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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 7 October 2013 8:04pm
LOVEFiLM want me to take a complimentary 30 day trial. There is no way I'm going to watch a movie on a computer screen. I prefer to lie on the sofa with a bag of popcorn on my lap and a large glass of orange juice to see me through it?!
This one has an unsubscribe facility. Let's hope it works.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 8 October 2013 10:50pm
Nationwide Accident Solutions want me to make a claim for my accident. I can't remember the last time I had an accident that I didn't claim for or even one that I did claim for. Maybe I should just claim for a phantom accident and see if they'll give me some money!
Nationwide Accident Solutions think I have had four accidents in the past 24 hours on October 10th!
They think I've had another accident! I have unsubscribed. I wonder how long it will be before another company wants me to claim for my phantom accident.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 8 October 2013 10:52pm
Mike wants to give me 100 spins on Mafia madness. Does he think I'm mad wanting anything to do with the Mafia?

That's 7 from Mike now for the same thing.

Mike is desperate for me to try his Mafia madness - that 2 more within half an hour.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 9 October 2013 9:36pm
The next one is from PHC Promotions and they have my full name as well as my e-mail address. There are very few on the internet that I have given my full name to so I must assume that this one has come about by 'data selling' or a very close friend thinks I may be interested in this rubbish.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 10 October 2013 7:16pm
Richard Uridge wants me to pay about £169 to be trained for somethng. They do have an unsubscribe facility but it only works with Microsoft software.
I have asked Mr Uridge directly to take my name off his e-mailing list. If he doesn't then I'll have to dream up some unwanted offer for him.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 10 October 2013 7:29pm
mobilephonesdirect want me to vote for them. I don't know the second thing about mobile phones so that was a stupid e-mail to send me.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 11 October 2013 12:38pm
The next one's from Daily News. They want me to activate my deal now and play like a Panda?!

That's 2 from them now.
And just to be different I have received the same type from Daily Newsletter.
Re: Internet trash. by Lounge Trekker on 11 October 2013 4:52pm
Time for a change, Ken.

Don't use your base e-mail (the one with your provider) at all.

Stop using the addresses you have. Change them one at a time to keep people you like in the loop.

I use a Hotmail addy for personal communication, a Yahoo for business and a Gmail for frivolous or spurious uses, like a request for sign up on the hundreds of pages I've seen.

No reason why these email programs were assigned their uses, but I get no crap at gmail or hotmail and a few a week at ymail which are filtered out. Don't reply at all to spam. Don't even think about it, don't open it, use the 'mark as spam' function, trash it and empty your trash. These are automated ads sent to addresses collected by spam-bots, scripts that parse data en masse recording the format [email protected] You will find no logical way to convince anyone to stop sending you spam.

Once you've set up new addresses, stick with your plan and use one for personal, one for business (on line purchases, legitimate uses) and one for a potential source of crap. If you do get spam to this address, you can delete x or even xx numbers of spam messages without even looking at them...there will be nothing legitimate there anyways.

MARK AS SPAM will activate your filter to send items from the domain indicated as the source, to trash. The more you use it, the less spam you will get.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 12 October 2013 10:34am
Somebody is phishing for PayPal account details. This latest one arrived in my Inbox (not Spam or Trash) and is of more concern as such. I have forwarded it to PayPal for their attention.
Received another one on 31/10/13
PayPal have acknowledged it is a phishing e-mail and they are going to put the perpetrators in jail!?
I got another perfectly valid looking one from Paypal but it arrived in my trash so is of less concern than the first one. I hope it is not actually Paypal wanting me to create an account as I do use their facility sometimes.
I went back to check this one and hey presto a phishing one arrived in my inbox during my investigations. Somebody is trying very hard to get people's Paypal account details.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 12 October 2013 2:05pm
I have 5 other new Spam today, none of them previously recorded here. Most look like gambling offers of some sort or other.
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