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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: 4th in the pecking order by RichB on 19 December 2002 6:19pm
With the advent of the Mr Blobby revelation, can we then assume that Alan Whicker, Noel Edmonds and Miles Kingston are the actual three who turned down the journey?

Miles Kingston did a railway journey in the same series as 'Confessions of a Train Spotter'.
Re: 4th in the pecking order by JenJen on 19 December 2002 6:33pm
All I can say is that if Mr Palin was 4th down the list, the people who were in charge of trying to get someone to do the 80days series in the first obviously were unaware of the diamond they were sitting on! And he is a real gem! wonder who no. 5 was?!
Re: 4th in the pecking order by nottlob on 20 December 2002 6:36am
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Mr.Blobby??? In 80 Days? Around the world??? AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! *sigh* What a good laugh! I'm sorry, the descriptions were hilarious! Alan Whicker, yeah ,maybe. Journalist, etc. I'm so glad Michael did it!!!
Re: 4th in the pecking order by Rusted on 20 December 2002 8:56am
Thanks for the info, Rick.

It's really interesting to speculate what might've happened had someone else taken up the task of 80 Days. But, of course, we're all grateful it ended up the way it did.

I think I've already heard/read the story, but I've forgotten...just WHY was Michael approached to begin with? I mean, of all the people BBC had to chose from...an ex-Python member doesn't seem to pop out in one's mind as the obvious choice. Extremely glad he was thought of, though, and he proved more than able to complete the task!

Re: 4th in the pecking order by ellenpc on 20 December 2002 10:51am
Apparently the previous railjourney programme that Michael had made was so popular and well received with the general public that the BBC felt he was a very likely contender for the job.
Re: 4th in the pecking order by RichB on 20 December 2002 4:40pm
I think you're right Ellen, seeing as Miles Kington was previously mentioned as one of the three and he did a journey in the same series as Michael.
Re: 4th in the pecking order by Rusted on 21 December 2002 9:57am
Thanks Ellen, I've wanted to know the answer to that question for awhile. I don't really know much about the railway journey progam(s) and how they were received, so pardon the ignorance.

You haven't been posting much, Ellen...I thought you'd died and gone to marmite heaven. :O)

Re: 4th in the pecking order by ellenpc on 21 December 2002 2:44pm
"Ello, ello, wheeeeeeeeee..!"

(Ellen takes a running jump and leaps back into the Chatterbox......"THUD! Oh B#####!!"....She misses and lands in an untidy heap in the dust and cobwebs behind the computer!! :-{ )

"Err, Ahem...yes, well here I am back today, eager to read all the messages and catch up. "Hello" all you wonderful, interesting, friendly, brilliant but barking mad friends. :-}}}
Hiya Rich :-}
Hiya Mary :-}
It's nice to know you'd noticed :-}}}

Christmas jobs have taken over at the moment and I've been a bit stretched for time.............mmmmmmmmm marmite heaven :-} I could think of worse ways to go. :-}}}

Ellen x (Still picking bits of cobweb out of her hair! :-} )
Re: 4th in the pecking order by Dianne on 22 December 2002 7:02am
Back to the subject of Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby. I do remember that TV programme being on here not too long ago, but there was also another one with Noel Edmonds and another blond guy in the evenings. I think the blond guy was called Kevin, could be wrong. I'm trying to remember what they used to do on this show. Silly stuff that is for sure and Kevin always made fun of Noel's jumpers or jerseys as we call them in NZ.
Re: 4th in the pecking order by Rusted on 22 December 2002 10:06am

"Glad to see your back", Ellen...
(Yes, I did use the right form of 'your'.) :O)

Hope everyone's Christmas preparations are going well! I received my first presents today, from one of my friends. He also happens to be a fellow Python addict, so he got me "The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus: All the Words" books. Sure, they have most of the stuff on the 'net now, but it's still handy to have! :O)

Now I can prove to my friends I'm not just making all those weird quotes up...

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