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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by Ken Dunn on 7 August 2014 9:14am
I've had an idea. I think Scotland should vote to stay in the UK. If that happens then the SNP should stand MP candidates in 2 or 3 constituencies in the far north of England and keep standing them until they win those seats. After that have another referendum on Scottish independence and if independence is won Scotland would have gained a chunk of England as well!?
Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by Ken Dunn on 25 August 2014 9:41pm
If any of Scotland's neighbours in the UK watched the debate between Salmond and Darling tonight I'll bet you are saying, 'Give them independence because we couldn't put up with that bickering all the time.'

We switched to another channel when we couldn't hear what either politician was saying because the other was speaking over their statement/comment.

At least I had decided what way to vote a long time ago so it didn't matter that I learned very little from the part of the debate I saw.
Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by ev on 27 August 2014 10:10am
I think Scotland shouldn't definitely have a crack at independence. Give it a go!

You've got your own language, traditional customs such as caber toss and kilt-lifting, etc.

Seriously though, I think they should do it just to honour all those who've sought independence over the centuries.

Whenever I've been to Scotland, it always feels to me that it's not really part of England. Culturally or geographically.
Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by Loretto on 27 August 2014 5:33pm
I was shocked that there was such a strong sense of cultural identity and what a difference between cultures too!

It will be interesting to see how things go. I think myself that if Scotland votes no to Independence from UK it's an interesting take on the Irish division between the Republic and the North.

I've heard people argue that the country/countries should not be divided, but geography isn't enough to make unity. There are big differences between Scotland and the UK for sure, and the same is true of NI and ROI.

I can't see Scottish Independence happening though. I might be wrong, but I think London Government might threaten to pull industry to their side of the border, lack of government subsidies could be enough to sway votes.
Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by Ken Dunn on 28 August 2014 11:45pm
Yes Loretto, you are right - there are lots of Westminster funded activities in Scotland and reducing the overall source for UK funding from a population of about 60M to achieve funding from 6M in Scotland of whom only 2/3 approximately are workers would increase the financial burden per head if independence is won.
Only the Central Belt in Scotland is significantly industrialized with a pocket at he oil city of Aberdeen and these areas would effectively have to subsidize the rest of the country perhaps with a few exceptions. But the oil resource is diminishing.
Then there is also no clear plan for the currency if the vote is won.
I think that if independence is won it will take many years to set up the new government bodies and systems at tremendous cost for additional financial burden on the citizens.
Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by Loretto on 30 August 2014 10:29pm
I will tell my hubby I was right about this ONE thing Ken. Thanks very much.
Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by tucsonmike on 1 September 2014 2:25am
One of the recent Economists had interesting articles about this. North and Central England and Wales are also depressed. What about Cornwall?

I don't have a vote on this, but Independence seems rash.
Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by Ken Dunn on 2 September 2014 6:50pm
Yes, tusconmike, and it's a bit off course but imagine if all the United States had referendums and wanted independence from the USA?!
Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by tucsonmike on 5 September 2014 4:05am
Ken, ironically, all fifty states have petitions in. I hope the following link will give my non United States friends some insight.


Re: Scottish Independence Vote. by Loretto on 8 September 2014 5:33pm
Only 10 days left to go. This will be a very interesting referendum. Lots of articles this weekend and today about the Independence vote. I forgot to mention that the taxi driver who told me he was going to vote Yes, when I said that it will be interesting to see what ramifications a Yes vote would have on NI, he said "we'll handle it a lot more civilized." I certainly hope so.

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