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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Ken's linguistic dictionary. by Spursfan2 on 6 November 2015 10:15pm

On my own
It is cold
Can't pay the rent
My wife
Round the Wrekin oops sorry that is a Staffordian saying, taking a long way round to do or say something
Re: Ken's linguistic dictionary. by Cockney Nomad on 7 November 2015 12:42pm
Hi Ken, 4/5 for your answers and a gold star! The last one is Trousers and, interestingly, was a proposed title for the soap which became Eastenders.

As to the others, where the ending isn't mentioned, the full phrases are:
On me Todd Sloan = Own
Potatoes in the mould = Cold
Duchess of Fife = Wife

And now for something completely different - more rhyming slang:

I'm a bit mutton
Use your loaf
I'm boracic
I haven't got any bees
He's my favourite mangle

Think that gives a cross-section there!

See you on this thread later.

Re: Ken's linguistic dictionary. by Ken Dunn on 8 November 2015 7:50am
I think SF2 deserves your praise more than me, nomad, as I couldn't figure out any of the last 5.
Re: Ken's linguistic dictionary. by Ken Dunn on 8 November 2015 7:54am
Best guesses for your last 5, nomad:

sick, head/brain, skint (having no cash), money, singer.
Re: Ken's linguistic dictionary. by Cockney Nomad on 8 November 2015 3:08pm
Hi again, Ken and SF2 - I haven't looked at the website you found as I want to use my own knowledge to put these phrases on here. However, it (and others of similar ilk) should provide the answers to this rhyming slang quiz - glad you are taking an interest.

Before I type today's list, just wanted to say that I found Round the Wrekin interesting and it does make sense. Please let us in on more slang from your area of the country.

Ken, you got 4/5 again - the first one in full is Mutt and Jeff = deaf. As far as I know, these were characters in a children's comic well before our time. The full phrases for the other four are:
Loaf of bread = Head
Boracic lint = Skint
Bees and Honey = Money
Mangle and wringer = Singer

And now for today's selection:

I'll speak to me bricks
On me Jack
Have you met me skin?
I'm in a right two and six
I'm in a right two and eight

And there's plenty more to keep this going for quite a while!
Re: Ken's linguistic dictionary. by Cockney Nomad on 21 December 2015 2:48pm
Hi! Anyone got anything to add to this very interesting thread? I could type a few more Cockney Rhyming Slang phrases but don't think it's fair for me to take up a lot of space here. Looking forward to reading more local phrases from around the country or world.
Re: Ken's linguistic dictionary. by Spursfan2 on 26 December 2015 3:49pm
One of our fave Turkish expressions is 'Indi bindi'.

It means the equivalent of 'minimum fare' on a dolmus (minibus).


Re: Ken's linguistic dictionary. by Cockney Nomad on 28 December 2015 9:59am
I was speaking to a Latvian lady who works in one of our local shops and she told me that there is no word in her language for "busy". Apparently, they have a phrase which describes this situation. Interesting!
Re: Ken's linguistic dictionary. by Spursfan2 on 28 December 2015 5:33pm
We learnt the Turkish phrase for 'well done' in the sense of cooking a steak about 10 years ago. It was a case of having to; if we said we wanted a steak cooked well they would say of course we will cook it well in the sense of nicely !!

The phrase is "iyi pis mis" with cedillas on the two 's', so it is pronounced "eeee pish mish". A great phrase !!

Re: Ken's linguistic dictionary. by Ken Dunn on 12 January 2016 1:09pm
scunneredness - see word at end of the following to get the gist of its meaning.

Dear National Newspaper,

1) Today at 1025am I received a nuisance call for my wife. She is disabled and was out at the time. The call came from overseas, I presume, because there was a delay in the caller responding to my Hello. I said hello a second time and when they asked to speak to my wife and I said they couldn't they hung up. Having received many of these calls over the years they are undoubtedly from marketing companies like Consumer Lifestyles, Ideal Lifestyles and other similar names. My premise is that they want to ask questions on your likes and purchasing habits so that they can pass your phone number on to a company that sells stuff which fits your likes. We are ex directory and registered with TPS.

2) Between 3am today and 12midday I have received 5 spam e-mails in my inbox trying to sell me funeral plans and the like. The same thing happened a few days ago and I think I deleted 8 or 9 e-mails from my inbox then. Another of this type of e-mail arrived in my trash/spam box - where it should have arrived.

3) On entering BT.com today to check my e-mails I was flabbergasted (my wife says I should use the word scunnered as I am not sure of the spelling of f...) to find that the adverts at the top of their home page contained every item that I had browsed in the Manchester City website a couple of days ago. I still have these items bookmarked as I was intending to buy some of them. My buying intentions have been severely negated by this practice. On further investigation I have found that the adverts were placed there by a company called Criteo and although it says that they adhere to DAA and EDAA ( U.S. and European Digital Advertising Alliance) they can't be stopped (unless you disable their advertising in every website you visit and even then it is only temporary).

For further evidence on item 3 I have printed a copy of the BT.com homepage to see what other stuff appears on it and my computer stopped printing after 4 pages worth of stuff most of which wants you to buy stuff or read news in the internet, neither of which I am inclined to do now. Also at the right hand side of the first of my four A4 pages there are 2 large company logos, one of eBay and the other my wife thinks is Amazon (a large black lower case 'a' with a curved yellow line under it).

I am very recently retired or I wouldn't have been able to send you this but all I can say is that my liking for the internet and its marketing techniques has taken a severe dent today. I am now looking forward to, more that ever, the next time I can browse a high street shop without buying anything and no one stops you at the door saying, 'Why didn't you buy this or that.' If they did ask I would give them an honest answer. Even in the shop if they asked, 'Can I help?' I would accept their assistance.

From a raw deal point of view we pay about £xx a month to BT (£xxx to £xxx) per year and get this scunneredness in return. It's not right.
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