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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Friendly Q: religion~ can someone explain to me please the difference between... by Spursfan on 9 June 2005 8:32pm
I have to say that I agree with WIA about Buddhism. In Nepal we spoke to Buddhist priests (as well as Hindu Sadus) and they just seemed so laid back! It just seems to make more sense than many of the religions.

I don't go along with many of the ways of Islam - although strangely it says in the Koran (apparently; I was told by a muslim) that a muslim is not allowed to kill another human being!! Ho ho ha ha!!! However, the teachings of Mevlana (founder of the Whirling Dervishes, d.1273) was that all people, no matter what religion they were, should be made welcome. A poem of his reads:

My Mother is Love
My Father is Love
The Prophet is Love
My God is Love
I am a child of Love
I have come only to speak of Love.

He should have been a child of the '60s!!!

Re: Friendly Q: religion~ can someone explain to me please the difference between... by Wild in Africa on 9 June 2005 9:30pm
While treading carefully here as laws forbidding religious defamation are about to enter the statute books in the UK, I have found Islam to be a religion of complexity and contradiction.

I have lived in at least one Muslim country, Sudan. While I have found for example that in such a society common crime is almost non-existent (Khartoum is probably the safest city in Africa) it comes at a price. Mainly the amputation of a hand for theft for example. Now I know a few young thugs in England who might benefit from such a drastic course of action, but it is rather extreme and has mainly of course targeted the poor and the marginalised who are those most often forced into crime.

I can admire the religious discipline I have seen exercised but abhor the other expression of that religion in the brutality of the wars rained upon those considered infidels (in the south) or rebel apostates (in Darfur).

There is much truth in regarding Islam as one of the world's great religions but also as a great danger from those who regard it is the only truth at the expense of all other belief systems.

Anyway that is true of all religious fanaticism and I have been told I am hellbound for not following their particular belief system by Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and even once to my dismay by a Tibetan Buddhist Monk who inferred that failure to achieve enlightenment in this life could only lead to rebirth in one of the lower realms, i.e. a hell of sorts. So either I am already hell bound or else I should just keep searching.
Re: Friendly Q: religion~ can someone explain to me please the difference between... by canaveralgumby on 11 June 2005 1:24am
WiA, I don't know if that's a "hell." It's more like getting held back a grade in school. You may not find it pleasant, but you've got to learn this stuff, it's for your own good.

We ask "What is Religion 'A' all about?" and almost invariably the thread becomes a discussion about war and social repression.

No, really, is that what reiligions are about?!

Some have just written that they find "X" to be the most logical or rational. These are not requirements for faith or belief. If they were, there would BE NO belief in higher power or "after-life" or a reason for anything. Is religion something to be thought about or something to be sensed? Or both?

I'm currently reading "Awakening the Buddha Within" by Lama Surya Das (a nice Jewish boy from Long Island, NY no less) and he mentions what the Dalai Lama said to him years ago:

"He said he thought Americans and other Westerners had an affinity for Buddhism because they didn't believe anything until it was proven. The Buddha, he reminded me, told people not to follow anything blindly, for Buddhism is not based on belief so much as rational experiment. If, like a scientist, you replicated the Buddha's experiment, you should get the same good results - enlightenment"

We from a background of Judaism/Christianity/Islam were raised TO follow blindly, "BECAUSE WE SAID SO," so it's a queer concept at first, all this free-will and try things for yourself stuff.

So, anyway, what are the differentiations between all these Protestant churches? :^D
Re: Friendly Q: religion~ can someone explain to me please the difference between... by George on 11 June 2005 6:53pm
I enjoyed your message tremendously. I've wondered many times if the prescription for faith is to believe something "BECAUSE WE SAID SO" is really nothing more than a selfish desire in some people to want to control the life of someone else. Or, it's like racism, an excuse to feel superior to another person for superficial reasons. I find it refreshing to read that it's not just a judeo-christian problem. I've believe God gave me a brain & expects me to use it.

Fortunately, I've never belonged to a cult which require its member to give all their money, time, and assets to the church, but I think sometimes, I've just been lucky. I personally know lots of well meaning, well educated people who spend time praying for the salvation of the world's non-Christians. Personally, I sense that precious few people have ever received any kind of "special revelation" from God. I know I haven't and don't expect to. I'm just like most people, I do the best I can with what I've got, and I suspect most everyone else is already doing the same.

WiA, I can't help but chuckle a little thinking my reward for a life poorly lived would result in my being reborn as a lizard or something. There are some in Christianity who believe heaven is like a highrise hotel. For those who've led exceptional lives, a penthouse suite is waiting for them. For others, it's a small room just above the street.
Re: Friendly Q: religion~ can someone explain to me please the difference between... by bsh1878 on 11 June 2005 7:12pm
thank you WIA, that really did help me, as I knew very little about Islam and feel that I know a little bit more now, thank you again
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