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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Palin US and NZ by SingDino on 3 January 2003 8:04pm
It's ok if you get doused with a bucket of cold water. I never wanted to be a cleaning lady anyway... i always wanted to be... a lifeguard! saving peoples lives, jumping in the water, swimming wildly, with my fellow Palinites at my side, we'd sing, sing, sing!
Re: Palin US and NZ by daisyj on 4 January 2003 12:43am
I am now convinced that this message board is merely a front for the international operations of the Hormel corporation. It's time to end the charade.
Re: Palin US and NZ by Rusted on 4 January 2003 8:02am
LOLOLOLOLOL DaisyJ! Thanks for the laugh. ;O)

Ellen...dousing you with water? I'd never think of it! *evil grin* Well, at least I'd wait until the spam had been pretty much burnt to an uneatable crisp before dousing...

Re: Palin US and NZ by Dianne on 4 January 2003 9:26am
Louise - I read that message about the 29th of January in Melbourne as well and that made me realise that Michael could be doing more than book signings down here. I am keeping my eyes peeled. I’ve also asked my brother and sister-in-law to keep their eyes peeled. Have I told you this already? Never mind if I have, you now know about it twice. :-)

I second Ellen’s request for Webmaster about Michael’s movements in NZ, (sounds like I’m going to stalk him). The sooner we know the better otherwise his luncheons, talks or anything else where you need tickets maybe booked out.

Ellen – when you wrote this on one of your messages, “Ellen (with a thickish slice of spam half hanging out of her mouth in a spent cigarette kind of way whilst she types.....),” I almost threw up.

My mother used to make a hot drink with water and Marmite, would you like to be doused with that instead?

Re: Palin US and NZ by SingDino on 5 January 2003 1:05am
Re: Palin US and NZ by ellenpc on 5 January 2003 5:26am
"Whoops!" Dianne. Didn't mean to bring on the old "chunder thunder!!"

I should have warned all you members of the IDLS club to cover your eyes at the appropriate moment so as to be sensitive to your cause and constitutions!! :-}}

Doused with water and Marmite??? ..........Hmmmmmmmmmm......... only if it had cooled somewhat and could be aimed into my open mouth not the crown of my head or my navel, (depending on the height of the thrower of course!)

Ellen x
Re: Palin US and NZ by SingDino on 5 January 2003 6:50am
....*covers eyes* ...

... what is Marmite? and Vegemite? ... is it even in the US? I need to find this stuff...
Re: Palin US and NZ by Rusted on 5 January 2003 8:34am
Poor Dianne!!

Ellen! Look what you've done to my fellow IDLS club member!! *gasp sob*

Well, I'm thankful, Dianne, that you did not, after all, decide to throw your cookies. The Palinite board will be a much cleaner place. No thanks to Ellen. It's a good thing I doused her burning spam so quickly! ;O)

Ye gods. Are we crazy, or is it just me?

~Mary (had vegemite and didn't like it; dunno if we have marmite over here)

Re: Palin US and NZ by Dianne on 5 January 2003 12:23pm
Mary - the answer to your question, "are we crazy, or is it just me?" is we are all raving mad. Does that make you feel better to know you are not alone? :-)

Ellen - I wouldn't want to burn you so I'd cool down the Marmite and water drink before throwing it at you. As where it would end up down your throat or in your face, depends how good I'm at throwing. Tell Candice what Marmite and Vegemite are for us would you? You were good at describing it the first time we brought up the subject many moons ago.
Re: Palin US and NZ by Helen on 5 January 2003 4:57pm
If I may interject.. marmite and vegemite are yeasty- fermented spreads for sandwiches and the like. I tried vegemite once, it tasted like solid beer. Don't let that fool you.
Some folks consider these concoctions to be "food," (Ellen) others use it as a industrial lubricant for generators, forklifts and combines.
Hope this clears up any confusion.
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