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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Three WORST songs ever! by pollyanna199 on 16 May 2005 10:17pm
please please no machetes, I did not start this post to have a bloody massacre! :)

Someone above mentioned hating Anastacia. I think she's great!! I guess it's a matter of opinion. Oh, I forgot to mention that most Lionel Richie songs make me sick: "Truly," "Three Times a Lady," are the worst I think.
Re: Three WORST songs ever! by canaveralgumby on 17 May 2005 4:34am
I was reminded of another worst song today in a restaurant where I couldn't change the station and I was trapped.

"Lady in Red" by Chris...Chris Something, I don't know and I don't care. That song is nauseating and insipid and I need to go wash.
Re: Three WORST songs ever! by Wild in Africa on 17 May 2005 10:51am
It's OK Pollyanna, only a metaphorical machete.
Lady in Red is by Chris DeBurgh by the way and for those Brits who watch Men Behaving Badly all I can think of when I hear it is a drunk Tony and Gary wailing away to their version of this nauseous song.
Re: Three WORST songs ever! by davekaz on 17 May 2005 11:15am
Hey canaveralgumby the song was Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh - twas about his wife at the time

soem interesting songs there guys and gals - yep Amarillo is getting plenty of air time and runs through my head, I know that Amarillo is in Texas and I'm sure the residents are glad of the songs comeback - for those in neighbouring towns it might get a bit annoying when people sing Do they know the way..... but hey it sold I'm sure Mr Christy is laughing all the way to the bank! (I know it's a charity release) My 3 would be "where's me jumper?" released by some chap in tight jeans in Ireland, Mistletoe and wine with the ever youthful Cliff Richard and .... pause for thought... yep it's those 2 Cheeky Girls Simon Cowell said they'd never make it, right Simon who made it to No. 1? Couldn't stand the song but it made them money so what the heck....
Re: Three WORST songs ever! by George on 17 May 2005 7:46pm
Why do people always trash MacArthur Park? Sure, it's bloated, pretentious, and makes no sense, but Richard Harris was a good actor. Remember A Man Called Horse, where he got strung up by his nipples? Isn't that worth something?
Re: Three WORST songs ever! by George on 17 May 2005 9:28pm
Bad songs? How about everything Paul Simon has done without Art Garfunkel. Now wonder he keeps having reunion tours with him.
Re: Three WORST songs ever! by Sky on 18 May 2005 11:38am
Wild in Africa you are so right about 'Amarillo'. It was fun the first fifty million times they played it, now it's just annoying! I turn it off the second it comes on
Re: Three WORST songs ever! by JF on 18 May 2005 12:23pm
"Amarillo" was cack first time round when I was but a lad ("Is this the way to Amarillo? All night long I've been eating some Brillo").

Time has not lent it charm. If we get re-releases of "I did what I did for Maria" or "Avenues and Alleyways" I may not be reponsible for my acts.
Re: Three WORST songs ever! by Sky on 18 May 2005 12:43pm
*cowers behind sofa*
Re: Three WORST songs ever! by Dr. Piglet on 18 May 2005 3:57pm

1. "delilah" by tom jones

2. "billy don't be a hero" by paper lace

3. "tie a yellow ribbon" by tony orlando and dawn

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