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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by Helen on 8 December 2002 5:36pm
did you KISS him again????
Happy belated birthday, "Two Kisses"-- or is it three??? :) great story. Awesome! Woo-hoo!!!! Thanks for giving him some of our rants and raves. What a great thing you did for all of us Palinites. Cyber hug!!!!!!

Did ya happen to see his footwear?
Salivating with envy,
Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by piglet on 8 December 2002 7:46pm
No I didnt - but I was told that there was a lady there who was so excited about seeing michael she smothered him in kisses while sitting on his lap for a photo! - apparently she writes to him regularly - nearly burst into tears from what I hear so I thought Id better play it cool as i was there on your behalf (enjoying every minute of it though!)thank you for sending me!

didnt think to look at his feet - trying to keep my eyes above his waist! - may get the magnifying glass out when the photos some back!

If you can make me smile I am sure Michael will react the same way - main thing is he will appreciate what we think of him and how mature our insanity is!

must read up about the mascot -
Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by Rusted on 9 December 2002 6:59am
I think I read that whole bit about the mascot and such...but I've forgotten already. Ah, well.

Lyn...thanks again...I know I've already said it, but...you're an amazingly selfless, thoughtful, kind, considerate person!

Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by ellenpc on 9 December 2002 10:05am
"Salivating with envy!!!???"

Now that I've got to see.............! :-}}}}}}}}}}}]
Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by Helen on 9 December 2002 3:45pm
It's not a pretty sight. :)

Helen of the dysfunctional salivary glands, size 10 Doc Martens
Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by JenJen on 10 December 2002 8:04pm
o my word! I've just been reading the above and it has given me much 2 smile about.

Gosh! What was M's face when the besotted woman started drooling all over him? O to have beenthere! Lynne - did u take nay pictures of that (just for his expression). Was she good looking or was there no contest?!!!!!

I had thought of going 2 Bluwater to bask in M's sunshine but in fact I was dappy enough to think it was Saturday and was v. glum when I realised I'd got it wrong (again). (Lots of self flagelation with wet kippers) And as I work in London, it was a bit much to try and hop over there in a lunch hour!

Changing subject slightly - does anyone know if our Mikey (oops.... should that be Mr Michael to the peasants).... is doing any talks in the near future? I keep lookijng and hopign this website will give some info, but nothing yet. Excuse typos buthave put false nails on today and it's a nbit trickytyping!

I have bought 5 signed books by M to give as Pressies - only 2 personalised tho unfortunately :-(

Happily one of the personalised ones is 4 me from a buddy.

:-/ Jenna (no kisses)
Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by piglet on 10 December 2002 11:14pm
Only heard of the kisses for michael from one of the asisistants - so was not a witness - I should imagine Michael was a bit flummoxed by it as he is very self effacing!

He was signing at bluewater for ages and it took me over an hour to get to the front of the queue!

no more book signings are planned as far as I know.

where did you get the signed books -at another book signing! there is a signed photo of MIchael from monty python on ebay and the person selling it has even included a photo of the seller (face cut out) with michael at a signing for authentication! nothing I got signed will go on ebay - cant stop that happening but it goes against the palin charter surely! just isnt cricket as they say!


Ps any typo errors are down to me not being able to spell!
Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by RichB on 12 December 2002 4:15pm
What a great story and so good to know Michael is aware of our 'blatherings' here, hope he can make a 'cream tea' with us all, he might be a little overwhelmed I think with all of us clamouring to speak to him.

Blimey I've thought about taking my stuff for him to sign in the future, maybe the paperback and hardback versions of all 5 journeys plus the 3 photograph books, the 2 railway journey books, 80 Days board game and 7 videos may be a bit too much. I think this would completely overwhelm him and wouldn't be fair, it may put him off his chocolate eclair and future meetings.

By the way, what are we going to do now the book signings are over? It will be a while before he does another journey, can we cope?
Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by Layla on 12 December 2002 4:30pm
maybe he can quit his career as a traveller/writer/actor and become a professional book signer... ! : )
Re: Yesterday I gave Michael.............?!?!?!?!? by JenJen on 12 December 2002 4:36pm
Well webmaster has let MP time off for good behaviour for not being too ratty with the great unwashed when doing his book signing, as no dates for further book signings, talks or anything.

Can't wait to see the George Harrison tribute concert and a bit of MP's charm on stage (and his naked buttocks...?!?.......WHOA! Calm down girl!!!)

What can we do? We could have a "MP look-alike" contest and send that person around to do signings on his behalf. Only thing is, we can't be sure that person would be able to answer all the daft questions that we would put to Michael! I think I might make up a christmas poem for M and stick it on the chatterbox!

Changing subject.... just noticed that the website is copyrighted by "prominent palin productions". Prominent? in what way. In a protruding sense, or in a well-known leader-of-the-pack sense? Answers on a postcard....
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