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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by harvey123 on 15 May 2005 10:10pm
Talking of cheese~ well my all time fave is soft garlic cheese Swirled with chives...Roulade i think its called~spelling???) love it spread on water biscuits

Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by sarahs on 15 May 2005 10:14pm
mine has to be brie, although it's the most fattening isn't it.

with regards to the lecture, i think we should give michael the benefit of the doubt. he could have just been having an off day or something, but i don't think it's necessary to be so negative to him. after all, he is human, and he too has feelings like you and me
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by Diamond on 16 May 2005 1:41am
I think people had better be careful of what they say on the world wide web for all to see as it can be taken as libel and then i would have to contact my solicitors - i am not perfect but i do tell the truth
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by Diamond on 16 May 2005 1:46am
Louise I have not written off MP i just told the truth - i am sure he will apologise as he should do and as anyone else would

Roy this is not the first time you have said something on this site to offend people and then walked away from the situation you have upset others in the past right from the start of this site and why do you only post on computer when you are staying with louise? libraries have computers if you really are a palinite then use one of theirs - behave yourself when in other peoples homes!! its only good manners to be honest!
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by Noname on 16 May 2005 2:12am
Lyn - you really know how to drive friends away don't you? Have you ever apologised to the people you have offended on this site? I know you have offended people here and because of that they have stayed away.

And leave Roy alone. He has stood up to you but you don't like that do you. You have attacked him unfairly in the past and the present. And now you're telling him what he should do if he was a 'real' palinite? Grow up!

I won't say anymore on the subject because you cannot see you have done anything wrong. And you may attack me all you like, (whether you will I don't care), but don't expect an answer.
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by Bjorn on 16 May 2005 11:46am
Hi guys - why am I being called deaf by Diamond? My vision and hearing are perfect. I did clearly see and hear Michael ask a woman in the front row (which appears to be Diamond) to stop taking photos - it must be quite distracting when you are only 6 to 8 feet away and talking off the cuff. It was after a further 10 minutes of her continuing videoing/taking shots that a guy from the audience/theatre went down and asked her to stop. I notice that she fails to mention this !! It makes you query the rest of her opinions.
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by Diamond on 16 May 2005 12:37pm
I did mention it thanks and have apologised as i did not hear michael tell me what to do as in other lectures michael approved of photos being taken and signed copies of them and ordered one for himself - if you heard the first incident bjorn why did you state that you heard nothing in the after lecture drinks then - cos you said that you did not hear michael shout at phyll and be very rude to other people who had paid good money to attend this lecture - surely that means you have very selective hearing and we can query your opinions too ?? if your hearing is perfect you must have heard michael but you say you didnt - thats amazing! nuff said i think

yes there are faults on both sides but laugh things off ok dont take it out on others because of one person and there needs to be better communication from management as well - if boundaries and rules change like this - no wonder we get confused
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by Diamond on 16 May 2005 12:43pm
no name i dont like the way that roy uses someone elses computer to offend others and then walk away without apologising if i had time to go down the vaults i could find the threads for you if you want - he has done so for years now and the person whose computer he uses knows that he does this but does nothing about it - i have no knowledge that i have offeneded any one and have apologised to michael and to everyone on this site if i caused any upset at the lecture - you have obviously not read my initial report very well - if you would like to state quite clearly what i am doing wrong by reacting this way then fine i will certainly apologise

you neednt worry about me as i no longer wish to post to this site as i now know exactly who my friends are!!
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by Diamond on 16 May 2005 12:44pm
richard - i fart in your general direction !!! you make me laugh
Re: Hampstead Lecture and what happened - chaos ruled!! by Diamond on 16 May 2005 12:55pm
This is a genuine copy of my letter to michael that has been sent to his office in london - honesty is by far the best policy ok

Dear Michael Palin

First of all may I express my sincere apologies for taking photos during the lecture – I had no idea that cameras were not allowed – no one from the theatre gave me any indication when I walked in with my camera on show that it was not allowed – I had merely followed the etiquette at a previous lecture with Sir David Attenborough and yourself last year. At that lecture my friend took many photos of you (indeed you signed a copy of one of the photos for her at Selfridges on Dec 9th and as a result were sent a copy as you requested)as did the RTS themselves (with the same type of digital camera as I used on Tuesday,) I did have a different camera with me that night at the RTS but I did not use it as I didn’t think it appropriate because it was a flash only camera and i did not want to openly distract you in any way. I also apologise as I did not see you signal to me at Hampstead that I was to take the last photo – and that is in all honesty too – I was very surprised that you made a comment to me at the end of the evening and assumed that your management had told you what had happened during the lecture but I later found out to my horror that you had told me directly beforehand!! I am partly deaf and go for hearing tests so that may account for it but I must also admit to it being the palin effect, in that I was being naively stupid as I got carried away trying to get THAT photo of you and can only apologise where an apology is due, and in this case you deserve one – I did not genuinely realise that you could see me or any one else in the audience while you were talking or realise that my actions could have been a distraction to you in any way. I am always striving for perfection with photos as they mean a lot to me (I also share with other palinites around the world,) that I do get carried away at times and now I realise that there is an etiquette to follow I have learned my lesson – albeit the hard way – I am very approachable and If I do something that inadvertently annoys or offends someone then always let me know directly please. I hope that my rather naïve actions did not affect the rest of the evening for you?! Do you know why the etiquette has changed with regards to taking photos of you?
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