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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by Loretto on 8 April 2013 1:47pm
Just read this. Margaret Thatcher died of a stroke today.

Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by Spursfan2 on 9 April 2013 11:15am
As a 'leftie' and strong trade-unionist (still a member of UNISON), I DETESTED Margaret Thatcher with a passion.

Of course I give her the respect I would give ANYONE in their passing, and sympathise with her family on their loss.

At the time of 'Thatcher's Britain'. Zak and I (jokingly) blamed his brother Rob for the woes of the country.

Zak, Rob and their sister were brought up in Grantham from when Zak was 11 to 18, and as his first job Rob worked for a removal company in the town, driving the vans (he later became a self-employed electrician working all over the world from Brazil to Siberia (though he refused a job in Iraq!)) and believe it or not he moved Maggie into No 10 no less than TWICE!!!

He also moved Princess Di's sister at one point who gave him a cast-off rug which was in excellent condition.

In the early 1980s I used to do the books of a friend who had a small business, a couple of hours daily. He was a very big 'Maggie'fan, and in our shared office he had a small framed photo of his heroine. It may have been signed, I can't remember. I used to LOATHE this photo, it was situated so I could see it.

One year, when the conservatives went to Brighton (I think) for their party conference (not the bombing year), for a joke I put a paper bag over the photo and put a sticker on saying "Off to the conference. See you in a week! Maggie x" !! Mick thought it funny and we duly left the bag on for a week (bliss!), after which he ceremonially removed the bag saying, 'she's back!!'

Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by Loretto on 9 April 2013 12:43pm
There has been a lot of negative stuff on social media about Thatcher since her death and it has raised a very good question about whether or not it is appropriate to speak ill of the dead.

When I was writing my father-in-law's eulogy I joked another family member that I left out the fact that he was a keen racist and a staunch chauvinist.

I have to say remembering the whole person makes them real, not a Disney like figure. No one is 100% bad to all.

I wasn't a fan of Thatcher either, mostly because she always came across as a bully leader. Her way or the highway. Anyway here's that article from the Guardian:


Best quote from the piece:

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with loathing Margaret Thatcher or any other person with political influence and power based upon perceived bad acts, and that doesn’t change simply because they die.”
Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by johnnyBgood! on 10 April 2013 12:39am
Hundreds of people celebrated in Glasgow's George Square in celebration of her death and many more will do so on the day of her funeral, both here and particularly in the North of England.
There will be trouble in London on the day of her funeral. Never has there been a British politician who has engendered such loathing.

The queen is attending her funeral for no other reason than she also disliked her.
Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by tucsonmike on 10 April 2013 3:04am
I did not live under her, but did live under her friend Ronald Reagan (who I hated at the time, but admire to a certain degree in hindsight).

I know the Irish angle, first from my Dad's Belfast born colleague and friend John McClarnon, then from marrying someone from a very Irish community. Yes, South Boston would qualify for that. I just asked Elaine about IRA support growing up. She said she didn't know anyone personally, but knew it was there. There was a pro-IRA mural at Broadway and Sixth in Southie, but the building has since been torn down.



One of my Dad's English colleagues and friends Professor John Shorter who taught at the University of Hull, was @ Oxford with Mrs. Thatcher and did not like her then. I remember a letter he wrote to my Dad, when she became Prime Minister and his description of Margaret Thatcher; "An Oxford chemist who does not delight me at all!"
Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by Spursfan2 on 10 April 2013 8:11am
The only thing that stops me celebrating her death by dancing in t he streets is the fact that at the end of the day she was a mother and grandmother, and I respect their mourning.

Zak is proud of the fact she came from Grantham (though I have to add he didn't like her policies etc) - I have said he should be ashamed!!

Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by Wheelrim on 12 April 2013 12:46pm
Tut Tut Tut, Celebrating a Britons death, an ex Prime Minister and staunch Patriot at that. Come on people, has ANY Prime Minister pleased everybody? I saw the impromptu `parties` in the papers and on the news, 90% of those involved looked about 18 years old and would not have been able to comprehend who she was or what she did. Same-old Same-old with these pathetic people today, any excuse to break a few windows, get pissed and throw rocks at the people who are paid to protect them. I find I am increasingly dissapointed in peoples attitudes and moral failings in what was once a great, yes, great country. It is events such as funerals when people are meant to remember the good stuff that people do. Sure, Maggie Thatchers time in politics affected EVERYONE in the country, to one extent or the other, good and bad, but to celebrate someones death, whilst their family is in mourning is beyond contempt and quite disturbing. it says a great deal about a persons real persona.
I added to a previous post about a `friend` who `celebrated` the fact that 10 US soldiers were killed in Iraq. War is war, death is death. dont celebrate it. Shame on those who do.
Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by suzulu on 13 April 2013 4:28pm
I did not like Maggie Thatcher, we rejoiced when she was ousted out of power. Isn't that enough? She has been inactive for years. I too find it distasteful and disturbing celebrating someone's death.
Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by Wheelrim on 17 April 2013 1:21pm
Just watched it of the funeral on the news, camera homed in on an angry man shouting `what a waste of money` he clearly needed a little of it himself to purchase a comb and some toothpaste. I may be guilty of an untruth but I would put money on the fact that he had not contributed to the funeral anyway as he appeared to, just maybe, be a non-tax-payer at this point in time.
Thats what we are up against folks.
Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by Spursfan2 on 17 April 2013 1:53pm
I managed to avoid watching this absolute WASTE of money - though Zak was watching it (how quickly we forget!!!).

The benefit system has had to be drastically cut because the country is more or less broke which means that (alongside shirkers and layabouts) GENUINELY vulnerable people have lost much needed benefits. And yet we can afford this???

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