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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by Loretto on 18 April 2013 12:06am
We are away in TCI at the moment so I missed the funeral. Maybe it will be on the news tonight. I suppose Thatcher didn't serve 11 years as a British PM because she wasn't popular in the 80's. Someone voted for her, and many times too.

I think funerals in general are a complete waste of money. Absolutely a 100% waste of money. My aunt's funeral 5 years ago here in the states cost well over $35,000.00........she wanted the best and she got it right up to the very end. There are multiple businesses that have blossomed out of our death culture, embalming, coffins, headstones, graveyards, gravediggers, clergymen, crooners, funeral homes, morticians, crematoriams.....I mean you can even include cards, mass cards, sympathy cards, limo services. This sounds like the parrot sketch, he's dead, deceased, ......
Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by Spursfan2 on 18 April 2013 8:13am
Oh she WAS unpopular, Loretto.
Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by Wheelrim on 19 April 2013 1:34pm
Anne, you missed a bit on the end there, the words,`by many` but by the majority, she was not, simple maths.
However, yes, I do agree with Loretto that far too much money is spent on funerals. my father had a Co-Op funeral plan that cost him £800. When he died it was left to me to organise everything. First stop was the Co-op. Nice people, very sincere (?) and professional. I produced the plan and their first words were "Ah, good, but you realise sir that this will only cover the coffin, the hearse and the crematorium costs, how many cars, wreaths etc would you like"?
I said " Wow, thats great, all I could have hoped for... no more thanks, my dad would be quite annoyed if I had to dip into my own pocket for 1 penny extra" The funeral was great, funny, colourful and with a great crowd.
My thoughts ar moreso when it comes to weddings, now, if there is ever a case of `what a waste of money` then weddings are exactly that. what more do you need than 2 rings, 2 witnesses and a ceremony? Thats what I had, a great wedding, cost £100 all-in. Now, its not because I am a skinflint, its because it was OUR wedding, that mattered most, we ended up with the same bit of paper as someone who spent £10.000 on theirs then struggled through the first few years in debt to pay it off (or their mum and dad did more like.)
£10 million for Maggie? Yes too much, 90% of that was no doubt on security, and that, cannot be put at Maggies door, thats the loonies of the world that have caused those measures to be deemed neccessary for all events now and in the future.
Money aside, it was a fitting tribute to a person of such historical importance.
Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by Spursfan2 on 19 April 2013 7:58pm
I think you'll find that the words I missed out are "with most people, and popular with very few"
Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by Wheelrim on 21 April 2013 4:18pm
Surely `Popular with most` is more appropriate seeing as she was elected 3 times Anne?
Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by Loretto on 22 April 2013 1:50pm
Wheelrim I absolutely agree with weddings, and they are outrageously expensive. I was 26 when I got married, just bought a car, paying rent and back at school finishing up my masters. I worked part time in a dry cleaners. A customer came in to get her wedding gown boxed and stored, saw my engagement ring and asked if I would like to borrow her wedding dress for my big day, she spent $6,000 on it!!!!! I said if it fits me great! It did! And I borrowed it, wore it in Ireland, brought it back dry cleaned it, had it preserved in a sealed box and gave it back to her. Because I worked in the cleaners they did it for free, total cost of my wedding dress......zero.

Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by Wheelrim on 22 April 2013 5:37pm
You look lovely in the dress Loretto
My outfit for the day I had made when I was on holiday in Thailand, it was mid 80`s and...OMG, when I look at the photo now..

I will have to email you the picture, I dont know how to paste it on to here. Our engagement `rings` up to the day of the wedding were elastic bands on our wrists, now, thats being stingy!

Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by suzulu on 22 April 2013 10:16pm
What a lovely photo, Loretto! You look lovely and Kevin looks handsome!
Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by Loretto on 23 April 2013 12:40am
Thanks Sue! Gary Oldman's Dracula movie was released before I got married, anytime I tried on a veil, the borrowed one or even a new one when shopping for brides maids' dresses I kept thinking of Mena.

Then Leslie Neilsen did Dracula Dead and Loving It and that ended the idea of wearing a veil for me!

Wheelrim I think making a wedding unique is far
better than doing cookie cutter. I love the idea of the rubber bands!

Now how the heck did we go from Margaret Thatcher to skinflint weddings?

Re: Margaret Thatcher Dies 4/8/13 by Wheelrim on 24 April 2013 1:30pm
Because we are Blathering On Loretto.
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