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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: The 1st Christmas Chat! by RichB on 28 December 2002 3:41am
Sorry I couldn't make it to the chat Mary and thanks for noticing, we had both sets of parents round to our house. At least me and my Dad sneaked an hour of 'Sahara' in, all the DVD extras are brilliant, the one where Michael keeps fluffing his lines in Gibraltar is brilliant. The exasperation in his face makes you feel guilty for laughing.

I'm glad the chat went well but am disappointed to see not many could make it. Realistically speaking I would say the festive season would have been the spanner in the works. A once a month session in the New Year would be much better received me thinks.

All the best to everyone for 2003 and lets keep the Palin end up, I hope your mouth is a much better place now Mary.
Re: The 1st Christmas Chat! by Rusted on 28 December 2002 8:02am
Ahem. Ow. ;O)

Well, the wisdom teeth are out now, folks. Thanks for your concern. It wasn't too horrid after the numbness and puffiness went away! But now I'm badly in need of pain killers so I'll have to make tonight's Palin-website stop short so I can take them and go to bed! (They knock me out...)

Hope your sinuses are better, Helen. :O)

As far as the chat, what Kelley described happened to me a lot when trying to log in, so I did exactly what she said and it seemed to work fine. Dunno why it only downloads part of the time, but... You're idea about a once-a-month chat isn't a bad thought, Rich. That way if someone misses one time they can make it to the other, and it's not so demanding as once a week.

Glad you got to watch a bit of the Sahara DVD - sounds like you and your father enjoyed it! I'm thinking of buying a DVD player and just hooking it up to mum and dad's TV. Any suggestions for a cheap, decent DVD player? I'm just dying to see/own some of those programmes with the neat extra bits.

Thanks! It's a good thing my fingers weren't hurt in the operation! ;O)

Re: The 1st Christmas Chat! by RichB on 31 December 2002 4:16am
Sorry Mary, I've just realised you could've misconstrued the mouth bit, I was, of course, talking about your teeth not your language, not that there's anything wrong with that either...getting headstone done soon after digging own grave.

Regarding the DVD, I can't really offer much advice, me being in the UK and your good self in the US. However, assuming both PAL and NTSC technology are fairly similar, I would say all DVD players will give better results than video, but I'm no expert. My player wasn't expensive but I bought a surround sound system with it which enhances the sound no end. To be fair though it's the extras which make a DVD and as long as it plays them who cares?
Re: The 1st Christmas Chat! by Rusted on 31 December 2002 7:59am
LOL, Rich, don't worry, I knew what you meant about the mouth. :O)

(Mouth is doing pretty good, by the way. Only had to take one pain killer today. LOL.)

As far as DVD players, you're very right. That's the whole reason I want the player - for all the extras on the DVDs. I'm sure the picture quality is nicer on the DVD and everything but I really couldn't care one way or the other. ;O) It would be nice if I could get a DVD player that would play DVD-A's and VCDs as well, but I'll take what I can get!

My brother and I will hopefully look around this week!

Re: The 1st Christmas Chat! by RichB on 3 January 2003 2:36am
Very true, it's always nice to be at the cutting edge of technology but don't spawn the opportunity to get one because of a low spec. Best of luck with the search, it will be worth it.
Re: The 1st Christmas Chat! by piglet on 3 January 2003 2:46am
does your computer have a dvd player in it Mary?

hope you get off the painkillers soon.

Re: The 1st Christmas Chat! by Rusted on 3 January 2003 7:22am



Mary, like Michael Palin, is having one of her "happy attacks".

Rich, I took your advice and bought a decent but reasonably priced DVD player today. Couldn't get it working at first but my brother fixed it and now I can enjoy! I happened to spot "A Fish Called Wanda" at the department store I bought it at so I picked that up too. (Sadly had no Monty Python stuff!) So I'm set to watch Michael and his horrendously permed hair (he's still a dear) tonight. Haven't seen it in a year!

Have a new check to cash, too, so we're going to do a bit of rummaging this weekend!

BTW, Lyn, no, there isn't a DVD player in the computer. It's semi-old and not really the fastest, most up-to-date thing in the world.

Thanks for the encouragement, folks!

Re: The 1st Christmas Chat! by Dianne on 4 January 2003 9:47am
I have a question for people with DVD players and VCR's. Can you plug both of them into your TV at the same time? Or if you decide to watch something on your DVD player and your VCR is plugged into the TV, do you have to muck around with the back and change things around? I too am thinking seriously about buying a DVD player, but whether I get one with the new computer, I buy this year or a separate DVD player is another matter.
Re: The 1st Christmas Chat! by kelley on 4 January 2003 7:15pm
Dianne, the short answer to your question is yes you can have both plugged in at the same time, depending on your TV and video player.

The long answer follows ....
In my house we have two dvd players and they are set up in two different ways.

My DVD player had to be plugged into the back og the video cause my tv didn't have a scart connection (its a bit old)so it goes to the tv via my video player. (I just need to switch on the DVD player and change the video player to AV.

My parents DVD player is connected to the TV. The TV has two scart connections and an analogue connection. All they need to do is switch on the DVD player for it to come up on screen.

so ask yourself 5 questions.
1)Can my TV take a scart connection?

2)Is the scart connection being used by the video player?

3)If the TV has no scart connection does the VHS plaayer have one?

4)Why do people on this site like spam so much?? can't they just stick to egg and onion sandwiches?

5)What is the meaning of life ??


Re: The 1st Christmas Chat! by Rusted on 5 January 2003 8:16am
Hee hee Kelley...

What she said, Dianne. ;O)

I had the same question, and was actually quite mortified when the instructions for my DVD player went on about the places to plug in the cords on the TV when I had no places TO put in plugs on my TV. So I was relieved when we tried using the VCR (video player) and that seemed to work. We've just got to push this little "imput" button on the remote. :O)

For about a half a day, I was frustrated and scared out of my mind that I wouldn't have a DVD player after all. ;O)

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