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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: michael wrote to me! by Dr. Piglet on 4 April 2005 11:45pm
you mean michael actually reads the chatterbox posts? i highly doubt that somehow...


Re: michael wrote to me! by KateC on 5 April 2005 12:05am
Oh. I thought WiA said he asked him, and found he did, at one point. Maybe that was something else. *brain confusion* Oh well...
Re: michael wrote to me! by pollyanna199 on 5 April 2005 2:33am
I heard that he did read the posts on occasion but I don't know. :) I think it would be sweet if we wrote him a group letter.
Re: michael wrote to me! by Ahren on 5 April 2005 9:21pm
We could just do a post saying Happy Birthday, as im not sure how it would work otherwise!
We could all send him individual cards but it wont be the same!!!
Re: michael wrote to me! by Diamond on 5 April 2005 9:54pm
michael does read some of the posts as i have printed some of them in the past and given them to him at book signings and he said he would read them on the way home

michael doesnt like to be thought of as a celebrity and says this site is about travel!! well its 50/50 i think

its worth a try with the group letter or web page if someone can be that creative??
Re: michael wrote to me! by harvey123 on 5 April 2005 10:15pm
It would be nice thought that MP reads the posts..it would be even better if he would add to them! But he is probably catching up with his wife who (the poor woman)is left behind when he has a rather long adventure..hes probably putting up some shelves as we speak that his wifes been nagging him about for ages!
Re: michael wrote to me! by Diamond on 5 April 2005 10:17pm
nice one nicola !!!! you ought to have put that on the suggestions for michaels year off thread that is on the blathering on somewhere - will go down the vaults to find that one day!!
Re: michael wrote to me! by Dr. Piglet on 5 April 2005 10:24pm
poor michael, i think he has enough to do without ploughing through posts on this website!!!

regardless, i honestly think he is more a "paper and pen" man than anything. it would be very nice if maybe we could do this:

1. put up a dedicated thread here for birthday greetings;

2. a volunteer who lives in london prints the whole thing out;

3. afore-mentioned volunteer hand-delivers it to mayday productions at 34 tavistock street, wc2.

what say you?

Re: michael wrote to me! by Stern on 6 April 2005 9:16pm
I'm not very common in british addresses and so I hope that someone can answer me the question. I was thinking about it for a long time since it's also in flying circus... what does "WC2" mean? is that like zipcode? or that what companies often have (whats the english word for "postfach"?)... you know where they collect the post and can pick it up regularly... anyway, it would be nice if someone could stop me from wondering about it. ;-)
Re: michael wrote to me! by Dr. Piglet on 6 April 2005 10:30pm
hey stern: WC2 is in python?? where?

WC2 is a postal code. the WC part stands for "west city". so it's central (i.e., the city of) london, the west corner. then you get EC1, EC2, etc. for the east side of the city. then when you go outside the city of london proper (i.e., not in the actual central square mile that is called "the city of london" - you get W2, W3, etc. and E2, E3 etc. and then if you go north, northwest, south, etc. you get N, NW, NE, S, SW, SE, etc. with numbers to denote the postal districts. the further away from centre you get, the higher the numbers. so if you had a postal code like E17, you'd be way out in the east end of london.

(then you'd have to start translating cockney, and we'd all be in big trouble.)

hope this was as clear as mud for you, stern. :))

oh, postfach, you mean "post office box". no, it's nothing like that at all.

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