12:40pm
I was reading through this string and was already with my congrats until I read today's posts. So sorry to hear that you are poorly with cellulitis - Zak had it a couple of years ago and he thought he was dying (and he isn't your normal 'I've got flu' when he has a cold kind of guy)! He is still having probs with his legs now, however probably more due to diabetes. In fact he has really suffered with them since the cellulitis.

You need to really look after yourself because cellulitis isn't a nice illness - it can KILL!! Sorry for being blunt but that is what you need to hear (read).

Also, I have been told that I have fatty liver too, after 2 liver biopsies. This isn't anything to do with eating too much fat (which I don't) but after years of taking strong medication for my illness, necessary for me to keep functioning. Hopefully it won't get any worse and I have been told I can 'keep taking the tablets', but even so at the back of mind is the thought that (worse case scenario) I COULD eventually need a liver transplant (or worse) through no fault of my own.

I have no intention of lecturing you - it needs to be something you want to do yourself FOR yourself.

But I hope that you will sign up for detox asap.

Thinking of you, my good friend.
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