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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Drinking ! by Wheelrim on 11 July 2012 3:07pm
John, obviously I was not advocating Lager/Beer over Spirits, but IF I HAD to choose one for someone who could/would not give up, then it would be the ale, simply due to volume v`s alcohol. the spirits are the killer, no doubt. From your missives over the years you have gained som pretty good friends here John, and you have been honest with them. They are here to support you and will give you the encouragement you need... if, or when you need it. Me, I have found a great `less than 1% alcohol` beer locally at 25p a can. tastes like beer to me. Myself and `er indoors have re-assessed, our ideals and we are happy with the compromise of less than 1%. We both came to the same conclusion that it was the `getting pissed` bit we got bored with. we see people here buying a pint at 10am EVERY day and wonder.... why? why not opt for a cuppa or a coke or water or whatever and save the beer til later, surely it MUSST be getting a bit of bore for them too? its like, if we were to go out for a meal every night it would lose its novelty or value, wheras, when we do go out, perhaps onece a week then the novelty is still there and therefore more enjoyable. the other thisng I find remarkable about the `usual crowd` down at the bar all day.. What exactly have they got new to talk about when they go nowhere else??
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 11 July 2012 3:09pm
Thanks Anne. I know what I need to do and have proved to myself I can do it. Maintaining it day after day is the difficult thing.
I feel guilt that my late sister told me she wished she could be cured as easily as me. She constantly worried about me and I'm almost sure she knew it was me holding her hand when she died.
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 11 July 2012 3:21pm
Just seen your post John after I'd made mine towards Anne.
I largely gave up on the pub scene a while ago for the reasons you described. I've spoken to many professionals and I know all the theory. I just find life difficult and the first drink is the easy option.

I know I need to get the cellulitis attended to Anne but my vanity and anxiety prevent me from going to the doctor unless I've already sorted myself out. I turn up to see them well turned out and coherent which allows them to fail to see the mess I'm really in.
Re: Drinking ! by ev on 16 July 2012 7:38pm
Here's a Zen story about drinking:

Re: Drinking ! by Wheelrim on 16 July 2012 7:59pm
So Basically John, The man of the house left his wife for this man..... Too right its Zen..
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 16 July 2012 8:13pm
Are you trying to chat me up Wheelnut ? :)
Re: Drinking ! by ev on 17 July 2012 9:12am
lol oh well, at least it got him off the grog...
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 17 July 2012 9:25am
I hope you're not suggesting that I should elope with Wheelnut, Ev ? :)
Re: Drinking ! by johnnyBgood! on 17 July 2012 9:30am
LOL. I knew a guy whose wife left him for a woman. What a slap in the face.

I wouldn't object if 'wee Meg' moved her girlfriend in. ;)
Re: Drinking ! by Wheelrim on 8 August 2012 6:23pm
2 months now without a drink (alcohol) and not missing it yet.... however, we are on the non-alcoholic beer, and the one we have narrowed it down to is great, very tasty, and at only 27c a can its good value too.
So, is wheelrim off the grog for good? no. Mrs W and I have soul-searched and have pretty much come to the conclusion that there will be no more binging or acting the goat after a couple of real beers or glasses of wine. Drinking in the future will be sensible and rewarding in as much as it will be an enjoyable thing to do, not the slurring mess it has been in the past. Looking forward to saturday where the local restaurant does a steak night with all the trimmings AND a bottle of wine for 12 euros (thats for 2 people. so, I think I will be able to handle half a bottle of white after 2 months.... wont I?
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