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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Nigel Meakin by sleepydumpling on 3 March 2003 1:14am
Ahh so I am not the only one who has noticed that too! There's always a pretty girl in shot if possible.

Yet I think he was embarrassed by the belly dancer they hired for his birthday in P2P!!

From reading the books, it's quite remarkable the lengths he will go to to get a fabulous shot. Nothing to hang in a perilous position over some sheer drop or the side of a ship to get a good shot of Michael. Mind you, he doesn't seem to be shy in asking Michael to do something dangerous all over again so he can get a better one!

Re: Nigel Meakin by rick694uk on 3 March 2003 1:43am
Hi Kath!

Wow, someone else appreciates a nicely thought out "frame"?

It must be frustrating for Nigel to supress his natural creative flair for "the greater purpose"!

Re: Nigel Meakin by sleepydumpling on 3 March 2003 4:51am
Hi Rick!

Yep - I've always magnificent camera work - I think in this day and age of cheapo reality television it's often scrimped on in production, so people get used to inferior work.

Then you have work like the stuff coming from Michael and his team, which just shines. It goes to show that Nigel isn't an award winning BBC cameraman for nothing!

But it's also really good to have Michael (and Basil Pao) talking about the behind the scenes stuff in his books, so that you get an idea of how much work goes into making the whole series look so smooth.

There's a really good bit in Basil's book "Inside Sahara" about how deceptively easy Nigel makes it all look, and when he knows he has just landed a fabulous shot he pops the lens cap on with a flourish of his wrist, and then moves on to the next frame he is thinking of. It shows how talented these people are to make it all look so simple!

Re: Nigel Meakin by Eloise on 3 March 2003 9:53pm
Hi, Rick! you're back after going to Japan!
How was it?
Ello, aka "little-peep"
Re: Nigel Meakin by rick694uk on 5 March 2003 1:49pm
Hi Kath and Eloise,

Kath, you are spot-on, and I'd missed that in my, ahem, "personally-signed" Inside Sahara! So thank you!

I'm afraid I'm a film geek, although not ashamed to admit so. Wong Kar Wai: Chungking Express and Fallen Angels! If you know him you'll be clapping your hands; if you don't, you should run to the video store! Or Almadovar: Talk To Her, or All About Her Mother. He's more about story than frame, but heartily recommended nevertheless.

I'm straying off topic now, so I'll shush!

Eloise! Thank you for the welcome back. The only one who remembered I'd gone away! You are such a superstar!

I had a wonderful time exept when I fractured my leg and bust a couple of ribs, like a bozo! It's okay now, but curtailed my travelling a bit.

Also: I should have been in Vancouver today! I cancelled when I returned from Japan because of my leg and the "war", but I've got itchy feet now!

Japan was great, I've been there five times. But this thread probably isn't the place to go on about it. Maybe I should add something to the Travel section?

Feel free to mail me at [email protected] if you want to know anything.

Re: Nigel Meakin by Eloise on 5 March 2003 7:08pm
Didn't Michael crack a rib or 2 in P2P? that gives you something in common- yeah!
Can I just add, as im v. happy that my Mum got me my own copy of the holy grail? She's lovely!
Re: Nigel Meakin by rick694uk on 5 March 2003 11:21pm

as per MP's comments, cracked ribs hurt for six weeks!

As for mums, they always do the best for us.

(Kinda wondering if he shoulda gone further, but very tempted to explore a new home in Spain)
Re: Nigel Meakin by nottlob on 6 March 2003 3:04am
A little late on the subject, but yeah, I agree with everyone. Nigel's great at his work! You know how we just take pictures of people and forget the background, Nigel, doing his job magnificently sort of makes his photos artistic. I was just browsing around the photos section for a desktop wallpaper and I put the one of the Eiffel tower and Michael on. He's really good and I enjoy his photos very much :) Good job Nigel!
Re: Nigel Meakin by sleepydumpling on 6 March 2003 9:36am

Never too late to post on any subject - jump in at any time!

Nottlob I think you are confused with Basil Pao's work. Basil takes the still shots you see in all the books and in this site, Nigel is the cameraman for all the series. Both highly talented gents - we need to see more more more from them both!

Does anyone know anything about the series in Africa Nigel shot before Sahara? I think it might have been for National Geographic. I would love to see it.

Re: Nigel Meakin by nottlob on 7 March 2003 4:49am
Oh geez, I'm sorry! Ahahahah! I'm laughing at myself, how sad is that? Anyways, good job Basil, hahaha! Nigel is cameraman, got it. I thought there were two Nigels...I wasn't sure... I don't really know how to say thanks to Nigel (or apologize). I never really thought of how everything was filmed and etc. How do you think they get the helicopter shots of trains and leaving boats with Michael on them?
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