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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by Spursfan on 14 May 2005 4:02pm
Louise - I stand by my comments to 'roy'. He should not have reacted in that way to Lyn. And I would remind you that I was merely agreeing with Lyn about his trollism.

I sound mean do I? How rude of you!!!

No meaner than 'roy'!!!

Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by intrepid on 14 May 2005 5:19pm
I wasn't there and I wouldn't dare tell anybody, famous or not, what is or isn't appropriate behavior. Phyll, you really has my sympathy- if that had happened to me, the sound of MP being angry would just echo in my skull for the next week.
Now here's people's chance to get mad at me. I'd guess that he's probably uncomfortable being confroted with some of the adoration, innocuous as getting a signature is. Who knows what he thinks when he looks at the Blathering On section and reads about how sexy he is? More specifically, how many things is he asked to sign, and how many people ask to have things signed for people, who, for whatever legitimate reason, couldn't be there? I imagine, like anybody else, he's happier shooting the breeze than posing for photographs, or certainly prefers chatting with folks rather than being depended on to sign objects for people who can't be there. I'm not trying to be mean or contrary, but he didn't choose to get into writing for television as part of a long term goal to hold the world record for writing his own name. He wants to be a normal, communicative person rather than a saint asked to produce relics. Even if it is in his job description.
Ok, that's it. Have at it.
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by roy on 14 May 2005 5:34pm
So disagreeing with one person makes me a troll?

No chance of seeing Lyn`s videos then I suppose, dearie me.
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by kristinekm on 14 May 2005 7:04pm
intrepid, I agree with you and still stand by what I posted earlier.


Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by perfectbitch on 14 May 2005 7:33pm
Has it occured to anyone that Mr. Palin could be ill? He had a hard time in the Himalayas and he is resting from travel for a year. He may have had to do the lecture to comply with contractual obligations. he was obviously tired but delivered the lecture his obligations professionaly completed. Celebrities are not always approachable for many reasons and their privacy should be respected. I know how disappointing it must have been but not unsurprising.
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by odd_un on 14 May 2005 7:51pm
ok well i was actually there. and i'm in two minds, although i understand completely that he was tired/possibly ill or whatever i was made to feel like a silly little girl, though i most probably am but it comes with the teenage terratory. it was an uncomfortable feeling not really very pleasent. so though i will continue to use michaels travelling material as a guide to what places are really like for my own travels, and i will never stop enjoying Monty Python i really have absolutely no desire to see or talk to Mr Palin again. I uderstand it may have been an off day but you can't change your first impression and thats really the most important. Hes still a great man generally just not one i want to take any further active interest in.
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by thatcherberry on 14 May 2005 8:27pm
Poor roy, deemed a troll, when the real trollish behaviour occured at the hampstead lecture from the person we are all here for...
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by canaveralgumby on 14 May 2005 8:34pm

He might have been ill, tired, having a personal problem, whatever. He is not the demi-god we (okay, I) often portray him to be! He is as entitled to a bad day as anybody else. How we ALL HANDLE our bad miserable no-good rotten days is another issue.

When I'm at work, I'm not allowed to take stuff out on customers, EVER. Even when THEY are being complete a**holes, which it does NOT appear Lyn or Phyll were. And my job doesn't consist of talking about my world travels to an adoring crowd. Most of us know that when we feel ourselves on the verge of boiling over, we need to walk away, take a break, vent somewhere else.

With regard to the after-party. MP should have come out and said to the event staff, "I am not feeling up to this." If he wasn't self-aware enough to realize that, then surely someone in the numerous staff should have observed his state of mind/body, and suggested that he go home after the lecture and they'd make apologies. These things happen, everyone understands, especialy one's adoring crowd.

He made a mistake in going to the after-party. He HAD to know that he would be approached w/cameras and objects, that's the nature of these events. If rules had been set down for the audience, I'm sure Lyn and Phyll would never have taken pics or approached MP for autographs. Lyn only said so a gadzillion times! So MP should have made that clear to the staff, and it should have been announced clearly before he ever went on stage.

If Mr. Palin is reading this: I am reminded of the end of "ATWI80D," when you needed a newspaper to verify the date, and the newspaper seller on the street was in a bad mood, didn't want to talk to you, demanded that you stop filming him. And frankly, you never did ask his consent for that, and it certainly wasn't part of his job... And I recall your feelings about his behaviour.

But you do know that we all (most of us) still love you, right? Okay.

(5/15 Sorry I put Anne's name everywhere I meant to put Phyll's. I am now also guilty of insulting Phyll! SORRY! I fixed it.)
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by risible-phyll on 14 May 2005 9:43pm
hi folks, this is THE reason WHY Lyn and I were a bit dubious about letting the truth out about the lecture we were asked kindly to report on... The troll stuff is boring as per usual so I choose to ingnore its content.....
Yes we all have our own opinions and all handle things in different ways, some find it acceptable to rage at others and sleep well at night not giving a dam , others have a better conscience towards other human beings, there's a choice and whatever you choose in life is fine , although the later i imagine has a bigger address book than the other........
I still stick by my beliefs that no matter what status you are here, grossly paid for doing a job which you love, or a poorly paid job you simply hate, nobody should have to listen to verbal *mouthings* especialy when you have staff and minders who are paid to avoid any situaton you don't feel comfortable with, is it our fault there may have been bad comunication with them all????...nope!
anyone who thinks is is excusible no matter what Michaels excuse may be , tiredness, stress etc. I'm sure if you were in the firing line to public humiliation , you wouldn't be posting saying , you enjoyed the experience and understand why he did it!!!
I've said my bit now and feel i've exhauseted my comments,
well apart from I havent used spell check again! so sorry for any typos..
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by Noname on 15 May 2005 12:01am
There are two sides to this event. And I wouldn't make any judgement until I heard Michael's side of it.

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