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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 21 January 2014 8:30pm
I got a pop up message on our computer that said my android mobile phone has 13 viruses. What is an android mobile phone? Downloads and messages deleted!
Android is an operating system for touch screen phones and computers. I'm absolutely not interested!
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 29 January 2014 8:13pm
I have been getting more phishing e-mails than usual about credit cards I don't have. Be wary of any credit card e-mail you receive as it is certainly a fraudulent one.
Re: Internet trash. by Spursfan2 on 3 February 2014 4:45pm
I've just had an eviction notice, No. ??? (I deleted it and can't remember the number they had put to try to make it seem official!)

As we are, and always have been, up to date with our mortgage, plus we have no other reason for being evicted, I deleted it straight away without opening it (it had gone into my spam folder anyway).

It is the vulnerable I worry about with this sort of phishing e-mail. Imagine if we WERE in arrears with mortgage or rent and were either elderly or not 'au fait' with things like this? I could easily have responded (I am guessing they are asking me to email back if there is a problem (or something like that) or maybe confirm payments made, and then they would have my details!!!

Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 3 February 2014 7:29pm
That's the first time I've heard of that one SF2. The most common one I get from the 'bank' is that my account has been suspended and unless I forward my account details they will close the account!
Re: Internet trash. by Spursfan2 on 10 February 2014 6:46am
Apparently, my complaint to the 'Court of Appeal of Maryland' has been received. I don't have to appear in the court and can check my complaint by simply clicking on a link.

Yeah right! The only thing I am going to click on is the delete button!

Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 6 April 2014 8:02pm
Here is the analysis of the data in my 1 January message on page 8:
1) A lot of companies want me to gamble.
2) More than half as many want my financial details.
3) Supermarkets want my opinion.
4) Political parties want me to join them and/or keep me informed.
5) Some surveys want me to spend time answering their questions for no reward.
6) A few others occur rarely.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 6 April 2014 8:16pm
The conclusion from the above analysis is that there are scammers everywhere who want your money by gambling it or by raiding your bank account if you provide personal details over the internet.

My advice is to set your spam filters but be aware that the filters can ignore some of your settings so all emails should be treated with caution unless you easily recognize the sender's details.
If you are interested in the subject content of a particular email but are unsure of the sender, google the sender's details and check what appears. I have found a few dubious companies by this method.
Re: Internet trash. by Lounge Trekker on 12 May 2014 8:45pm
It seems this is the best thread for this. I got so sick of all the advertising seen while using Internet Explorer, I now use Mozilla Firefox with the Ad Blocker add-on. No advertising. None. I am a happier man.

There are a few differences, but over a few hours of using it, you will find it faster and cleaner.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 13 May 2014 12:40am
We abandoned Internet Explorer a few years ago and have Firefox as an option but use Safari on this machine. I think my wife's laptop has Google Chrome but she has had bother with it.

At one point we has so much trouble with moving adverts that appeared on our BT e-mail facility that I phoned them with an angry complaint. They tried to blame Yahoo with whom there was a link but I said it was on their e-mail facility that the problem occurred. They soon stopped the moving adverts and changed their link with Yahoo. I'm sure I mentioned this elsewhere here before.

Another thing that irritates me is the Flash updates that 'improve' your video reception. I think the latest one is for HD (high definition) pictures but with a monitor that is just over 12 inches across we don't need HD. The irritating thing is that some stuff that used to work before this new Flash update now doesn't work. That's the wonders of computer technology and the things that can be done to 'improve' or help you part with more money for upgrades. I don't care about video stuff that doesn't work on our main computer because there is still plenty of video stuff that does. I think our main video receiver software is Quicktime.

Another thing that annoys me is that some websites assume that Microsoft operating systems are the only operating systems. Occasionally when I want to contact a company through their Contact Us facility our old Internet Explorer icon will pop up with a message to the effect that we cannot send an e-mail to the website concerned. Then what I do is search nearby to find the e-mail address of the website within the website and go in via Safari with a copy and paste to our e-mail facility and proceed from there.

(Safari is the internet facility connected with Apple Mackintosh software and computers. Internet Explorer is connected with Microsoft software and associated computers.)

P.S. Keep an eye on page 8 of this topic as my spam/trash/junk e-mails are still being added to for this year.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 16 May 2014 2:25pm
karkasdom is a hacker/virus. Ignore it/delete without opening.
The karkasdom e-mail link arrived with 'Do vampires get aids?' in the text.
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