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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: MORE Palinite pics! by Rusted on 26 February 2003 7:50am

Patty, don't ever tempt me...fish-slapping is a joy, although trout is my specialty... ;O) (Don't ask, it's an mIRC Chat thing.)

We forgive you your spelling error at any rate - as it was only a typo! What really frustrates me are those people who spell it "Micheal". Wrong wrong wrong! ;O)

(Watched a tape of P2P today and got about 1/3 of the way through before realizing that I was watcing the *4th* tape when I wanted to watch the *2nd* one. I need to learn how to keep the different regions of Africa apart!!)
Re: MORE Palinite pics! by ellenpc on 26 February 2003 1:08pm

don't worry I'm a dyslexic typre, err, tyer too and I've never even been to Dyslexia!! :^}

Re: MORE Palinite pics! by ellenpc on 26 February 2003 1:11pm

Egypt at the top, Johannesberg at the bottom and a hell of a lot in the middle!

Clear? Good!

Now can you explain it to me please??? :^}

Ellne x
Re: MORE Palinite pics! by Diamond on 26 February 2003 4:50pm
not forgeting the sahara with all the asnd in it!

Lyn the typo spel persno extraorndiray
Re: MORE Palinite pics! by peripatetically on 27 February 2003 2:19am
Maybe we should form "Dyslexic Typists Anonymus Club", Ellen!!

It just makes me so mad sometimes that I type so poorly. Having never been in abusiness state of mind, and never had a lesson, maybe I am forgiven. I fogive you. I'm just glad it's not as rare a disease as I thought.

Re: MORE Palinite pics! by Rusted on 27 February 2003 7:22am
LOL, Ellen.

I've got Egypt/Sahara region, Kenya, and South Africa down on location...it's all the middle stuff that blends together for me! We never learned much about the continent for school. We DID have to learn each and every name for each and every country in Africa and then label it correctly on the map, but that was several years ago and I don't remember much of it. If we had been taught a bit about the continent and some of its regions, perhaps I would, but matching was all we did. And it wasn't even a geography class. That really irritated me!

I've always been a culture person, always wanted to know about the cultures of the places we were learning about, for about as far back as I can recall...I used to want to be a cultural anthropologist and I'm actually taking a class on it now. That's another reason why Michael's travels are so appealing to me.

I always like Michael's journeys through Africa, some of my favorite parts in the different serieses are in Africa. Something about the atmosphere!

(A good resolution to typer's dyslexia on the Chatterbox is to RE-READ your message after you write it and edit it when you find typos. I've found this to work marvelously. Every once in awhile I'll miss something, but in general it keeps me from looking like TOO much of a dork. LOL!)
Re: MORE Palinite pics! by Eloise on 27 February 2003 9:46pm
As a dyslexic (not just in typing, unfor), it has always puzzeled me as to why it is such a hard word to spell, when those who proberly need to spell it most can't spell for toffee!!
One of life's strangenesses.....
*Ello begins life's journey of pondering it all*
Ello- who may be gone some time!
Re: MORE Palinite pics! by Helen on 27 February 2003 10:00pm
Ello-- LOL!
Re: MORE Palinite pics! by Rusted on 28 February 2003 8:30am
Where ya goin', Ello??

Re: MORE Palinite pics! by Dianne on 28 February 2003 11:04am
Ello - I know it isn't funny, but there is something I have felt like doing every time I see or write down your name. So here goes.

"Ello, ello, ello, what's going on here then?"
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