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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Favourite Photographs of Michael by ellenpc on 14 November 2002 1:25pm
Hiya Helen, my mirthy mate :-}

Just knew you'd like the news :-} Michael has taken your example and got some classy footwear, though, the fact that the picture looks like it was taken about 15yrs ago has nothing at all to do with it!!! :-}

Well done your hubby for organising the book, I hope you enjoy it.

I've been thinking today, (like you do at the washing line, near the cherry tree, beside the vegetable plot,across from the slide, a little east of the playhouse, north of the weed pile and along from the little green garden gate with creamy white flowers growing on the trellis archway.......) about the privacy issue and how I like the way Michael handles it. He seems to have avoided succumbing to the egocentricities of celebrity and views it from a distance seeing it for what it is and keeping his own feet firmly on the ground. Also the fact that he's still faithfully (with some stiff competition from Lyn"Two Kisses" :-} ) married to his wife and hasn't traded her in for a young nubile piece of fluff when he turned fifty!

I agree with you Helen looks like an amazing women; yeah, having them as neighbors would be a real treat.

Another favourite bit which seems related to this, is the part in "80 Days" where Michael is in his bedroom with Helen organising his bag. Also the scene at the station where the families with the two Terrys are assembled ( trying to forget the camera is there!) with their children and the good luck card and Terry Jones ( who comes a very close second to Michael for me :-} ) running along the platform after the train shouting "Bye, Bye, Mickey............"

Lovely :-}

Ellen x
Re: Favourite Photographs of Michael by Helen on 14 November 2002 2:28pm
"Mickey" is just one class act, isn't he? I have to watch 80 days again.. those scenes are quite sweet...
Re: Favourite Photographs of Michael by Lindsay on 28 November 2002 1:00am
My favourite photographs of Michael are both from Full Circle. The first one is the front cover, where he's running along a sandy beach with no shoes on and his trousers rolled up. He just looks so happy and at peace with himself, it always brings a smile to my face when I see it.

The second one is a picture spread across two pages, and it is simply adorable. Michael is crouching down on a wooden bridge with his bag and smiling at a tiny girl, who is holding a handbag that's almost as big as she is. I think it was captioned something like "Handbag controversy". The little girl has such an enormous smile on her face, and Michael's expression is pure tenderness. It's a beautiful picture; I would love to have a proper copy that I could frame and put up on my wall.

Re: Favourite Photographs of Michael by nottlob on 28 November 2002 1:39am
Oh my gosh, Lindsay you know that picture on the front cover of Full Circle? The library sticker thing is right on his eyes! I can't see his head!!! It's so weird, why would someone do that? Seriously! There's a huge space in the blue in the right top corner before it says "Full Circle", come on people! Wake up!
Re: Favourite Photographs of Michael by Lindsay on 28 November 2002 1:44am
Oh, my! Nottlob, that's just wrong! How could someone cover up such a beautiful picture? I feel for you, dear. Such an insult to Basil Pao's beautiful work, too. He captured Michael so perfectly in that picture.

They didn't hurt the one of him with the little girl and the handbag, did they? That would just be too much. We would have to go and complain to the library, this just isn't on! *laughs*
Re: Favourite Photographs of Michael by Lindsay on 28 November 2002 2:29am
Just for you, Nottlob:

(copy and paste the address into your browser window, don't click on it.)


At the bottom of the page click on the link that says "Front Cover" for barefooted Michael-y goodness. :)

I just couldn't allow you to be deprived of the picture. *grins*
Re: Favourite Photographs of Michael by RichB on 28 November 2002 2:44am
A great one for me is where Mayumi resplendent in her 'I love Michael Palin' shirt has her hand dangerously near to Michael's posterior to which he is engulfed in laughter, a great comedy moment.
Re: Favourite Photographs of Michael by nottlob on 28 November 2002 3:13am
Hehe, thanks! Lindsay! I agree RichB! I love those pictures! I want to watch the series but the videos are downtown and due in a week, my parents probably won't drive me, I'll ask though, heh heh
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