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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Confused, upset, sick!!! by irishmanufan on 4 November 2004 10:52pm
my uncle lives in new york and from speaking to his flat mate todd and some of thier friends recently i know not all americans voted for or want george bush ! there are many and many american people i am proud to call my friends . like in ireland it is only the government thats stinks not the people !
Re: Confused, upset, sick!!! by Helen on 5 November 2004 7:20pm
that is sweet, Linda. Thanks...
Re: Confused, upset, sick!!! by MissTrixiB on 7 November 2004 7:02pm
Hey kid's,
Nice to be back. This forum has certaily been the salve to help heal my wounds. Sorry to say, my time here is brief. Love owning our own home and actually doing some Interior Designing for myself, but it has been a very big project. I'll be back again from time to time. The snow will be flying soon, so I'll be trying to fend off the cabin fever in the coming months.
AND I'll be sure to give a little review of 'Spamalot' come January (going off to Chicago to see it...what IS it about that city?!?).
Now, I'm off to color my hair before it becomes illegal to 'not be as God made me'.
Seperation of church and state?!? ;-)
ps-I find that 'rathergood.com' is a good cure all too!
Re: Confused, upset, sick!!! by Helen on 7 November 2004 7:27pm

I recently cut my hair spiky short and dyed it eggplant purple. Go for it.

Helen, born again Punk Rocker or, Dubya made me do it!!!!
Re: Confused, upset, sick!!! by Godfather on 7 November 2004 9:55pm
I'm not American. But i think many people outside of the U.S when they condemn the 50% who voted for Bush, are forgetting that many Americans were voting for Bush,based on what he stood for in regard to issues "within" the U.S. The current administration and it's foreign policy may have concerned them very much like it does many people around the world. But having spoken to many pro-bush Americans on the net,they say that they voted for Bush because of what he stood for in regard to what he is doing "inside" the U.S.

We on the outside only look at Bush when thinking of Global Issues. Whatever he stands for "within" the U.S, does not concern us. So i think many here are forgetting that side of it when they suggest those Americans who voted Bush should be ashamed of themselves. We in our own countries tend to vote for a particular party at crunch time,based on what he or she will do for us in our own lives, rather than the Global side of things. That's why i'm convinced Tony Blair will win once more in the UK. Depsite all the lies,he will win again because he is simply the better option domestically, and few people would deny that no matter how much they dislike him.
Re: Confused, upset, sick!!! by dazzle_h on 7 November 2004 11:03pm
if yo need a smile try www.badgerbadgerbadger.com!

It'll brighten up anybodys day!
Re: Confused, upset, sick!!! by Sky on 8 November 2004 3:41pm
That's so funny. And a little scary. Thanks! :0)
Re: Confused, upset, sick!!! by sminobe on 8 November 2004 11:37pm
Godfather wrote:
... many Americans were voting for Bush,based on what he stood for in regard to issues "within" the U.S.

If you watched the debates or any coverage of Bush's campaign stops, the focus was always on the "War on Terror" (or maybe he really meant the war on *Terra*). Domestic issues? If Kerry had pointed out more of this administrations failings in domestic policy, he might've won. Raping the environment, giving tax breaks to the rich (the only place where you'll find folks in favor of a Flat Tax -- getting a refund), weakening legislation for industry polluters, disregarding scientific research when it conflicts with his ideology (remember the CDC website was changed to promote abstinence, condom information was removed & false information added that linked abortions with breat cancer).

No, people who voted for Bush somehow believe that his "firm stance" & refusal to alter his viewpoint even when presented with new evidence to the contrary is somehow a virtue to be admired.

Welcome to our theocracy.
Re: Confused, upset, sick!!! by Ello on 12 November 2004 7:33pm
George Bush is an extremly dangerous man who has an extreme amount of power that in my view, and many others i hope, he is not using for the good as a whole.
Drilling for oil in Alaska? Dear God, sign the Kyoto agreement and focus the energies from drilling for oil or finding other ways to gerate energy that is better FOR EVERYONE ON THE PLANET and NOT JUST THE USA.
ive finished ranting now, not that i expect bush to read this and change his ways....
love eloise xx
Re: Confused, upset, sick!!! by Mac on 15 November 2004 3:20pm
Hey everyone !!! Party at my house !!!
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