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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: The secret of Michael's charm by ellenpc on 2 December 2002 1:30pm
Hiya Anna,

Really nice to meet you. :-}

Welcome to the land of Palinites!!We're all house trained (well almost all...) and we don't bite! :-} Unless, of course, there are sticky cakes involved!!

Agreed, Michael has very appealing eyes and the books are an excellent read too!

Whereabouts in Finland are you??????????
(Oh, and did I mention nosey, we're very nosey! :-} )

I'm writing from Christchurch, New Zealand (under Australia ,turn left at the end of South America and you can't miss it........well, some did, but that's another story.....)

Loved your "near Russia, far from Japan" bit. :-}}}}}]]]

Ellen x
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by Rusted on 2 December 2002 6:05pm

Even if you're no big travelling person, I suggest catching the shows if you can get your paws on them over there in Finland, Finland, Finland the country where I want to be pony- SHH!

Excuse me. It's one of those songs that gets stuck in your head, isn't it? ;O)

Anywho, Michael makes them very very interesting and they're also good for a chuckle, even if travelling isn't a big hobby of yours. :O)

Oh, and welcome!

Re: The secret of Michael's charm by Anna J on 4 December 2002 11:17am
Thangyou for the warm reception! It truly hit the spot on this freezing weather...
I'm living in Southern Finland, in a town called Lahti which has something to do with winter sports as some of you may know.
As I was saying I'm not into travelling but, since the snowy winter seems to last half a year nowadays, places like Sahara begin to look much more interesting than before...
By the way last Saturday I went for a walk and the temperature was about 15 degrees centigrade below zero with a cutting wind. More than once I thought I might freeze to death. Just guess which was the song that kept on spinning in my head?! Yes, "Finland, Finland, Finland, the country where I want to be..."
Tragicomic, really... Oh I'm only complaining all the time, sorry :) I meant to say that Finland is a very nice country and you should all visit here... haha.
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by Anni on 28 December 2002 5:14pm
Oh, another Finn in here? Great :) I thought I was the only Palin fancier in the whole country. Well, I'm glad to know I was wrong.
Anna, I think we should write some angry letters to MTV3 and tell them to show the travelling series on TV. That would probably just be waste of time, but I guess it is worth trying anyway.

So, back to the orginal topic; why do we all love Michael?
I have always loved his acting, he just makes all of his characters incredibly funny. I don't know how he does it.
I also like his voice and the way he uses it. His speech can sound so funny, let's take Pontius Pilate from Life of Brian for example. I can't help laughing when I'm only thinking of it :P
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by Rusted on 29 December 2002 8:58am
"I shall welease...Woger!"


Just watched "Life of Brian" again today, whilst nursing my tooth wounds. That part is great, cracks me up every time!

Re: The secret of Michael's charm by Anni on 29 December 2002 8:21pm
I also love the part when he's asking the guards "what's so funny about.. Biggus.. Dickus?". Michael can't really hide the smile on his face, you can see he's almost cracking up too :D
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by Anna J on 30 December 2002 1:31pm
I just saw Brian for the first time in my life. You're so right about that scene!
Anni, nice to meet you! I found out that Sahara will be on TV1 next summer. I can hardly wait...
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by SingDino on 31 December 2002 8:39am
Michael... he's smart.... a genius! His comedic timing is amazing and his writing skills are great. He's a family man. He marvolous! :):) And a cutie!
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by piglet on 2 January 2003 12:04am
Michael's charm is no secret - as it is his voice - like Michael completely unique.
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by SingDino on 2 January 2003 2:54am
...I have to buy Life of Brian... i havent seen it in a year at least... I have Holy Grail and Meaning of Life memorized...*drools*... I'm going to go search for Life of Brian on eBay... BYE! :)
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