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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: The secret of Michael's charm by Anni on 2 January 2003 9:09pm
Anna, are you sure that it will be on tv? I don't mean that I don't believe you, it only sounds too good to be true. Anyway, that's great, thank you for letting me know. Again another reason why I can't wait summer.
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by Dianne on 4 January 2003 1:08am
SingDino - any luck finding 'Life of Brian' on eBay yet?

And when you drool, do you mind putting a cup underneath your mouth. I'm sure your drool came through my monitor. Ewwwww!
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by SingDino on 5 January 2003 1:03am
So sorry! Didn't mean to make a mess!

I rented "Life of Brian" and "And Now for Something Completely different" just yesterday. I have now become an ultimate dork and seen all Python films. I'm so proud of myself. I LOVE 'Life of Brian'... i was a bit suprised. I hated it the first time I saw it... of course, i didnt really get it. I was like 10. MP was lovely in his little loin cloth as the ex-leper 'And now for...' was very funny.

Am I the only one who's noticed that MP always has a loser-ish part? (Man with a not particularly silly walk, the poor sod at the marriage counselor, the cycling tour man...) He's always getting shot or something. poor guy.
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by Rusted on 5 January 2003 8:25am
Candice, you MUST stop copying me or I may get a bit freaked out! Hee hee!

Well, you know...I just rented LOB and "And Now...", and then you just rented it; I didn't like LOB when I first saw it, and you didn't like LOB when you first saw it; now I love LOB, and now you love LOB. LOL!

I don't think as those parts of Michael's you mentioned as "loserish"...so much as "dorky but sweet", "graceless yet endearing"... LOL! Oh - and don't forget his portrayal as Mr. Anchovy! (Which I find particualry amusing because I have a friend and fellow Python fan who happens to be an acountant.) ;O)

~Mary (anyone else think Michael's hair is wonderful during those interviews included in the LOB DVD? Or is it too long for Ellen's taste?? Hee hee hee!)
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by ellenpc on 5 January 2003 1:38pm
Now, now,

I don't mind seeing a bit of collar tickling (hair I mean!?) now and then........:-}}}

I'm not made of stone you know!!!!

Marmite, spam and MDF but definately not stone!! :-}}}}

Ellen (who would like to run her hands through the lovely locks and pull the head closer and closer............

CUUUT!!!! This is a family show and you've just fallen out of character ellenpc!! Back to non-drool on the double!! Do you hear???
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by Helen on 5 January 2003 4:42pm
I am so glad Candice mentioned the loincloth in LOB. I was beginning to think I was the only one who cherishes this scene as one of the all time great MP moments. Not just because he's half naked.. well, okay, it's because he's half naked.
It's even better than Russell Crowe, half naked AND in chains, in Gladiator.
Ellen! Look what you started! Lord have moicy!
Helen (wing tip admirer with healthy hormones)
P.S. sorry....
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by SingDino on 5 January 2003 9:42pm
Mr. Anchovy! How could I forget? (Watches "and now for..." again)

I'm sad! The copy of LOB I rented didnt have any special features! I havent seen him with his hair (that according to some people is handy for grabbing and pulling him closer, and closer...)

I think the reason I love LOB now is because.. well, when you're 10 you dont have Helens healthy hormones... but now that I do, I realize just how much MP is in that movie... and I love it. :0)

I'm off to watch the movies again! I only have them for 5 more days!
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by little-peep on 5 January 2003 10:19pm
The only time I ever saw LOB and did not laugh was in that RE lesson. The worst happened.....only 3 peeps (myself included) found it funny! Since no one else laughed at the ex-leaper, or Pontius Pilot, i wasn't going to be the one who got strange looks for defing the "cool" peeps, and horror! laugh out loud.
so, i sat there for an hour, tummy aching coz i needed to laugh, and face red coz of embaressment and holding in the giggles.
Still, i wacthed it at home in the evening, and made sure i laughed as loud as possible.LOL
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by L on 6 January 2003 12:23am
I know the secret of Michael's charm - he loves everyone.
Re: The secret of Michael's charm by SingDino on 6 January 2003 1:20am
And everyone loves him.
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