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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by Spursfan on 13 May 2005 8:02pm
I agree that Michael was out of line.

Ok, he was tired, but I would assume that he was being paid for the lecture, etc. Fine, if he was 'in civvies', i.e. doing something totally private, like having a meal, you could expect him not to want to sign books etc. But even then there is no excuse for rudeness!

As you say, we are the ones who have put him in the position he is now. Let's face it and be honest - the travel programmes have boosted his career no end. ATWI80D book signings, I was told, did not attract a third as many people as Himalaya. He should respect his fans, and understand it when they ask for something, perhaps out of turn.

All hail to the mighty Palin - but I hope that he is not getting to big for his (walking) boots??!!

(Or perhaps he is doing too much?)

Sorry to hear of your spoilt evening, Lyn and Phyll.


Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by Dr. Piglet on 13 May 2005 8:54pm
love will conquer all.

Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by suzulu on 13 May 2005 10:02pm

Oh dear! Poor Lyn and Phyll. I'm glad I didn't stay for the wine and nibbles! I think I would have shouted back and walked out.

But - looking at the other point of view - maybe he was very tired as he has had a very hectic schedule of late. I noticed during the lecture that he rubbed his face as one does when one is tired. He probably just wanted to have a drink and a chat with a few people. I know when I am tired I am like a bear with a sore head and everyone has to watch out! But I suppose he could have kept his temper to himself!

I did enjoy the lecture, though, not having been to one of Michael's before and I did notice the "minder" going to the front row but did not know what was going on, being in about the fifth or sixth row.

By the way, Lyn - if you are still logging on to this site after all that has happened - I used to go to the Neil Diamond concerts when he was in London and have been in the front row on one occasion, second and fourth rows on other occasions. I used to be a great fan of his.

Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by Diamond on 13 May 2005 10:13pm
thanks to all of you who have supported phyll - who is rather worried about all this - so am i to some extent but i do realise that there is always another side to a coin and although i can understand tiredness and that michael in reality is a human being but he is a professional artist and i cannot support or accept michaels reaction - difficult isnt it

thanks suzulu for your words about neil - i too have been front row in 99 - i was lucky enough to have been a guest of sony music so not only was in the front i did not pay to get in!! and the same happened in 2002 too, they treated me with dignity and respect and i really appreciated the support they gave too - i have signed neil memorabilia but havent met him yet - i have met quite a few of my other special people too -

i will look in on you all from time to time - dont worry
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by risible-phyll on 13 May 2005 11:35pm
OH HECK..................
Many. many heartfelt thanks Lyn, your honest and truthful explination of the whole night leaves me nothing much to add to what happened, you wrote it so much better than i ever could, detailed and
all I can add is , yes perhaps he was tired BUT he clearly didn't want to be there, his rudeness showed that , the whole few hours was an irritation to him..........
We did nothing wrong, as we had already been given a green light and approached Michael with warmth and kindness not like screaming teenagers at a Beatles concert!!!!!!!!

We left the theatre sad, hurt and dejected, for our own experiences of his meeting....
Thank you all for your thoughts, I am gutted, hurt, sad, angry and was publicly humiliated by a man who I've admired for his work for many years.... as I hadn't realised so many folk had witnessed my *dressing down* geesh I haven't been spoken to like that since my school days and did something to upset the headmaster. I could only squeek out a feeble *ok* because i was in shock,
He was very angry to the point of bieng red in the face as he signed an autograph for another girl, I just couldn't believe it was happening....
NO excuse atall for him, we all get tired , we all have to do things we don't enjoy, we all can't be bothered some days, but its wrong to upset folk around us and walk away leaving them hurt......
My next step is to write to Mr. palins office explaining why i am sending the book back he so reluctantly signed for me as it means nothing to me , just a reminder of how badly our admiration for his work was thown to one side.

Lyn and I lost so much sleep wondering how to approach the evening, we didn't want anyone to think we provoked any situation , or disrespected his wishes in anyway, but we agreed that honesty to the folk who wanted to share in the *excitement* of the evening was the ONLY way to go, even if we were to be disagreed with, no point in covering up his behaviour..
On a lighter not, I had a blast down at Lyns *pad*, it was like a sleepover at an old friends, lol, I was well looked after and meeting Steph and louis was a bonus, nothing will take that away from me and nothing will break the ring of friendship here with my palin friends,
also hope thers not to many spelling mistakes as i was to lazy to do a spell check....

PLEASE boys and girls keep on enjoying the site and keep our close community together, WHEN or IF I get a reply I'll let you all know,.......

Now you all know ...HECK.....
Phyll xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by pollyanna199 on 13 May 2005 11:45pm
I am sorry to read what happened! It is very sad when someone we admire lets us down like that. I did read in an interview that Michael said he had a short temper at times, and the interviewer didn't believe it. I guess it's true. Anyway *hugs* all around.
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by Katherine_B on 14 May 2005 1:52am
Looks like Michael needs the Lincoln Ottakar's verbal treatment from me....
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by kristinekm on 14 May 2005 4:09am
I feel very sory for you and hope that MP later thought of what he said and regretted it.
On the other hand I think I can understand what it must be like to be followed by fans constantly (but that does not excuse any angry behavoir).

I hope you will get over it soon because I'm allmost certain that Michael did't intend to be as rude as he sounded (at least I hope he didn't, otherwise I'll have to do some serious rethinking about being a palinite)

really big hugs,
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by roy on 14 May 2005 5:13am
Get a grip, Lyn! Who do you think you are, telling Palin what to do, you paid your money for the lecture. Though if it wasn`t what you expected.
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by Diamond on 14 May 2005 9:00am
oh hello roy - surprise surprise that you cant understand how unexpected and unacceptable michaels behaviour/ reaction to phyll was - do you condone humliating other people like that - especially after they have travelled so far to see michael!! another trolls name to add to the list i see!!
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